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3D painting on cardboard: DIY just using cheap household items (Redefine craft) 2015

3D painting on cardboard: DIY  just using cheap household items (Redefine craft) 2015

Hi guyz, this is Redefine craft. This time
I present to you DIY 3D painting. So.. are you ready?? The supplies for this DIY are
cardboard, newspaper, tissue paper, adhesive, colours, brush and…. Ok thats it.
Start by cutting a cardboard of square shape of any size. Now cut small pieces of newspaper.
Roll them up with the help of a pencil. Make atleast 10-15 rolls. Now paste them one by
one beside the other. This will give height to the painting. Give it the shape of a tree
with its trunk and branches. Now make a mixture of water and adhesive. Tear small pieces of
newspaper and start pasting the peices one over the other. Paste atleast two to three
layers of newspaper pieces on the whole cardboard. let it dry for some time. Now make a white
canvas by pasting pieces of tissue paper same as newspaper pieces one by one. Let this dry
for atleast one day, so that it is hard enough to paint. You have to paste atleast two to
three layers of tissue paper. Tissue paper gives the canvas a very unique and textured
look. Now most of the work is done, so just pick
up your brushes and fill the canvas with colours. Start with a tricolour background, then the
tree. Then the leaves and finally adding those small elements to make it into a painting.
It took me so much time to make this water. Finally the painting is ready. Now what you
need to do is, either get it framed or… you can watch my next DIY on how to make cheap
and easy frames from cardboard. To watch this click on the image.
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to my channel Redefine craft. And don’t forget to recycle, reuse and reduce. Happy DIYing.

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2 thoughts on “3D painting on cardboard: DIY just using cheap household items (Redefine craft) 2015

  1. Hello !! I made the 3d painting 😞 but i couldn't make as nice as you've done. I wish i could have shown it to you.. Maybe i did it on rectangle cardboard. Coz i didn't have a square one. Anyway I'll try it again. Thanks. Yours was too good. Awesome. M not that good at art but i always try out . Regards.

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