21 thoughts on “7 SECRET Messages Hidden in Famous Art

  1. LEONARDO DA VINCI gรฉnie franรงais….

  2. The last supper…. my teacher showed me that thereโ€™s a theory about Mary (no that Jesusโ€™s mother) was in that photo but she was not she was not at the last supper

  3. Somtimes I wonder in the last supper after jesus drops that bombsehll of a traitor how did the conversation go after that

  4. What if the flying object was us in the future when we can travel back time๐Ÿ˜€!?i hope so

  5. Nothing in his days were just painted on a canvas for "no reason" LDV was not a hipster… Everything he put in his paintings were for A REASON! Even the placement of a hand, object, the tilt of a head… Everything. So beautiful and mysterious.

  6. In the painting of Napoleon Bonaparte, he has his hand hidden in his pocket because he had scabies.

  7. Maybe Da Vinci painted his famous paintings for no damn reasons but artwork. It's just us who complicate things by looking for something out of a simple thing.

  8. The mona lisa is just a self portrait of Leonardo as a young woman… its easy to see, thats why he had so much facial hair and mona lisa had so little.. To cover up that he was an undercover homosexual. No supervise that he was a powerful free mason; with all theyโ€™re gay flings

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