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20 Creative Fuse Ideas – Inovation and Creativity Exercises & Learning

20 Creative Fuse Ideas  – Inovation and Creativity Exercises & Learning

Hello, I am Blueky. My partner, Pinky, is here. Hello everyone. Creative ideas can sometimes be created by mixing or
combining of ideas. Here, we will provide 20 examples about combining two ideas to a
new idea. Now let’s start. Consider this question. What does Clock plus bell equal
to? It’s a classical invention. Alarm. It can
be considered as one example of mixing or blending or combining of two ideas in forming
a new idea. It’s not that difficult. So, it’s like
adding bubble and a bath together. And you get a bubble bath! Right, sometimes it is easier. Like adding
diving and helmet together. And you get a diving helmet. And like adding cream and fridge together? You will get an ice-cream maker. A simple one here. Adding a speaker
and an ear mug. You got earphones. What will you get when adding house and garden
plant? You may have different ideas, but I am thinking
of house plants. An idea to bring the garden into my house!!! Talking about garden. What is an invention
at the garden which combine the idea of reel and fuel line? A hose reel How about mixing cooking and vitamins? I got nutrient food and drinks! Consider a game, it is combining the idea of soccer game and a table and maybe some cue sticks also. It’s a table football game. Another simple one. Adding a magnet and a
door together. And you get a nice magnetic door which will
be zipped by itself by the magnet strip in the middle after you exit. may be used as
a kitchen door. Talking about door. What do you get when you
have a door and with the idea of folding? A nice folding doors. By the way, I like this
balcony … Another one. What will you get when combining
water bottle and a pump? It’s a water gun. How about adding a gun and a bottle
then? Or see it this way. Right, it’s a water spray. What will you get when adding a cushion and
sea urchin? A cute little pincurshion. Some idea can be more abstract. For example,
by adding light fixtures and freedom. By freeing the position of the light, you
get some adjustable spotlights. Adding clothes and fibre optics You will get some nice design of fibre optic
clothes. Adding kite and surfing
You will get kite surfing. When adding paper and art together. You will get paper craft.
I would like to try the right one Finally, when you add a line. And a spiral together. What will you get? Right, it’s a lollipop for you. Thanks for
watching. If you like this video, please give us a thumb up. Blueky, wait a minute, there’s
only 19 examples of mixing ideas here. Where is the last one? that’s right… actually
it is your turn now. It’s a creativity exercise for you. You can put your ideas in the comment
area below. Practice make perfect! See you next time!

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