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🗣️ Watercolour Time Lapse Painting 🎨 Pastel Heart 💜 Hearts and Flowers 2020 | Sweet Lolita Aesthetic

🗣️ Watercolour Time Lapse Painting 🎨 Pastel Heart 💜 Hearts and Flowers 2020 | Sweet Lolita Aesthetic

Greetings its Harriet here I hope your all
keeping well! Welcome back to MyfanwyNia’s Studio here in Leitrim’s Iron
Mountains. Today I’m sharing another short watercolor in my sketchbook,
This painting is again one of the prompts from kitschy floss’ February
Instagram art challenge, which was called hearts and flowers. This prompt was from
day 27 and the prompt was PASTEL. For this prompt, my initial thoughts were
kawaii, cutesy, Lolita and sweet. I wanted to do a pastel motif that had an air of
the Sweet-Lolita aesthetic, reminiscent of a print that you might find on a
Sweet-Lolita dress, which colors are usually baby Pink’s blues white and
other parcels I really love this aesthetic, it’s a fashion subculture from
Japan that is highly influenced by Victorian style clothing and styles from
the Rococo period. With its doll-like appearance and large bows adorning the
hair and babydoll dresses ending in a sea of ruffles just above the knee. Sweet-Lolita is the most instantly recognizable and widespread of Lolita looks. Dolls,
cuddly toys and references to Victorian children’s literature most notably Alice
in Wonderland are key characteristics of this look. The dresses often feature cute
themed prints, common motifs include berries, nursery illustrations and
fantasy element, animals and flowers are also quite common. Its subsequent
popularity owes much to the boutique chain “Baby, The Stars Shine Bright” which
first opened its shop in Tokyo Japan in 1988. I started my piece by drawing
around my card cutout heart, which I have been
using for all of the pieces in the series. For the initial sketch I placed a
character within it with long white rabbit ears. I knew I wanted to include a
harlequin diamond pattern as the background of my design and include a
scalloped edge around the heart. I used a blue aquarelle watercolor
pencil you get this basic composition and then I washed out the line work
softening the sketch, this gave me a lovely starting place of baby blue; I
wanted it to have a tactile quality to it, so I introduced a little bit of pale
cerulean blue onto the wet paper and let the pigment disperse creating a mottled
effect. Once this was dry, I then filled in the lilac color of my harlequin
pattern. I also introduced a baby yellow on the moon and stars and on my
character’s dress, which I added some detail on the dresses folds with some
baby blue. She is sitting on a little cloud, I ended up editing out to the top
cloud in the composition. I often change the sketch as I go, I feel like some of
the elements within the sketch were too busy.
I added some detailing on my scalloped edge border, to tightly to find the
edges of my painting. Working on the cloud I painted out the bottom part of
my sketch and needed to redraw the heart back in, so I used the heart cutout
stencil to redefine where my line was because it had got completely lost at
this point under the white gouache, along with the bow which also needed to be drawn
back in. On looking at this footage afterwards I think the bow ended up a
little bit ‘not’ symmetrical. Defining the hair, I introduced some darker purples,
which I then went back in on top off with the white gouache, building up
layers, and defining strands, and creating shine. I find a very tempting to
introduce more dark colors into this because the pastel color scheme is not
my usual palette and I’m trying to remember, as I get lost in this painting
to try and keep the colors very soft. I find that sometimes is very hard to get
the details, so I used a purple Paper-Mate
Flare pen on the dry painting to add some details on her face, which is so
small if you see the size of my hand in comparison. These water-based felt-tip
pens have a hard point, that’s quite sharp and works well on top of the dry
painted surface, I use this for the detailing around the eyes and I added a
little heart on her cheek. I also added some coloring on the cheek with a red
aquarelle watercolor pencil and just softly dusted it on and blended that
little bit of color in as I went. Coming to the end of my video now, I do feel I
achieved the overall aesthetic I was going for. I could imagine it on a dress
or skirt maybe, multiplie mirrored versions of it, all the way around a skirt, I think it
has that quality to it, it would probably have our patterns and elements around it
but as a motif, I really like how it turned out. We are coming to the end of
my time-lapse now and I do hope you enjoyed it. If you’ve made it this far,
thank you so much for watching! 💖 I truly hope that you all stay safe! Do
take care of your physical and mental health and keep creating the art! It
seems globally that we are living in an unprecedented piece of history, that our
generation and even our parents generation has ever seen. So channeling some
of that anxiet,y I know a lot of us all can’t help but feel into your creative
expression, seems very apt right now. Art from this time perhaps will be regarded
as historical documentation in the future. Although you can’t control what
happens in the world, You can always control how you respond to it. Choosing
Love Over Fear!! 🌏 💗 I’m sending you all so much love and
light! Stay safe my friends and I’ll see you all again soon for another video! Bye

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  1. Dang! I did a Harley Quinn pattern piece too. I was going to release it today but went with the logo art instead mines is schedule to release Monday. I call it "Fashionable Legs" It would've been too funny if I released it today just like you did yours. Well it's like they say great minds think alike. Lol. I love the artwork. All of your art is cool, unique and amazing. 😁

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