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5 saker du kanske inte visste om Art Déco

5 saker du kanske inte visste om Art Déco

5 things you might not know about Art Deco Hi! Tom from Auctionet here! Today, I am going to talk about the style Art Deco A style that was popular from the early 20’s until the early 40’s and today it has had a real boost! What is the origin of the name “Art Deco”? Art Deco is an abbreviation of “Art Décoratif” Quite simply: decorative art! It became known at the World’s Fair in Paris 1925 What are some typical characteristics of Art Deco? Art Deco is really quite mixed in its expressions in that it combines both old and new Recurring themes are symmetrical shapes and straight lines Look at this for example This is an “Argenta” presented at the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930 The mixing of materials is typical for the style such as wood, plastic, chrome or why not this one – Bakelite Did Art Deco reach Sweden? A lot of Art Deco was imported into Sweden but we also had our own style that we called “Swedish Grace” or “Nordic Classicism” Today it is extremely popular with foreign collectors Is there to anything to beware of? One word of warning – There are a lot of modern reproductions including sculptures, tables and lamps so look carefully at the quality Is there wear and is it good wear Can you expect this to be from the 1920s century? Art Deco was a luxury style the quality was very high What’s the market for Art Deco like today? The interest in Art Deco and Swedish Grace is really big today and fine pieces sell for enormous sums but There is lots of nice Art Deco by lesser-known manufacturers and designers that you can actually make a bargain on today! You will find more short films on our website Welcome!

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