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#AAAGirls: Alaska gets painted by Courtney

#AAAGirls: Alaska gets painted by Courtney

Willam: Oh no! W: We’re all gonna paint each other Courtney: Willam wants to be painted by Alaska [W: Yeah, ’cause I want to look good] and she wants to paint me W: ‘Cause I don’t trust her Alaska: I’m scared. So you’re painting me? C: Yeah A: Now are we doing a full… you’re gonna turn… you’re gonna give me a Courtney Act treatment C: It’s like Derrick Barry as Britney Spears as Alaska Thunderfuck as Courtney Act A: So you’re gonna hair me [C: Yeah] , you’re gonna paint me, you’re gonna dress me [C: Yeah] A: I’m gonna look fucking ugly. C: Now I get to sit on the bouncy ball C: Willam just did my face, Alaska’s gonna do Willam’s face and now I’m going to do Alaska’s face C: Which Alaska’s concerned about but I’m actually really excited about A: I’m scared. A: I have faith in you as a make-up artist A: I think you’re really good at make-up but you also have a tiny little bird head that is just a beautiful woman’s little face A: And, um, I’m not saying that I’m not beautiful A: I’m just saying I’m much bigger than you C: But on like the cover of ‘Anus’, you’re wearing Chapstick and mascara A: Do you know who has shot that photo? [C: Who?] A: Austin Young and [C: It didn’t look like that in the camera!] Austin Young has- has dabbled in Photoshop A: Let’s just say that A: No one understood what the fuck was going on but basically we dressed up as each other A: So I did Courtney, Willam did Alaska and, um, Courtney did Willam A: And so we went out on stage to a bunch of perplexed faces W: We got read. A couple of people read us W: They were like *mockingly* “that’s what you come to Australia and do blah blah blah” W: “We want Courtney Act” A: I don’t think anyone actually said that C: Do you normally glue down your eyebrows? A: Sure do A: They are long and strong [C: They are long and strong] and they get the friction on W: Guys sit on your face a lot too A: The ‘Hurricane Bianca’ premiere is at 7 A: I need to get completely out of drag and get re-back in drag so I don’t look like a fucking man C: You just wait. [A: Alright] You’re gonna be surprised A: I used to shave my eyebrows off W: We were all doing that for a while C: I never did that A: But now I- now that I’ve grown them back I have such a love and respect for them that I never want to touch them A: Like even you tearing one out hurts my soul C: Oh, sorry A: Again, another casualty that you don’t have to deal with A: ‘Cause you have a little, blonde, five hairs on each eyebrow A: The glue-stick is merely a formality A: This is Dorothy Zbornak A: The back says Zbornak A: OCC sent me some brushes W: Yeah, I like you A: I like that… C: You look, um, different C: You look like a little boy for some reason W: Is that layer of eyebrow glue gonna dry? [C: Yeah. I just put another one on] A: I’m wearing my- I’m wearing my natural eyes so I can be like Courtney Willam: Ooooohh! A: I usually have brown eyes in drag W: You had blue yesterday but that was for Rose, right? A: Yeah. She was a character W: Purist A: This is like getting a massage A: Like a shiatsu where they go ‘gugugugu’ A: But on your face W: Um, these nuts are peppery A&W: “These pretzels are making me thirsty” A: I think it’s from – Kramer was on a tv show or movie and that was his one line C: He was in a commercial and that was his one line, yeah A: Um well, what I do to convert makeup to night is I just fucking take black and just intensify everything W: I just suck dick C: You use black on your face? W: Courtney had a black once, remember? W: Remember when Courtney had a black? A: You’re still putting glue on? C: Yeah. You have unruly eyebrows C: They’re not unruly; they’re just coarse W: She called you a horse? W: What did she say about your pores? W: You’ve used so much fucking glue W: That’s never gonna dry A: *In an Australian accent* Do you have a hair dryer? W: Maybe downstairs. Do you want me to check? C: We don’t need a hair dryer W: No, it’s in the cabinet A: Miss Fame uses a hair dryer W: Do you have any tattoos? A: No W: Do you? C: No W: I’m the only AAA girl with a tattoo C: Is it that thing in [A: in your mouth] your mouth? W: Yeah A: I want to get, um, did you ever watch ‘Pete and Pete’? [W: Yeah] A: He has the beautiful woman on his arm and he can make her dance. [W: Yeah] A: I wanna get her W: That’d be cool W: Aww, nineties C: I just heard P&P C: And that was the time I made Willam laugh water out of her nose C: And some form of savoury snack that she was gorging herself on W: More marshmallows C: Sorry C: Thanks W: My ear popped. That was nice C: Do you contour? A: What? W: You come forward? A: Are you – [C: Do you contour?] are you making a joke? C: No C: I’m just trying to think ’cause like… A: Are you being cruel? C: No because you look so beautiful and like… W: Why does it look like she has a skin graft over her eyebrow? C: Because she does A: Yes. I contour for fuck C: My foundation takes the most time out of all the makeup W: Tick-tock A: She’s not even paying attention to what she’s doing A: She’s just looking at what you’ve got in the bag C: Close your eyes W: What you got in that bag? A: Someone told me I should get filler right here A: I think Carmen Carrera told me to [W: Of course] A: I was like “I am not putting anything in there” W: Bitch, that bitch falls on anybody’s needle W: She certainly does W: Some more powder A: *Coughs* W: Look at this cute picture of the top three C: Well, we launched our new ‘Wigs by Vanity’ website C: A new store C: And we finally, like, we got all of our stock. We got lots of stock and we got ready to do a really big push C: ‘Cause like, after ‘Drag Race’ we didn’t do – we didn’t take full advantage of the fact that Vanity and I have a wig company C: Yeah, and so we just kind of got the website ready C: We’ve filmed a jingle C: And… we thought- W: You do a jangle? W: You are all one colour C: Fifty shades of beige C: Look up W: *sings* Sometimes I rim W: I get to pick what Courtney wears, right? A: You have to put her in classic Willam hair W: M’kay A: So like beachy, beautiful curls W: How about a beachy braid? C: Crusty A: Blonde with a root [C: One chunky section] W: I got – I got blonde C: No I’m not going to – oh god! Sorry C: I’m meant to do the arrarrghhhhh A: You look like ET in drag W: How did you flatten a pot sticker then glue it over her eyebrow like that? A: Oh my god! W: Oh this is my book W: Let me see. Let’s go to the chapter on eyebrows W: “If you have to glue them down, do your thing but do thin layers of glue letting each dry thoroughly or it will look like you used Ore-Ida instant mashed potatoes” C: Open a little C: That one is beautiful C: This one I’m gonna need to- A: Have a Jessica Rabbit bang over one eye A: If you put me in a fucking Wispie, we’re never talking again A: I’ll disband the AAAs right here and now W: Last in, first out A: Do you put blush on the nose too? C: Mm-hmm W: No. On your nose? A: I’ve just started doing it C: We need just a little more contour and- A: *Australian Accent* There we go! Alright! W: Are you a spring? Or late spring? A: It’s the tiniest little brush A: Do you know what I use to contour my face? C: What? A: I use that colour and I use that brush. This exact brush A: Don’t do it now. You’re doing you C: Good point A: We have to display how [W: little she knows] terrible you are at makeup All: Resting on pretty! W: How are those pillowcases? W: I still haven’t gotten mine, even though it was our idea C: Hey Rich, where are- are they- oh, we haven’t opened that box yet C: I think they’re… [R: They’re actually in the trunk of my car right now] Oh! W: You’re using an eyeshadow brush to contour! W: I just clocked that too. [A: Tiniest little brush!] W: That’s your sister Courtney! Courtney, that’s your sister C: Open your eyes and look at me C: Okay I can see- oh. Right, got it [W: *Laughing*] A: Oh, what? C: That was what Raja did to Willam A: I could fall to sleep right now All: *Singing* I could fall asleep right now C: Look up C: Do you normally cut your- trim your lashes? A: I do ’cause I don’t like dragged down at the ends A: Luckily all the- all the hair will really soften it out too C: Yeah it’ll blend out that- A: That tiny [W: The Marilyn] tiny… W: The Marie! Don’t worry I brought the Marilyn too! A: The tiniest Marilyn A: I have more hair right now than I’m gonna have with that fucking wig on my head W: Wig is generous W: *Singing* Oh yeah. Wanna be my contour? Oh yeah. With a really small brush W: We all have blue eyes, kind of C: And we all played Joseph in some form or another W: Well we were real ones. You were a talent show one C: Yeah. True C: Doesn’t she look pretty? W: She looks beautiful A: I believe you C: No looking at your- [A: I’m not] C: That’s the black. Shit. I have to start again. C: I think I’m done W: Oh yeah A: Buy Kaleidoscope on iTunes W: I’m gonna be so pretty C: What do you think Alaska will think of the makeup I’ve done on her? W: Um- C: Like honestly C: Like ’cause she’s really scared at the moment C: She’s thinks that she’s gonna look like a beast W: Who said that? C: She thinks that like, my makeup will be too soft C: So do you think that she’ll like it? W: Yeah. I think that she’ll- she sees the bright side in everything C: That’s not the- W: Plus she’s taking half of it off with that turkey burger W: Um, I think it looks great W: You know when you’re across the street and you see a woman and you’re like ‘hey’ W: And then you get up close and you’re like ‘oooh’ W: It’s… um W: Ooh, fries A: What you’re saying is I look like a fucking dog up close but great from afar A: It is the Courtney Act W: It’s just not a woman W: Her one eyebrow looks like it’s mad at me C: It is C: I drew that on on behalf of me W: Oh, I see W: But why didn’t you glue hair into her ears? C: Errr, what? C: I did C: I hand-knotted her ear lobes [A: Lace front]. Lace front ear lobes W: Ooooh! Oooh! Now I know why you do it W: Aaah! Oooh! C: Are we going to the Bianca Del Rio ‘Hurricane Bianca’ premiere [W: I am] like this? W: I am W: You guys don’t have to C: But you’re not wearing that hair- you’re not wearing that hair are you? A: I’m not going out of the house like this A: It’s not that- no it’s not that I- it’s- okay C: You don’t look like you. That’s the point A: Exactly. I don’t look like- I don’t… A: I don’t want to have my picture taken on a red carpet when I don’t look like myself C: It’s not the Emmy’s! A: It’s bigger than the Emmy’s W: Hey! Subscribe to all our channels ’cause that’s what youtubers do. Bye *Background Music* Puppet (Instrumental) by Alaska

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100 thoughts on “#AAAGirls: Alaska gets painted by Courtney

  1. Courtney-Literally made Alaska the most fish she has EVER looked in history…
    Willam-she's ummm… ooooh fries!
    Alaska-what your saying is I look like a fucking dog up close, but great from afar.

  2. I just watched the video where drag queens read mean tweets and Alaska read one that said "Alaska grates the end of her sentances" and I can't unhear it.

  3. You could never, ever, look "Ugly" Laska. If Daniel Day Lewis painted you with Sears indoor outdoor latex house paint with his damn left foot you would still look amazing baby. You don't DO ugly and nobody could do ugly to you.

  4. I fucking LOVE Alaska!!! I wish she would come back to YouTube so we can see her more!!! And honestly I think Alaska is SSSOOO fucking GORGEOUS!!! She’s talking about Courtney Act having a small beautiful face and she a mans face lol I think she’s STUNNING!

  5. Hey Alaska? In case you’re reading this, In spite of any realities, I know in my heart you’re a girl. I love you 💋

  6. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💯💯💯👏💯👏👏💯👏💯👏💯🔥💯🔥👏💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯💯💯💯🙅🔥🔥🙅💯🔥💯💯🔥💯🔥💯💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥🔥🔥💯💯👏💯👏💯🔥🔥💯

  7. ….sigh….''Alaska'' with that fake DUCK BEC…and that horrible fake Kim kardashian voice…not funny at all…so tired of these so called ''queen!?''….

  8. He wouldn't go to event with the pretty makeup.. Instead he goes in tween jeans👖 with man parts hanging out of the crotch hole… Yeah 👌ok.

  9. WTF Alaska looked amazing! Why are they trashing it? I don't think the wig was right for her, but the makeup was perfect!

  10. I think plenty of time has passed for another round. Courtney as Alaska, Alaska as Willam, Willam as Courtney.

  11. I've never wondered if Alaska had that deep voice when out of drag… but now I think I should have…

  12. God I really dislike Willam.. He just comes across as really mean. Not very nice at all. 😒
    And this video has kinda put me off Alaska too.
    They both acted like high school mean girls and it was very uncomfortable to watch.

  13. Glamourly Lovely Prettiest Sexiest Gorgeously Babies 😍😍😍😍💓💓💓💓💋💋💋💋🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘

  14. Anyone else think Willam looks like a woodland nymph or fairy? Like if I found out Willam could do enchantments, it'd be like ''hmm, makes sense''.

  15. Two things William can sling some shade and Alaska's cute hand goodbye is definitely going in my purse and Ms. Act has my french fry addiction love y'all big hug 🧡🧡💛💛💚💙💝💗💗💙💚💛💛🧡🧡🧡💛💚💙💙💚🧡🧡💜💖💖💖💕💕💖💖💕💕💜🧡💛💝💝💝💝💝💝

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