2017 MOSAIC Cultural Champion: Amina Dickerson

2017 MOSAIC Cultural Champion: Amina Dickerson

Chicago the place that is built from the mosaic is you will of lots of different cultures you know putting their footprint on that stone this is the market we want to lead this is this is our existence I was born and raised in Washington DC I'm from a very big family in the six of us and my mom and dad were both big advocates for the arts and my mother was this incredibly wilds of self-taught artist and designer and she had curiosity about the world and felt children should confer engaged in it my father's market claps and he was constantly designing and redesigning and rebuilding the house and I I sometimes thought he had six kids so that he would have a workforce you know actually my father passed two years ago Justin's last week and we are still working on the house that he worked on from 6:00 Pacific and the balance of the two of them and their focus on helping their children work as a unit work together to serve the community those four things that love to be professional but part of my work is as a coach which I love very large content got my talents that move next generation leaders who are trying to understand what what it takes to meet what it takes to serve what kind of guild us they need to have what's resilience and how do you achieve what question should I ask I have the great gift of being still engaged in philanthropy so I get to work with to Chicago foundations but I think balance each other in interesting ways one more fond of Chicago is devoted to policy advocacy community activism community organizing the Frye Foundation which I joined just a couple of years ago has a very long tradition of service in Chicago as well and has is also devoted to really critical issues education workforce development health especially community-based mental health and arts honors my hopes for the future I really would love to see us invest the kinds of resources and sustained leadership knowledgeable leadership for the education system in the way that all starts with what we give our children and our children know when they are not being given what they do so for me that that is kind of number one education I love to see these nuts I'm really wonderfully supported cultural sector I know the children particularly children that are coming out of trauma which others with constant difficult background what the experience of the arts can provide to them as a way of expressing themselves is way of allocating their own creativity as a way of giving them another sense of possibility so highly regarded well supported diverse cultural sector could also mean great things with City of Chicago [Laughter] who Oh

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  1. Thank you to Andrew Ramsay and Patrick Mulvey, the Chicago-based filmmakers/videographers that created these videos for the Alliance!

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