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  1. okay you just made it look so easy wow, this is the kind of painting style im doing for my art exam and im so excited to start painting , you are so talented wow

  2. i love the painting. also love your cute art space! i also do not have enough space or materials for a whole studio or something. i love the song in the background! nice video 💙

  3. Amazing! It so soothing to watch your videos with you painting. Also it seems like you bring people to a different time era, where there is no tech or social media, just emotions and craft of the art. Love it. Keep up the great work.

  4. О боже, я когда увидела в начале ковёр, я ожидала услышать русский голос, и тут вдруг что-то на английском, хахахаха xD
    На самом деле это очень атмосферное и красивое видео, спасибо)

  5. Te acabo de descubrir y Dios mío, te amo demasiado. Me representas totalmente, quiero ser como tu 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Random question: what kind of jeans does she have on? I want some like that but idek what to look up? Plz help

  7. That painting turned out so incredible! That was so inspiring to watch. If you're at all thinking about selling it please put a link in the description because I would pay good money for it!!! Also, I love that you left the quote unfinished and opened its meaning up! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

  8. omg this is so aesthetically pleasing..so glad that i found you today..you are giving me confidence to paint again..you are so talented love your art

  9. I love u already- the vibes you give off, your style, just eVerythign about u- u are literally everything I need ah thank u sm this motivated me sksokrsokes I love u 💖

  10. You are such a talented and free spirited human. You should be more famous than you are. You won't ever understand how much I look up to you.. From across the seas…ilysm

  11. I love how adventurous you our with the colours I am very safe when it come ps down to the colours but when I watch your videos it reminds me to experiment and be more creative so thank you so much for a beautiful video xx🌻🥐🍓

  12. I've been having a lot of doubts about my future, and I came here expecting a cute mesmerizing painting video, but I also got a blast of wisdom and it all hit me, so thank you so much. And keep on painting, I love your style ❤️

  13. this is my first time watching any of your videos and i am so amazed!! you are incredibly talented and have such an amazing art style! keep up the good work love💗

  14. my grandpa who passed had an art space and i have a vintage box with tons of paints and i made my own corner and i love to paint.

  15. Everything in this video is a bomb😱🔥I wish I can have a room like that to work on my art😭btw just curious what accent is this? Sounds cute!!

  16. You are so inspiring and incredibly talented. Your artwork and everything you do is amazing!!! Kisses from Spain and congrats for the amazing work!!!❤️❤️❤️

  17. It’s so beautiful, I’m 16 and have just finished art as a subject as I don’t think I’ll take it further but it has always been my passion! I really hope I can paint as well as you in my spare time, this video is so calming but inspiring too. I envy how much fun you have as dong art at school can be pretty stressful – can’t wait to get my hands dirty:)

  18. Smoke Fire Painting

    Drawing video link https://youtu.be/ollhsdXKaC8

    Do watch and subscribe to my channel

  19. It is amazing to see this type of videos that inspire and motivate you to follow what you love, thanks for this! ♥♥♥

  20. Your videos always make me feel so cozy and warm, and your voice is so soft. Watching your videos puts me in a good headspace, and I love it <3

  21. I love how you explain what the art signifies for you. I always create from my feelings. It’s a story of my life but to others it’s just the literal thing I’m painting or drawing and means something different for them

  22. Podrias enseñarnos a hacer las introducciones a los vidios asi me encantaaa y amo.como pintaaas ❤❤❤ amo los vidios pintando contigo

  23. It was so nice to listen to her talk and the music in the background was so nice. This was so helpful. Your videos are so lovely to watch and listen to while drawing. 💖💖❤❤

  24. I’ve wanted to start painting for the longest time. I love to draw I was always big into art classes, but I’ve found over the years that it’s hard for me to picture things in my mind. I’m more of a look at a picture and draw it just as it shows, and that’s really why I’ve pushed off painting because I fee like I’m not creative enough for it. I love your style and would love to learn to paint like you, what are some tips you could give to help me get started and to help further my experience? Love you!!

  25. I just want to say that you inspire me to paint more than anyone. Whenever I'm not feeling creative and not wanting to paint, all I have to do is watch one of your videos and i feel sooo inspired its crazy!! Thank youu.

  26. The colours are so pretty on this. Love how you don't try too hard to make anything perfect, you just go where it takes you and it still ends up perfect anyway. ❤

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