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A Collage and talking about Creative Discouragement | Creativity Chat

A Collage and talking about Creative Discouragement | Creativity Chat

Today I’m just going to collage and have
a chat with you and see how that goes. I just wanted to talk about creative
discouragement because I feel like I’ve been talking a lot of people about that. This Moleskine is just the Cahier journal that I have that I’m going to be using. I actually went to the thrift store. I got a ton of National Geographic
magazines. I was kind of thinking about how People don’t really talk about being discouraged when it comes to creativity We kind of talk about the highs of it and how excited we are to be making things that we I’ve always
dreamed about making or you know the idea that one day we could make
something that we dreamed about making and recently or last last year I was
just kind of like I’m making stuff I’ve always wanted to make but I still feel discouraged and I think a lot of that had to deal
with the fact that I was trying to figure out Do I continue doing YouTube?
Do I stop doing YouTube? At what point does one just say, “Peace out YouTube” or does one ever stop I’ve been doing YouTube since 2009 and
although I haven’t been consistent on Youtube. I have been on YouTube for a
really really long time and I was just kind of thinking How old will I be when I decide hey I’m gonna do something else or will I ever stop
making youtube videos because I have so much fun for making stuff regardless of you know the people that are watching it or the people that aren’t watching it do any of you guys feel that way where you feel like you’re creating content
you’re really excited to share and you still kind of feel a little bit
discouraged Is that a thing? Is that just me? Maybe it’s just me. I doubt it and I think a lot of people think that they just wake up one day and they’re creative and maybe some people do wake up one day and they’re creative but for me a lot of times I pray for creativity and I know that’s not a prayer that a lot of
people pray but it’s one that I pray and it has been super helpful for me super
effective and I highly recommend it If you are struggling creatively to say prayer and see what happens You can kind of feel like you’re creating
things you’re super proud of and proud in a sense of not super prideful but
proud is like oh I’m so excited that I was able to make that and then you can
still feel down about it which is weird so so weird Last year I got to create
“Acknowledging Artistry” and that was something I worked on for a really long
time I started kind of concepting it in 2013 but I was too scared to make it We’ll talk about fear another day I was too scared to make it until 2016 and I started posting them in 2017 I still have two more that I want to
upload One that I actually need to film and then one that I’ve already filmed I
just need to edit What is this? This doesn’t really fit but that’s okay. I like this picture. It was the first time I created something that was kind of the style that I’ve always wanted to make something Sometimes we envision what our work should look like and when it’s not that Oh man our work is awful but It’s that whole like Ira Glass The Gap thing which I’ll link below You know you do make content and videos and paintings scripts, books that are just like not that great and then maybe
one day you will make something that is actually pretty great I don’t know if I’m at that stage where I’m like, “Wow — this is awesome” but I I’m definitely growing and that’s kind of cool You know what’s weird? This random lady is in my house in the form of a picture and she has no idea I wish I could just like get coffee with every person that ever watches one of my videos and just ask them how in the world did you end up on this channel? and what made you stay you know I feel like that would be a an interesting chat. Also, this isn’t sponsored by vitamins like I realized that was flipped over for a while. Sorry. It’s okay to be momentarily discouraged but don’t let that discouragement hold
you back from doing whatever it is that you’re supposed to be doing. It’s kind of cool that’s from the 1976. Wow! I remember in high school I was so discouraged and I just like stopped making stuff. When I make something, whatever discouragement that was originally there has to go away. I don’t know how you deal with things but for me I’ve always just made stuff whether I’m super excited and
in a really good mood or if I’m not in a good mood at all. I’ve been like I’m
gonna make something Hey there’s South America making something is going to make me feel so much better than not making it but in high school I didn’t realize that so I would just like stop making stuff to deal with
my problems and the reality is when I was making stuff I was in a better state than when I was not making things so if you’re out there and you’re watching
this and I’m just supposed to tell you to keep making stuff keep making stuff even if you don’t feel like you should just just do it Nike they would
tell us to just do it or Shia LaBeouf who could be our friend
would tell us to just do it and he would scream it and we would probably do it You know what my favorite way to capture somebody is reading a book I just think it’s one of the most beautiful pictures I could ever take in my entire life is a person reading a book and I just saw a guy
reading a book but where did he go? Yeah like this. This guy. He’s literally just reading a book and enjoying his life. I’ve got some sheep because I don’t
know about you but I feel very sheep like every once in awhile. I’m trying to figure out this whole YouTube thing like what I want to do with it really be very specific as to why I want to create it and to whom I’m hoping to
reach I think YouTube will be even more enjoyable for me personally That was a horrible fold. See this is why I didn’t go to art school. I should talk about that in a video. This is why I didn’t go to art school: I need help folding paper. I like how that looks. It doesn’t fit at all but I kind of like
it I wish it were longer. I could put a little plug for a club that I mean that I’m in doubles as a non-profit and it’s called
‘Breaking the Shackles’ I think I’m gonna put that so basically ‘Breaking the
Shackles’ is this student organization slash nonprofit
that helps women who have been trafficked I guess women and men I think women are like the primary focus I will link ‘Breaking the Shackles’ Instagram in the description if you’re interested in checking it out. How this went from creative discouragement to people who are trafficked I don’t know but maybe someone needed to be reminded that that’s a thing and If you know anyone who has been trafficked or if you yourself are being trafficked please get the help that you need because there are people who want to help you and please be the person that informs authority of anything that’s odd that’s happening in
your area or maybe not in your area so this is what I got Thank you for watching I hope you have a lovely rest of the day. This is only the first of hopefully many creativity chats so

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13 thoughts on “A Collage and talking about Creative Discouragement | Creativity Chat

  1. i totally understand what you're saying. especially on social media i know a lot of people can be discouraged when the numbers aren't what they'd like them to be and i myself have fallen into this unhealthy hole. like why should i keep posting my work if no one cares. once i stopped looking at the numbers religiously and stopped caring about doing exactly what everyone else was doing i became much happier and comfortable with having an online presence. i post what i want and the people that really care about the work you do come eventually.

  2. Loved the video, Kristin! Just FYI I've been a long time subscriber (since 2013/14) and there so I don't remember exactly how I ended up here… but it was probably through the comment section from Emily Diana Ruth's channel (or something). And I've been around because you are lovely and your content is original and neat 😊

  3. Tbh: the reason i stick with your channel is because your laid back and seem to love just doing weird creative things as i do too. So its nice to know at least someone else does it. Im sorry if this isn't a good reason, but its true and your truthful with us as we should be with you too. Also your voice is very soothing. Lol

  4. Your videos are so thoughtful and dreamlike. ♡ They contain sentiments that remind me of times when I noticed beauty, times when I was alone but not lonely. I’ve stopped making stuff because my soul is a little tired. I do hope to sort it out someday. Anyway, there are too many shouters on YouTube who shout about the business of dreaming; you are a dreamer who is real.

  5. This is one of the most beautiful and comforting things I’ve watched in a while. Thank you for making and sharing this!

  6. Mo David it's a youtuber who makes awesome videos and I geniuin think you will relate to many of them, hope you like him and that it helps in some way

  7. >Kristin used Pray for Creativity
    >It's super effective!

    I think I found this channel through a small-youtuber-tag-style video. One of the reasons I stayed around is that your creations are very thoughtful – I like the relaxed pace of your videos, the visuals and the speech are peaceful and thought-provoking too. I think I was also drawn by your expression of faith – I'm definitely going to start praying for creativity (isn't he the ultimate creative?)

  8. i love this video! i’m in high school and this video was definitely a push for me to continue creating videos (and other things). i too, feel a lot better when i’m just making stuff, no matter how much projects and assignments are being thrown at me. thank you!

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