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24 HORAS GRABANDO SIN PARAR! BTS DEMENTES Detrás de Cámaras – SandraCiresArt

24 HORAS GRABANDO SIN PARAR! BTS DEMENTES Detrás de Cámaras – SandraCiresArt

No! … No!! [ ♫ Music ♫ ] 24 hours filming “Dementes” Crazy Mind! Hehehe Hi everyone! Welcome to Sandra Cires Art! No, I’m not crazy! You see me dressed like this because we are going to be shooting today the “Dementes” music video It’s really hot today! Let’s see how it goes with this raincoat in this forest [♫ Music ♫] and so begins an adventure that will last
24 hours starting in the green world which is one of my favorites If you already watched the music video clip, you know what I’m talking about but if not, keep watching to discover how it was filmed this love story of a “different” couple and why different? You tell me! – That’s it! .. That’s Super! [♫ Music ♫] How it went? I think well, I don’t know! – You were spectacular!
– Oh yeah? – Yes, you got great flow
– Ahh, that’s because you love me! No, really, you did great! – Here you were in the foreground almost all the time
– Ohhh, Ok – We have very nice shots there
– It’s okay – For now I would like to feel more …
– I’m laughing a lot? No you are fine I wanted a couple of feathers I saw on the floor Which ones? Nooo! [♫ Music ♫] Did I looked too happy? I’m afraid to let out too much Ahhh! The craziness – No, it’s okay.
– It have a nice flow – Because the song is like more … you know ..
– Don’t worry, it looks good [♫ Music ♫] One of the shortest takes, that lasts just seconds in the video clip that cost me a lot of time to film,
was the part where I take off my sunglasses because my face expression was too much and I was struggling to lower it by a notch because that forest was so WOW! [♫ Music ♫] and the heat was intense too! But how nice it feels! I need two more little fans! Sandra let’s give you a reward for each Master that goes well … we are going to give you a candy – Or an ice cube
– Hahaha If you want to lose weight, you can come to Cuba to film a music video clip and put a raincoat in the Forest of Havana and you will ask yourself: But girl! Why can’t you take off that raincoat! Not a chance! The raincoat it’s right now like an arm or foot! It moves like this and the sunlight bounces! We’re saving energy! I’m going to tell you a secret about my boots because those who are little like me have to do these things. These boots have inside like 3 pairs of socks each! And whoes socks are those? Titi’s! I always get screwed! [♫ Music ♫] Yes, it is in a sewing machine and what does it do in the middle of the forest? Ahhhh! This is one of my favorite parts of
video clip for the fantasy touch it has in the story Pedrito and Paula enter the forest she with a compass and he with a bicycle They are looking for each other! but the seamstress turns out to be the element of distraction [♫ Music ♫] Tell me if you noticed that at that point
they almost meet but they don’t see each other Because of who? You tell me! [♫ Music ♫] This is the result of waking up at 3 in the morning to film! Let’s prank him! Hey! We have to film now! Hahaha I heard some voices! Last shots in the green world! and we go to record in the multi-color world! – Giovanni, look at the compass
– It’s raining! [♫ Music ♫] Ready? Multi-color now! – The one I like the most!
-Yes! – It’s so fun!
– Hahaha Ta-dah! There was a change of costume I slept for a little while back there Oh! My God, I’m excited because now it comes the world that I like the most, which is multi-color Look at this face! Look how bright! It’s really hot in here! I’m going to start with the concealer Uff, the light here is very bad Magic! We are going to give ourselves a good restoration [♫ Music ♫] I’m going to use the bronzer right now! I love using a base that is a little darker The double chin! We make it disappear! Hahaha Look! What a small mascara! Hahaha, I tricked you! The mascara is in here You are going to see the magic now Do you want to have false eyelashes without putting on false eyelashes? [♫ Music ♫] Put them on me too! Everyone wants to wear mascara now! Nooo, it’s only for me! LOL – Look, there, take it, take it!
– May I? [♫ Music ♫] A special thanks goes to Too Faced for always supporting my crazy projects and ideas You already know that I love all makeup from this brand and this is the second music video clip they help me produce Amazing! The first was the “Roast Yourself”, that if you have not watched it I do not know what you are waiting for! They are the ones that are truly having a great time here! [♫ Music ♫] They are looking for each other! And they already found each other! [♫ Music ♫] On this roof it was so windy! That I was singing all the time with my hair in my mouth! Cuba! Cuba! [♫ Music ♫] In the multi-color world is where the couple finally found each other Why? Ahhh! .. I leave it to your interpretation! Find her! Find her! [♫ Music ♫] Tell me if you noticed that while they kiss, it dawns? To achieve this, it was recorded with a similar frame but at different times Kiss! Kiss! Shy smile gentlemen! No no no no no, not so hard. Less lips, less lips! We wanted a passionate but soft kiss and it’s difficult because these two adjectives don’t go hand in hand Do not squeeze too much gentlemen! Hug! [♫ Music ♫] And we arrived to the blue world! And you will tell me:
– Sandra? but why the blue world? If they’ve already found each other! That’s because the video clip is not recorded in the same order as you see the final result This video has been very interesting really In fact I liked it very much. Several worlds have been made And each one had its particularity and has
been interesting because it mixes a lot of fantasy especially to recreate the blue world where we have a character that you’ll see, it has certain characteristics with several devices and things that are connected to it – Welcome! It feels good?
– Yes, I am really comfortable with it – Oh!
– It died Look what we have here! One of our drawings! Ohhhh! And check me out! what a crazy look! [♫ Music ♫] Here we’ll recreate an abyss and these drawings will be floating [♫ Music ♫] Sandra tries to cure the couple’s distance problem and does an experiment to try
to reconcile them and they go through different worlds, it’s like a
video game. They enter a world but they run out of time and they can’t
found each other. They jump to another and jump to another until they arrive
to the multi-color world because she decides well, if it didn’t work with independent colors, I will mix them all and that’s what makes them meet, it’s
what works, diversity colors, plurality [♫ Music ♫] and with this scene the music video clip begins with the kidnapping of Pedrito to take him to the white world where the futuristic pseudo-doctor Sandra who heals hearts is located Nooo! [♫ Music ♫] We are in one of my favorite worlds because that is where I start experimenting with color injections. You have to be very very nervous Very very very nervous – You are in a state of trust, but still nervous
– Ok, Ok – You agree that I inject you
– Yes Yes [♫ Music ♫] Come on! Sandra enters now – I almost fell! Sorry!
– Hahaha [♫ Music ♫] This is in Russian! [♫ Music ♫] They have us awake from 7 in the morning and it’s going to be almost 7, so 24 hours! This is the last Master! [♫ Music ♫] and so the adventure ends after
a lot of color injections thanks for joining me and I hope
you like the video clip a lot The best gift you can give me is to give me your like a comment and share it with that special person you like a big kiss and see you in our next video Muak !! [♫ Music ♫]

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100 thoughts on “24 HORAS GRABANDO SIN PARAR! BTS DEMENTES Detrás de Cámaras – SandraCiresArt

  1. Me gusto mucho el vídeo, lo único que no me gusto fue el vestuario ese verde brillante como que no iba :/ , mejor se hubiera puesto un vestido de esos bonitos que ella siempre tiene .

  2. Creo que Sandra es la youtuber con más talento y más loca que conozco Sandra tu canal es mi favorito en todo youtube ❤

  3. Lo amé!!!…el ritmo…la melodía la letra el video!!!!….tu voz ….me encantó…saludos desde Buenos Aires Argentina 🇦🇷❤

  4. Tu mejor amigo Ami Rodriguez te eriqueto en su ultimo video hazlo porfiss #24 horas comiendo lo q deciden los filtros de instagran 😄🥰

  5. sandra no entendi el titulo del video a por sierto soy cubana de pinar del rio con el titulo me puse braba porque los bts son mi grupo de cantantes faboritos

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  8. hola sandra dudo que estes leyendo esto pero te queria edecir que llevo como un año esperando el video de abriendo los huevitos pequeños de dinosaurios y no puedo esperar mas me tienes triste , que te valla bien 🙁


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  13. Ahora que entiendo mas a fondo el significado de la canción y lo que lleva el video me gusta mucho más !!! Felicidades Sandra y el equipo que trabajó ❤️❤️

  14. Creo que es obvio que esta chica uso el término "bts" para llamar la atención de la audiencia, no era difícil escribir "Behind the scenes",,,, ¿soy el único que lo notó?

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