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✅ STEAM PUNK ROBOT MAKEUP Illusion Tutorial – Witte Artistry

✅ STEAM PUNK ROBOT MAKEUP  Illusion Tutorial – Witte Artistry

What’s up makeup minions I’m Kim Witte
and welcome back to my youtube channel! if you are new here please hit that
subscribe button below to become part of the Witte Artistry family. This makeup
look was recommended by Steph and Ken for a steampunk robot look so let’s get
this tutorial going. Starting off with a clean face with lotion I am applying
primer so the paint goes on smoothly and also comes off nicely. Like always I am
mapping out my design using an eyebrow pencil. For this particular look since it
is my own creation and it’s a little bit complicated I decided to draw out the
entire design on my sketchbook first. Basically what I was going for is sort
of carved away skin that has mechanical steampunk anatomy underneath both for
the heart and my forehead and my jaw. Whenever you are creating anatomy, both
fantasy and realistic you want to base it off of real anatomy, so I was
following a reference photo of a heart and I did enlarge it a bit just so you
could see the detail. This is also going to be a skin illusion look so I wanted
it to look like my skin had been carved away to show the machinery without any
gore. Now I’m just mapping out the eye piece my eyebrows and I’m going to have
some gears turning in my head. For all of the body paint in this look I use Wolfe
FX and I’m starting off with the metallic copper color and I am covering
the entire heart and then going in with the metallic silver and going over
choice pipes in my heart. I wanted the Steampunk shapes to have a lot of
variation and to be broken up visually so I used the Aztec gold color to go over
the remainder of the pipes. Basically the pipes just imitate the
arteries and veins. Add some more silver to your pipes. To fill the extra space
I extended the pipes both in the Aztec gold and the silver and wanted to create
a couple little kinks just so they look really neat. Just got to say I love the
color scheme in this makeup look and I love metallic colors so this robot was a
lot of fun. It’s time to map out my facial features. I decided to create an
orbital bone in silver and then I’m creating the gears, just their base
colors in gold and then filling the rest in silver. I decided my jaw would be
operated by Pistons that I painted copper and then I painted the rest of
the jaw silver. To give my heart a little bit of
dimension adding a smidgen of black to that copper color. I decided to go in on
the heart and all of the portions that would have a shadow, basically the lower
parts, the deep crevices to separate the paneling and then I added some white to
the mixture and did the same thing except for highlights. So this time it is
on top of the heart and on the highest points of all of the heart. Then to
soften up the highlight I just dabbed over it with a wet brush and then
darkened the darks again. And then tap it all out. In order to make it really look
3d just do this a couple times. Mix together a little black gold and Aztec
gold and don’t forget to do a little bit of dancing on the way. And I am creating
the shadows for the what is going to be the pressure gauge on the heart and also
adding the same color to all of the lower portions of all of my golden pipes.
Make sure you keep the shadows on the underside of the pipes and then just
gradually blend it out with some water. mix together as the same two golden
colors but add white because now we’re going to do the highlights on the pipe.
When doing highlights make sure you keep them sort of centralized using a small
detail brush only make sure they are on the high points of the pipe like I said
before and then also just blend it out a little bit with a wet brush. Second verse
same as the first, but this time I am doing this silver pipe so just add a
hint of black to the silver and I am going to go underneath all of the lower
portions of the silver pipe and just add some dimension. Make sure you are
following a reference photo for a heart this entire time, it will really help you
out with the positions of the pipes. And then I am going on the edges of the
pipes where the skin is going to cast a shadow and darkening it up and now I’m
switching to highlight colors so I’m going in with a lighter version of the
silver and adding it just to the top portions of the pipes and adding some
shadows when I need it to add some dark silver ridges to your aorta and also
your superior vena cava make sure you are curving the lines with the tubes and
then also add highlights to all of them. A way I designed to my mechanical heart
is I wanted it to have soft of like a window inside to see all the cool cogs
and gears. Basically I just googled images of
whirring gears and stuff and I use gold Aztec gold and copper and I created
shadows on the undersides of these gears and also the little nubs that come off
of it add a little bit of extra shadow onto the bottom sides of the pipes and
I’m switching to the highlight color the yellow and white. My little pressure
gauge needs some glass over it so I decided to mix together white and yellow
to create that color and then also vary the color to a darker version up by the
edges. I wanted my heart to have a little bit
of extra detail so I added white to my copper and decided to create some cute
little rivets in between the different panels of the heart and then added a
couple extra highlights on round the ridges and edges what makes water
activated paint so much fun is you can put a stark highlight on top of another
color and then just kind of dab it out and blend it out with water and it looks
great. With the dark silver I’m separating the center of my cog from its
outer ridges and then spraying myself with mac’s fix+ because I was doing this
for a while and I didn’t want it to crack. Fll in all the negative space
with black and then very precisely add little notches on your power gauge. And
it is highlight time…going in with solid white I am choosing very selectively and
precisely where to put my white highlights. This is on all of the highest
points of all the pipes. If you have issues figuring out where they go I
suggest looking at like a metallic lamp like a lamp hat or desk lamp It’s
usually a pretty good indicator of where to put the highlights. Just make sure
you’re keeping your light source consistent that is what will really help
sell the illusion. I find this part really satisfying I don’t know why.
Add little highlights on the gears and don’t forget your pressure gauge then
with a wet brush I am dabbing out all of the white highlights just to make them
look more realistic. Every pressure gauge needs a little needle so don’t forget to
do that like I almost did. Following a reference photo of your mandible I am
now creating some metallic teeth. I just created this with layers of
silver keeping the darker parts on the bottom and then fill them the negative
space with black. Time to outline my little pistons and blend them in a bit. I
decided to have my whole jaw silver and I created a highlight on top near the
teeth and blended that out to really make it have some dimension and then
created little cast shadows from the skin and just blended them out of it. Add
a stark highlight to the tops of the teeth and onto my little piston things. I
decided that there was a little bit too much negative space so I wanted to add
these cool little connector spots on all of the golden pipes so just add those
and add their highlight and then add a drop shadow. Time to paint your gears in
your forehead so I am separating the copper just with black because I figure
it would be easier to do it that way instead of adding all the little
branches manually on the little gears and then add the tiny little nubs just
by tapping the edge of a detail brush down and it creates a perfect little
shape. I’m repeating the same process on both gears and adding stark highlights
with whites that I just blend out and soften with a wet brush fill it in with
black and do the same to your headspace. I covered my eyelid with a lid
thing just make your eyelid silver okay? And then do some dances! Outline the
edges of deep plates that will make up your facial structure just with a dark
silver color now I’m creating a couple little rivets because I thought they
look cool. My favorite part is when I go in with my BH Cosmetics 120 color
eyeshadow palette specifically with my gray color and go along all of the edges
of the pipes to really make them recede because I do want this to be a skin
illusion. It’ll basically just look like someone carved out my skin but there’s
no gore so there’ll be like little ledges of the skin and the flesh and all
of the machinery is buried beneath my skin. Keep your shadows concentrated
darker by the edges as close to the edge of the skin as you can get and then it
will feather out and gradually fade the further away from the ledge that you get
now I’m just darkening up the drop shadows on all of the robot panels since
where they would get cast a shadow. Using my Wolf skins palette for the medium
color, I created a basic ledge shape and then added a stark white on the upper
portions of the carving to really make them pop and then just blend them out
with a wet brush to make the skin ledges look 3-dimensional. Add a highlight on
the center and then sort of feather it out with a wet brush to really sell this
illusion. Though it’s important to go in with a dark brown in selective areas add
a little bit more white to your skin and blend it out. I didn’t want to leave my
other eye naked so I decided to go over it with a silver eyeshadow followed by a
copper NYX eye shadow and feathered them out and made them just look a little bit
more natural, as natural as metallic eyeshadow can and then I used a gel
liner to create some dramatic wings or wing as it’s only one one eye. Add a little
bit of your favorite mascara I used Marc Jacobs and then I covered my skin with
some foundation and then decided to use Tarte blush just to liven up my skin up
a bit and then I used matte lipstick by NYX
that was sort of a metallic ii cobalt color that was just perfect with all of
the silver pipes i just applied that like you normally do with lipstick and
then i decided to press a little bit of copper eyeshadow into the center because
i really thought it just brought the whole look together. And then powder your
foundation. Thank you so much for watching this
video, if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and drop me a comment below.
Feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos like this. Thank
you so much Stephan Ken for requesting this look, I had so much fun with it!

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59 thoughts on “✅ STEAM PUNK ROBOT MAKEUP Illusion Tutorial – Witte Artistry

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