60 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink Alloys + Many Cards

  1. Hello, all! I think I switched up the Memory Box and Birch Press names. They (and Poppy Stamps) have the same owner, so I get confused sometimes. 🙂 Sorry!

  2. Love the video! I have not had a chance to play with the new Alcohol inks. You make me want to go play! Love all the cards you did. Especially the large dies.

  3. I absolutely love all the cards! I recently bought all the new alcohol inks and the alloys and I am just getting into trying alcohol ink techniques, Thank you again!

  4. Jenn! Cool vid for techniques and cards! TFS!! I noticed your phone has a family pic on it. I did not known you have a son. I thought your youngest was only Lila! Or is he your daughter’s kid, or… let my imagination run wild here! 😉 He needs some air time with Lila. Cool family pic!!

  5. Probably my favorite thing to do is to make backgrounds rather than actually making cards! I love all of these and I'm looking forward to getting a hold of some mixatives/alloys. Of course it's hard to tell with a computer screen but some of those colors looked very similar to the old colors. Dijon looked like butterscotch and Laguna looked a lot like Stream. Hard to tell unless it was a side by side shot. However I have no alloys or mixatives, so I look forward to getting those. Thanks for all of the hard work and great designs! Stay safe girl.

  6. I struggle with stacking my die cuts exactly on top of each other. Any tips on how to stack them exactly on top of each other?

  7. I would say the alloys seem to "vein" like how when you see a vein of gold in a rock that is mined. Or in marble how it has veins of color. So cool!

  8. Thank you, Jennifer for showing your Isopropyl alcohol bottle so I know what to buy in the UK 🙂 Thank you for another fabulous video! Stay well!

  9. Beautiful cards. I’m curious how you use the tim holtz glass platform and don’t get reflections in it? I have one and when I try to do videos with it I get a lot of reflection in the glass. I would love to use it on my videos. Any tips would be super appreciated!

  10. My grandson heard you introduce yourself & said “yay, Jennifer McGuire”! 😳 He’s 6 & clearly watches all your videos with me & likes you!!

  11. Awesome video and cards…Jennifer you did a great job showing the technique and the background are fabulous.
    Thank you

  12. Your cards are absolutely gorgeous. Just stunning! Thanks for the inspiration I'm going to try these backgrounds.

  13. Thank you for the video. I am in awe of how easy you make i look. I am just starting with alcohol inks and you give me the courage to try it. I know you use the yupo paper but is there anything else I could try while learning.

  14. I’m so thankful for your suggestion to send out cards. My church is not meeting right now and what a great way to stay connected !!

  15. I let my 7 year old granddaughter play with alcohol inks today, I think she is as addicted as I am!! Then she seen your video and was really excited to watch. Tomorrow we are making cards out of all the backgrounds we made today. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  16. Jennifer I think iv saved all of your videos, beautiful cards and your ideas, I was wondering why doesn't Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joanns don't carry some if not any of the products you and others show us, they don't handle these products, I have to wait for my granddaughter to order for me, it would be quicker to get the products if I'd drive to the store, thanks for your reply

  17. I love your videos, Paper crafting is keeping me sane right now. I use it to relax after all day at a health clinic with stressed out patients. Thanks for sharing your Faith!! and talent with all of us.

  18. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your ideas. I love that you let the backgrounds shine by keeping the sentiment simple.

  19. Beautiful cards and lots of ideas, my favorite kind of video! That also means I love all your videos, lol. Thank you once again for using your time and energy to make something beautiful for us. Stay healthy during this time!

  20. I’m having a hard time accepting that the wispy, blown ink look is not for me. It’s like I feel left out or maybe I’m doubting myself. Whenever I see this technique I just think why would I go to such effort to make something that looks like I spilled ink on it? It’s so popular though that I think what am I not getting? I also dislike acrylic pours. I’ve seen a few pieces that are alright but most just look messy to me. Jennifer McGuire’s style is so clean and controlled—— so much white space usually——I’m surprised she likes this technique. I don’t like drippy either. I don’t in general mind messy though. Rubbed, dry brushed, watercolor washes, etc don’t bug me. I love the multilayered stencil look. I also love surfaces that look eroded and grungy. Maybe it’s that I like controlled messy and not serendipitous messy?

  21. Beautiful cards as always Jennifer. Love the new colours and the Alloys are so stunning and dramatic. Thank you for again sharing your creativity with us. Love and hugs xxoo

  22. Hey Jennifer! Awesome backgrounds & cards! A while back you did a video where you used white felt taped on a ruler and put the inks on the felt and made the most beautiful rainbows and designs…Tim mentioned it on his recent video!! What I was wondering was have you tried the technique using the alloys yet? I haven’t ordered the alloys yet to try it. Stay safe and healthy everyone! 🙏🏻

  23. handy tip i picked up from tim holtz is that you NEED to use the blending solution with the alloys to make them stick and bond to the paper when they dry. otherwise they will rub off the surface!! the blending solution has like a resin/glue for the alloys to stick to. plain alcohol doesn't!! so rule of thumb for alloys, alcohol to make the base colours move, add alloys, then blending solution on top of alloys, blend n dry. that'll give u a permantly sparkly background instead of one that the sparkles are on your fingers by time ur done making the cards 🙂

  24. I think Tim mentioned on that great AL video of his that the Blending Solution will set the Alloys so that they won't flake off. Just got the new air blower, too. Gorgeous cards and color combos. I have the older AL inks and thinking about adding some new ones. You are amazing. TFS.

  25. I am so glad I have a treasure house of your card ideas saved up to make. I mailed out 60 cards yesterday to friends and family. I too think we need to support each other in any way we can, now and moving forward. thanks as always for sharing.

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