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위드피니샵 쇼핑했어요 & 상자꾸미기 (자막을 켜주세요) | 정크저널 다이어리 꾸미기 다꾸용품 문구하울

위드피니샵 쇼핑했어요 & 상자꾸미기 (자막을 켜주세요) | 정크저널 다이어리 꾸미기 다꾸용품 문구하울

Hi! Welcome back to my channel! Today I’d like to introduce some items
which I bought in January I was putting off this video
because I wanted to do voiceover but I’m putting this off too long
so I’m uploading it with subtitles instead^^ first, small frame stickers with vintage style total 4 designs included, additinal cut is needed I think it will be pretty if I decorate it
with transparency in the middle next, typed words stickers with black background additinal cut is needed, it looks like a Dymo cut next, butterfly shape stickers l like the way that the inside of
the butterfly shape is like a collage additinal cut is needed also this bag is of free samples It’s a business card-sized card
with a flower picture and a calendar There is also a pretty bottle-shaped picture sticker some sample stickers with cute drawings This is A5 size wrapping paper There are 4 types with
different front and back designs good to have various designs This is A4 size wrapping paper looks good to use to make a journal this is a washi tape Trying to be careful to scrape 🙂 I’m using this sticker book for washi scrap If you put a sticker on it, it will not fall off
so I’m using it for washi tapes Peeling off the front and back packaging stickers and put them with sample patterns fortunately, I could get the whole circle and the back too now I’m putting the sample patterns I wanted to put the whole patterns
without duplication but there are quite many patterns
(which is good) so I just fill one page up I love the vintage style labels and numbers~ next one is A4 size design paper There are 8 types of designs on both sides,
and very very thick paper One design has a box pattern I couldn’t wait to make one After making it, I’ll decorate it with today’s items I’d like to say hello while I’m cutting the paper Nowadays, I have been staying at home
with my son all day long since the school closed so I can’t make and upload videos often actually my mind is quite anxious
I can’t get journals in my hands either But it is still a precious day of my life
so I’ll try to make it valuable to look back I hope you all stay healthy and please enjoy the rest of the video, thanks!!

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  1. 하울도 좋고 그 물건으로 꾸미시는 센스도 너무 멋져요! 아직 구독한지 얼마 안돼 채널 정주행은 다 못했지만 하는 도중 새 영상 올라와서 댓 남기구 갑니다 ☺️💕

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