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A Passion for Printmaking with Judy Blanchard – by Jennifer Daruwalla

A Passion for Printmaking with Judy Blanchard – by Jennifer Daruwalla

When I was a child, I always made things. I used to use sticks and leaves, and Just anything that I could find around the farm, And made things. And I… All through my life, I think that That farm life has sort of shaped my thinking, and, So, Although I don’t have dogs or cats as pets, I’m always looking at them. (laughs) And the animals and the birds, I’m very… I go to the zoo and I’m very interested in animals I just like them. So, When my children went off to school, I was thirty-five years old and wondering what to do with myself. And, uh, I Thought, well, now’s my chance! I can be an artist! And, I think I got a bit depressed, actually, When I think back on the whole thing. That’s really when I got started. So the thing was to have some lessons, really, And so, I went along to The Auckland Society of Arts, Which was going, And, I went down into the print room. I don’t know what attracted me to the print room, but something did! (sound of pencil sketching) I think my work’s about nature. I’ve had a – I think, like most artists, you have a struggle to, um, have your own style so it’s recognisable And, um, to other people It’s no good actually worrying too much about being original, I suppose But, you just have to keep on going until you’re, um, Until you develop your own style, really. My life has been filled with music, because my husband’s very interested in music, And opera, and theatre, and ballet, and plays, And all the arts, really. And, um, That’s just what I really love to do. I have to do it. It’s my life. (laughs) There’s a quotation up there that I’d like to point out; And it’s a quotation from a man called Giacomo Manzù, So I think he’s probably an Italian. “I don’t believe in inspiration. I believe in work. Because while one works, One’s creativity is opened.” And I think that’s wonderful.

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