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1000 subscribers !

1000 subscribers !

today we’re going to celebrate our
reaching out to 1,000 amazing art people Hi my name is ayhan and I’m Turkish artist. born in Germany and lives in istanbul. I’m just bored to show up my work in photos sharing photos. I decide to film to show you the whole progress. those will be mostly mosaic and spray paintings and spray stencil works. I hope this videos will be also have to
understand in doing art on streets or with customers not the studio because
it’s completely different more complex to have the whole of your artwork in
front of your face so I hope you will like the videos enjoy don’t forget
subscribe please I’m so glad you guys are here what we
have done in this two years until we reached 1,000 art people we went to
Africa hello from Africa I think it’s okay. u know,
if I maybe not here the installation. you have to take care about that they start
directly in the middle. ok I see. no worries we’ll handle it we are gonna fix with mortar anyways all
around the parameter yeah it would be fine if you can could make it after the mosaic installation sure yeah of course… yeah seems perfect.. we went longer for the art exhibition that’s nice we call it ” Eichhörnchen ” in German. But I don’t know what the name is an English but they have a lot in here so today’s Sunday
okay today is the last day for the parallax Art Fair so there are two ways to get in the
Parallax Art Fair the first one is issued came to London and get in that
building and the second way is I’m gonna take you inside I just a snowflake. And I l already puted some stained glass on it. and that’s it actually. I just wanted you to see the work on the wall… that’s all So I can’t go around because you need all permission from everyone to film anything I don’t want to do that. to do that we made a lot of mistakes during this two years we also make stencil works. my whole idea was to share things with you guys with art lovers with art people and to build a community full with A R T P E O P L E what now ? if you guys remember I
said I mentioned in the earlier vlogs that I had a dream to make something together with you with the art people community because it’s just me on the screen so I
want you take apart on the same screen I come up with the idea that for this
celebration especially to create you some videos of you of your work as an
artist if you try to make art. if you are already an artist if you do
Mosaics or stencil or whatever the reason is that you are here in this
community to show you in this vlog and I said also that I want to take part of
this video that you will send to me and create a video called art people I’m
still will do that but things have changed a bit I want to bring it one
step further and the size of that I said the five till 30 seconds of 50 second
video is enough no it’s not make it longer make it around four or five
minutes show up your work talk about yourself who are you what is your
feelings as an artist what is your feeling about the art world about
auction house whatever you want to I’m not gonna organize your speech anyway I
just want to show up your self as an artist and send it to me I’m gonna upload it
directly on this channel to show the world which artists are on this channel
because we are our community with will we are already one thousand art people
placed on this channel and we received our first video form …. Hello I’m Patricia I live in Brazil. us this Patricia Patricia is a great
artist she’s great personality she’s from Brazil I cut the video for now
because my main idea is I will upload it directly as it is in the next video
I will also upload another video which is about my which is my commission
work you might know if you watch the last
vlog I am creating an almost Commissioned to some a company to create some stencil art first in a visual way then I will show it to them on this
Saturday and they will checked if this stuff is good to make it a stencil in
there event Center or not. if they will like to stuff that I’ve created for them
they will sign my agreement and than we will make stencil over their life and I
will film everything. I appreciate that you are here I appreciate that you are
supporting me but most important I appreciate that we started to build up a
strong community which will be a WORD in the art worl very soon we will have the
power I’m not gonna say changing things but we will have the power to say
something when we don’t like it we don’t need to view things that we don’t want
to see in short I will upload totally three videos not so long videos one of
them will be this one our celebration start the other one will be Patricia’s
video from Brazil self she’s an artist and the third video will be our
commission work creating part of stencil at that even Center Peace love
you guys

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