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Alien UFO Surgery Art Bell Dr Roger K Lier Implants alien Abduction

Alien UFO Surgery  Art Bell Dr Roger K Lier  Implants alien Abduction

okay all right doctor you know that sends chills down my spine it really does the way it builds the the words if you read them and by the way Keith put them up on the website it dies fast really fast all that stuff up on our bill calm so if you haven’t done it yet for god sakes don’t do it if you’re in a truck especially if you’re on the road you know if you’re stopped maybe but otherwise don’t get tempted somehow I have this vision of some guy in an 18-wheeler you know with a I don’t know iPhone five in his hand trying to manipulate his way to art bailed out come No don’t do it dr. Roger Kay Lear is author of aliens and the scalpel first and second edition in other words two of them UFO crash at in Brazil rather a casebook alien implants chopped liver and three other books published outside the US has been said to have been one of the world’s most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of ufology he and his surgical team have performed 16 surgeries on alleged alien abductees this resulted in the removal of 17 some somebody must had 217 separate and distinct objects suspected of being alien implants these objects have been scientifically investigated by some of the most prestigious labs in the world their findings have been baffling and some comparisons have been made to meteorite samples dr. Leir continues to investigate the physiological and biological aspects of the abduction phenomenon he has also formed a nonprofit organization for this purpose called ans Research Inc it has been a long time since I’ve heard dr. Lyra’s voice dr. welcome hello yes it’s way way too really good to hear your voice it’s a real pleasure being on the show again and it takes me back a few years well incredibly happy to have you it is it’s a whole new ballgame up here buddy we have time you just wouldn’t believe how much time we have and how few commercials we have Oh baby it’s something else all right you have done some of the most incredible work in ufology period it’s as simple as that I mean taking implants out of people and of course at the same time you’ve been and you follow it if so you’re a doctor you’re a ufologist I don’t know you tell me about yourself interrupted for a bit with a very nasty nasty virus which today is called shingles which led to a seven-hour surgery in about 20 days of the hospital so that kind of put me out of commission for a while but I’m back you know I have had singles are the single most painful thing that can happen to a human being is that 100% on that is the truth but the subject of shingles from the medical aspect has been absolutely aborted its it had been turned into something of an absolute lie and I was you know somehow the victim of one of those lies shingles has absolutely nothing to do with the chickenpox virus oh oh no they didn’t live me on TV did they are you chicken I saw that you have if you had chicken pox you already have the shingles virus in you now if you believe that I’ve got several bridges that I want to sell well you’re kind of in the bridge selling business anyway right a little bit right our listeners can check this out I want to do a little simple research I looked at the virus that caused jingles so many years ago it’s funny it got renamed because it was called herpes zoster and it was like comparing that to herpes simplex which is the virus that causes chickenpox was like come looking at a German Shepherd and squeak your cat right incidentally I don’t know if you ever knew but you asked weakly can I have squeak – rabbit maybe never meet you maybe listen are you are you healed you’re better now yeah as I said I’m back doing my thing again and I had been for a while I still yeah but they didn’t find anything else in in there did they with the shingles no no but I had a wind up having two arterial bypasses done because I wound up with a hole about as big as baseball my ankle and that had to be filled in with a graft and all that sort of all wonderful things that it’s been a quiet experience but yeah I’ve really been through it you really proud all right okay I made the best of it I got a new book coming out which should be out next month which I can’t remember I can’t mention the name because of the agreement with the publisher but I can’t say that the foreword was written by dr. Edgar Mitchell the astronaut from a home working and so of course really looking forward to that coming out and it’s got a lot of the new information which we haven’t talked about and years but we found stuff that is gone far far beyond what we had talked about in latter years can you talk about it later tonight I would love to in fact you know and Keith put a report up on the website so if people want to go to our delcom they can take a look there’s some pictures up there to our ultra-micro photographs and when we talk about this and they’ll be able to see actually see the things that I’m telling you about okay all right excellent I’ve got the website right next to me so I’ll be going over there take a look myself all right are you still performing surgeries for the removal of alien implants yes in short we’re getting ready to perform tomorrow all I need to do now is put in place the funding and we have a couple of individuals who I think are going to come through with that so we’ll have at least two more to run through the fires of research examination all right if I were to come to you doctor and say and being very serious and say look I really think I was abducted I think that I’ve got an implant right here I’ll say my leg just as an example I’ve got an implant in my leg it occurred or happened during the abduction I’ve got a little scar here left from it that you can see I’m kind of curious what how you would vet me in other words how you would treat me and and how it would go so basically we would begin by putting you through a rather rigorous examination in relation to your experience and we really wouldn’t expect to see a scar so if you had a scar we would probably say bye-bye all right the scars gone it’s it’s in there at the skate magically it’s in there I have no scar now what okay now you say you have an implant there so I have to know that’s true so along with your chilling telling you it’s true died I believe you a hundred percent except though I have to send this stuff to the lab another’s so they have to believe you too so you have to show me some x-rays or at least a cat scan or something like that that shows you have a foreign object now we don’t know what it is but at least we know you have a foreign object all right so you would send me away to get either an x-ray if it would show in an x-ray or I don’t know an MRI whatever at my own expense I’d have to pay for it right no no no examinations treatment or surgery that is under the auspices of ans research is there any charges made also if we do find something and you want to take it out see you has to be your idea you want it not ours well I hate it it’s in there and I didn’t it’s bothering me so I want it gone of course now do I have to sign a lot of papers and stuff saying that I will donate my object to you when when we’re all done exactly it becomes the property of not ans research it becomes the property of the civilization of this planet and we promise to keep you totally informed of any information which is elicited from the research that this reveals but we every every bit of your personal information is kept 100% confidential so a television program comes along and wants to do a show we want to show them the footage and you don’t want your face shown or you don’t want your object shown that’s Liberty that we assign to the individual not to be honest with you it would depend on where it was I mean if it was an embarrassing spot I probably wouldn’t want my face shown there are people that don’t want their face shown there people want their voices extract disguised we have done mission shows of that nature and there are people that don’t want to be on TV or have anything mentioned that might give anybody a clue as to what they are now they asked bass you know sometimes have occupational hazards because they’re afraid that you know even scientists pray to higher masters they don’t want to lose their income or be embarrassed or cold in that case or whatever might happen so they’re just wheeled we respect that and we don’t we don’t use them but we do keep the data and the data is available to the world because I’m not doing this for myself I’m not doing it for fun and I’m not making a buck I’m broke as it could be especially after going through this illness but you know through the help of some very kind people including someone we both know and I’m going to get credit on here which right which is Robert Bigelow was a Robert yeah Robert yes what a guy it’s just a wonderful wonderful kind person who is totally responsible for getting this information out to the world and you know when I was ill it was just absolutely wonderful it was a very good friend of mine Roger and you know the work he’s doing now he’s solidly now into aerospace and launching satellites like crazy and getting ready to put a hotel in space absolutely and he deserves it this is something that he worked for this has been a goal of his for many many years since the he established needs which helped me greatly with the research I also understand historically that he had purchased a radio station in the Union Plaza Hotel or a very strange show began with a very famous person now by the name of Park Bell yes sir yes sir he’s really special do you know what he did he actually a few years ago landed a helicopter in my backyard that was quite an affair boy I’ll tell you what yeah I’m the dust that came up in that thing landing land at a hotel in my back yard flew myself and my wife into Vegas and we got a real inside look at satellites preparing to launch the whole assembly facility there all thought it was incredible so he’s done years of work since then I guess it’s about time for me to have Robert back on the air all right go ahead yeah I was just gonna say I suggested to your program producer Paul that I would like to see Robert back on the air because you know yeah like you mentioned he was he’s in a wonderful position right now he’s going to do some first space that have never been done before and cooperation with a few other people who are making headlines but Bob always seems to say you know out of the current you don’t see his name you do see these other guys but I know I don’t know you know who he reminds me of Roger I know who you’re gonna say probably Howard Hughes no no no although there’s reason to make that comparison but no no he reminds me of the billionaire in contact the one who’s on the screen to Jodie Foster and leans down and looks at the camera and says wanna take a ride yeah yeah that’s one yeah that’s true absolutely true so he’s been as I said most of the things you know let’s do you talk about the truth most of the things that have happened in ufology that have made books and comments for all kinds of television radio shows I have been sponsored by Bob Bigelow that’s how you know I was shocked to find out that the Rockefeller event that occurred years and years near well rockefeller did pay for some of that he paid for a quarter of it Bob pay the rest yep I know I even a lot of research serious serious and expensive research in ufology yeah absolutely you know one of the people on the face of this planet that is responsible for a number of different things now there are a lot of other people getting on the bandwagon at the present time because I believe finally the world is waking up to a new reality now we’ve got Steven Bassett for example who did the citizens hearing in Washington DC five days long of testimony I was there I was on the last day which was a lucky thing for me because I got to hear what everybody else says all right new right way to go but you know it was an intense very very intense feeling to sit there and relate this information to you know 80 years or 60 years of congressional abilities that these the panel had and you know to get to get to know them through the years and I learned you know probably as much about the government of the United States as they learned about ufology all right when we get back we’re going to turn to you with the phone calls but it would be soon relatively soon here’s one of my two commercials Bob Crane has had tons of calls about my program wanting to know how to record and archive my show I love music the CC a witness plus is the way to do it now I understand that a lot of you listened stream the program still looking for that elusive 1001 air stream the program on your computer or I don’t know your phone whatever so this is the answer for you maybe we’re not on at a time that you like so you get the C’s he witness plus hook it up to whatever you know your your laptop your desktop your phone your tablet gathered so much these days right and now that of course you’re not interrupted with a 90 minute timeout you’re ready to rock for four hours and you record the show and then listen to it at your leisure the CC witness Plus comes with two gigabytes onboard memory it’ll take a four gig SD card this way you can 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Roger Leir dr. Leir we’ve got a subscriber base on XM around 27 million people that’s a bunch of people and you know a lot of them haven’t ever heard my program before I had whitley on about i don’t know within the month and we all know i know anyway whitley had an implant attempted to be removed from his ear and there are those who doubt what whitley says i’m not one of them because i know the man really well but he you were part of the team that tried to remove that implant from Whitley’s ear am i right uh partially right I met the physician who was the guy that tried to remove it from the ear and quite a conversation with him and I listened to his explanation of what he saw how he panicked when it moved out of the way I witness another words when the scalpel when the scalpel came near to be clear the surgeon says the implant actually moved in Whitley serious that’s correct it moved out of the way but if he was able to get a little piece of it which was a sentence for pathology and there was some mysterious material but there wasn’t enough there to really make a determination what it was and then later Whitley wanted me to take another shot at it and I said well that’s what you want to do and you’re 100% sure I’ll do it and then he said can you guarantee me that after it’s done I won’t be dead and I said no that’s a stop yep that’s a showstopper I remember I remember maybe you can tell me why doctors do this dr. Leir but when we had Asia and when my wife is in labor actually you know the doctor had been telling her it was a c-section and the doctor had been telling her every visit when we’d go you know for the normal checkup everything is fine everything is great it’ll be a c-section pizza cake nothing to it and then when you’re actually in the hospital you’re in bed you’re in the middle of labor the doctor stands at the end of the bed and says I need to read you this list of risks and and there’s this long list of well you might stop breathing you might die and you know it’s like a showstopper of course in that case you can’t stop the show but my goodness they wait until the last moment to redo the risks well that not right because you’re supposed to have that list all done and signed before you ever plunk your Fanny in the bed well she might have done that she might have signed and not exactly known you know I’m well forget to sign bedside manner too I mean suppose I went to an ophthalmologist and I was going to have a cataract done and I signed all the stuff since the last moment he says well this procedure is just an ordinary we’ve done but you could wind up blind yes that’s right so anyway Whitley said you can’t guarantee me I won’t die and you said no and not that stopped that so still moved at least it was the last time I talked to him but you know I can’t make that kind of a guarantee you know lord knows what could happen we don’t we don’t know what’s going to happen from day to day if you never touches here or whatever especially on it carried away I guess and began chasing it around his head yeah one of his publishers it’s got bright red and hot had to run out and go to the restroom and put some cold water to cool off actually that’s it’s not that funny I have seen his ear turn red I’ve seen it myself yeah he showed it to me one time to when it was glowing beautifully red you know not not not to change gears but I just want to take this opportunity to thank a few people one is Keith Rowling who were doing a wonderful job of getting immense amount of material I put up on a website up in time for the show and next way I well I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the great wonderful marvelous fantastic car quote that you gave me that we used in on the back of the book I believe for a UFO crash in Brazil mm-hmm but that was just something that I will always I will always thank you for for the rest of my life oh thank you and you’re right about that there’s a very great deal of photography up on the website and you can follow along folks by going to art bell calm just find the name Roger Leir he’s our only guest listed with a human name and click on that and then you’ll you’ll come to the material here which we’re about to talk about so you might as well get it on the screen along with so much else to watch up there now I I’m not sure where to begin I guess I guess I’ll leave it to you there’s so much material that we have to go through but you know I’m right at the first picture 4:59 a.m. May 15th of 2009 and I guess I’m looking at something that was taken out of somebody or what what am I seeing well I believe if you’re seeing a date day you’re probably looking at a UFO and that’s probably part of the material from the cumbrous Turkey UFO which showed us three years in a row I just happened to be there and looking through the camera when that was filmed so there’s a large amount of material on that UFO now the camera we were using with the camera with a 300 millimeter lens and electronic doubler that means that you can double it to 600 millimeters let me explain what the situation was at the time there were three conferences that went on each year and following the conference that during the conference look what go back UFOs were passing over the conference center like looking at the traffic on a freeway where awareness this was a Istanbul Turkey right okay just to give you some idea doctor when I look at this photograph it could either be a large object far away or it could have been something you removed from somebody’s ear in other words in the first two photographs there is no reference for size right it was when we get farther into it you’ll see the estimate survived this was taken out over the sea and there was from the European coast so the investigations that were done on the video gave us you know maybe it might have been 20 miles away also the sky was clear but the moon was bright and the craft was being lit by the moon however if you go down to the following pictures you’ll see that as we push closer and closer and closer on the craft we can see that the front end of it as round as Omar I’m looking at the video now oh my oh my is right because this has got to be and after you’ve looked that the whole thing I’m sure you’re going to agree this has got to be the finest footage that was ever taken of the UFO not only that but it shows the occupants I think I see them um I have a question right away if you don’t mind my god that’s incredible I’m running the video right now that really is incredible what is it dr. Leir that that that lights up the craft or puts the light on the craft can you tell me it kind of comes and goes yeah the craft is being a lit from the outside now the camera is on a tripod but there is a slight wind blowing and the camera is focusing on the front of the craft but the craft does move and then you’ll see that then one of the shots there is kind of turned sideways and all from the front of it it looks like it’s saucer shape you’ll see it’s not it’s one it’s a well boy you know I’m sorry it is definitely a wow this is really good stuff you want to click on the video folks and just sort of let it run in the background as we’re talking and I do think it looks like you can see two occupants in what would be some kind of cockpit right right so there’s three ports that show one in the middle and one on either end now as you get farther down into the video and you get I not the video but when you get down into the stills and we get to the analysis part the analysis on this video was done by the University of Istanbul which is a government University and it created a stir in all the newspapers national newspapers in Turkey I should open a citation margin hope to gives account I’m sitting here watching this now as I hope a lot of the audience is and wow this is and and the other thing is this is going on while you’re at a UFO conference in Turkey that’s right this is right after the conference and this we went down the European coast to the small town called come Burgas and we stayed up from midnight till five o’clock in the morning filming out over the sea and and one instance this was three years in a row I think it was the last year 100% sure I think it was the last year 2009 I mean Masson and his crew were there and they were filming it also so there was two sets of original videos that were taken of this now I’m he had analysis done in Mexico haha I was on who was ahead of Sirius TV and a few mysterious UFO organizations and Turkey had the analysis done by the University of Istanbul and Jen it went to a fellow Mario Valdez in Chile who used a frame splitter now for those of the audience just listening a frame splitter splits each picture that goes by the television camera lens into two what we call fields now the the film goes by the lens at 30 frames per second so when you split it in half you get 60 frames per second so he studied each individual field and he his concentration was on the occupants of the craft and you’re going to see when you click on the investigation part of this his entire report is there and he has made specific outlines and drawing drawings of what these entities were doing while we were filming them holy moley this is such clear stuff was it just basically hovering out over the ocean in one place or was there much movement associated with it because to you know keep the camera on it at this distance it must have been relatively stationary it was relatively stationary but for whatever the reason it did make flight turns to one direction and that slight turns to the other direction because sometimes you’re getting a bed view of the port that’s on the left side sometimes you’re getting a better view of the port that’s on the right side and then finally it turns sideways and you can see that it’s not a disc but you know remember Bill McDonald oh sure well Milt McDonald you know made a drawing of what they considered the Roswell craft to look like and boy if this doesn’t fit that drawing you know it sure does it’s a boomerang shape and it’s also gone significant there’s two different shots one where you’ve got the things strobing lights all over the place like crazy and I many shots where it’s not strobing lights like that right and you know why what are they doing what’s their intent we’ve had a few people that tried to debunk it and say that all this was nothing but the reflection of Lights from a big source on the water and stuff like that we had one the other day that got me through the website and he said he’s a video analyst and this has been photoshopped because you can see where the 0:09 when you analyze it looks like it’s below the other well in the first place I wrote him back and I said you know I thank you for the time that you took for your analysis but number one please give me your credentials and number two please tell me where you got a copy of the original film from because there’s only two copies in the world with that I’d never heard from again well I’m about 6 6 minutes and 40 seconds into it this is astounding stuff folks wow what a good lens I mean that thing’s way out there and when you get the camera just right you’re able to get very close to it Wow yeah now something we surveyed the whole area before we ever filmed anything we looked for oil derricks we look for other platforms light sources ships reflective objects and there was nothing I mean there nothing out over the water now I don’t know if you saw the part yet but there was a dog standing there on the beach looking at the object and he’s just barking his barker off yes yes I I saw absolutely thought that’s a well that’s just a remarkable video and I don’t know why it’s the first time that I’ve ever seen it well I was out of the country and now I’m down to the still photographs which Wow these are I guess our frame grabs is that what I’m looking at yes these are frame grabs holy smokes the one June 8th 2008 now that’s a year nearly a year before the other one right that’s correct [Music] thinking of dogs okay you talk about dogs barking on the beach these are so smart today you know talking back to me in other words this craft had been visiting this area for quite a long time well now I discussed this with a lot more physicists and he came up with a very interesting approach why did it show up just about the same time for three years in a row at the same time of the night in the same place at the same geographical location and he said this might be an indication of time travel and what we’re looking at might be a time loop Wow Tennyson all right I have a question an obvious question I guess if this craft had been showing up night after night after night in the same place time loop or not and that’s something we can talk about why wouldn’t local military have sent something out to try and figure out what was violating their airspace in Turkey it’s kind of a strange situation because in Turkey there’s so many UFOs that unless they interfere somehow with human activity no military force goes up no no police helicopters no nothing no nobody does anything it’s so common you can read about it in the newspapers you can hear about it on a television show it’s not that exciting it’s like you were talking about the 18 wheel rig you know it was an 18-wheel rig and there was a 1941 model that might create some great you know news but when you when you’re in a country where it’s so open now they have had instances for example in Turkey there was two instances where commercial airlines became so close to circular craft a saucer-shaped craft on landing that they became dangerous and their version of the FAA no you know was really worried about it now that that did cause some military and commercial stir well you you did mention Jaime Missoni and you know what down in Mexico it also got so common in fact I actually had a couple of I believe collisions between UFOs and commercial aircraft but it got so common in Mexico that otherwise it was like almost like part of daily life or something oh yes you know that occurred after the Eclipse it was you know like every day and the same way in Brazil Brazil I’ve been there at least 12 times and the it’s so common in Brazil it’s the only country I know of in the world where you can pick up a tour guide let me tell you where to go see UFOs do you have any thoughts doctor on why these other countries are so frequently visited we had our Phoenix lights but I mean other than that in recent years there hasn’t been much here compared to say Turkey or well gee Mexico and South America and any thoughts on why well I do I think that we think that we’re not as visited as much as these other countries but that’s because the cloak of secrecy is so strong here that when people talk about it reported or whatever it never goes anywhere there is a blackout on this information and this is what we were trying to do with the citizens hearing and it’s it’s my hope now I just was served on a committee with Senator Grinnell again for you had James Fox on for 710 and I was supposed to be in that film but because of a mix-up something happened at the last minute I wasn’t in it but just a night before the filming I was with Senator Grinnell and they are pushing forward I think this is really going to happen we’re going to get a hearing before the General Assembly of the United Nations really I believe so they’ve got he’s got a very powerful group in Washington and he’s donated a corporation to the cause which is a non-profit 501c3 and it looks like he’s got the context and the ability to raise the money to get this done so it’s not just him it’s a congresswoman Carolyn crow Patrick with several the other members of the committee that were there too that are all for getting is done and you sure there would be the difference between their opening statements and their closing statements I mean they said they were you know open but after five days of testimony from 9:00 to 5:00 every day listening intently what everybody had to say they went you know I’m sure 180 degrees and they came out and said you know this is not a u.s. problem this is a situation which is worldwide so you know we’re not going to get you know I’m going to get the representation from Congress but Steve Bassett is still under the opinion that if we drive and he’s you know fortunately been able to raise the money outside the country to do things like this these these events are tremendous and there’s were tremendously expensive okay when Lyra said it came back over a very long period of time and suggested that perhaps it was some sort of time loop which is interesting if it were some sort of time loop then one would imagine or guess that it might not actually physically be there and yet it was able to be photographed vide book both video and still photographs so a time loop doctor you think you really think that’s possible it’s fascinating well that’s what you know a lot of my material doesn’t come from me because I really don’t consider myself a scientist you know I do have degrees you know medical biology and so on right but I’m not a PhD material specialist you know I don’t have degrees in physics and so on but we have four nuclear physicists now on the board of NS research the latest one came out of the citizens hearing dr. Tom ballon Oh who had the ability to put up a formula at the hearing on two giant television screens a formula for zero-point energy there it is really we were looking at the Congress people we’re looking at it everybody was looking at there it is he says this is a formula and so you know and these are the kind of people that I respect their opinion so someone comes to me and said perhaps perhaps why you’re getting this around the same time of the year three years in a row is that these entities have the ability for time travel now they they could have been doing this for a specific reason you know they obviously know our history they certainly know a lot about human beings the anatomy physiology psychology there seems to be a few things that certain numbers of races that are non-terrestrial don’t know that they’re still learning about us David Jacobs with his hybrid program I agree that they are making hybrids but I unfortunately don’t agree that that’s the only thing that’s being accomplished by the abduction phenomena well you brought up the name dr. Jacobs so I’m I really have to ask you there’s a great argument in ufology about whether these beings are friendly or not friendly though and dr. Jacobs by and large believes that they are not friendly at all I wonder if you buy into that or how do you feel about it I can’t take science and agree with that opinion because if they were not friendly why would we be even here having this conversation and now one of our nuclear physicist dr. Robert Koontz is the next naval physicist and with a background that’s a mile long I didn’t send that along because it’s just too much material and perhaps we can talk about it another time but he he’s one of the physicists our board and he’s made mathematical calculations based on the isotopes that are in the implant objects as to their relationship to the Big Bang Theory in other words if we take take the date of the Big Bang he can calculate a constant which he can use in a formula and he figured out mathematically two things which have been so far not disputed that the elements that we’re finding in these objects these isotopes come from one third way across the Milky Way galaxy from from a civilization which he says is 80 to a hundred million years older than we are how are they able to make that determination it’s all with advanced mathematics that and it boils down to basically Oh uncle Stan Freedman can say if you live in New Jersey you know go to the Bronx to a buy your bread so if the materials come from a certain area then you can tell by how long it took the change from one isotope to a next element how long it took to get there and you can figure out the age of the same civilization that’s the best as I am able to explain it it’s much more complex so again I have to take the word of a noted world-renowned physicist okay now with respect to the implants that have been removed and tested how many of them have actually shown isotopes that would lead a person away from Earth well we’ve done 16 cases removed – 17 objects and you are correct in your summation at the beginning one of them did have – now in the early days of research and this is probably what I was talking about so many years ago the first test that came from Los Alamos laboratories at Mexico Tech compared them to a meteorite samples so we’ve gone a long long long way since those days because science our science has advanced also we have better machinery better mechanics to give you an instance you know your question relative to to the numbers of the objects will be removed how many of them show extraterrestrial properties we know that most of our showing extraterrestrial properties but we don’t know look so now we’re able to take advantage of going back to what we have left of the original objects and looking at them again to give you an example a scanning electron microscope which uses high voltage a killer voltage to put out an electron beam and then the electron beam can give us pictures at various depths through a material object years ago when we we started doing this let’s say ten thousand kilovolts you were able to get maybe a hundred thousand times magnification if you went higher than that you get with called scattering which is just a bunch of electrons bouncing all over the place and we wouldn’t get a decent picture now with ten thousand kilovolts you can get magnifications of around five to six hundred thousand times you up to twenty to eight thousand kilovolts and you can get very close to a million magnification we can get down things now to looking at one atom and that’s one of the things that we see in these objects are apertures that are only one atom wide the next thing that that we’ve found I’m kind of getting ahead of the game here but our carbon nanotubes both single walled and double walled carbon hello slow down slow down you’re saying some of these implants contained contained carbon nanotubes that’s correct and eight years nine years ago academic scientific community was arguing whether a carbon nanotube could even exist doesn’t exist in nature and you can’t make it it can’t be done well here they are and now our objects you know one of them when we took it out was 42 years old right that’s exactly right way ahead of anything we could have done anywhere near that time that probably even now yeah you could done Wow black-budget well we’re in a projects in the world and you wouldn’t come up with a carbon nanotube but these go far far more complex than what is even talked about today because you could build a single wall you know a to but you can also build a double wall that’s what we find and then let’s compare it to those that don’t understand what a carbon now two visits a carbon atom which is connected to another carbon atom and it forms a chain which is in a circle and then you extend this chain and you get a chain of carbon nano atoms and this is a carbon nano too so you can double wall when you can have twice the thickness but there’s a hole in the center then the hole in the center can be what we call dope with other material for example one of the uses today that they’re talking about medically is to put let’s say an antibiotic or an anti-cancer agent let’s look it that way into a small carbon nanotube and that’s called doping and then you inject that into a malignant tumor and the carbon nanotubes have been releases the antique and cancer drug directly into the tumor and you don’t destroy the surrounding tissue so there’s lots of applications that are being talked about today but now we can make them but we can’t make them the complex way that we find them in these objects now the other thing is how you combine a carbon nanotube into molten metal knowing is it no idea no one no one else that has any idea either but here it is folks you know you look at it you see it you know what do equipment and these carbon anode then let’s take a wire for example without any insulation on it and you take the wire and you wrap two wires together you know and then you you know you continue doing this do you have what a cable and then you throw some insulation on it and got an insulated cable so this is what we find with carbon nanotube technology in these objects now where did they go they go with a pattern like a circuitry and we remember we’re looking under an electron microscope that’s looking at this about 750 to eight eight nine hundred fifty thousand times magnification and they run into what we call portal rhombic crystals I know that sounds tremendously complex but it’s not when I had to explain it’s a crystal that’s a rectangle simple rectangle all right here’s a question for you here’s a question for you a doctor do you have any knowledge of or guesses even how these various implants interact or associate with human biology we have we used to think that they were being powered by the nervous system is UCLA now powering small motors to run servos and artificial prosthetic devices but now we’ve kind of changed our opinion because we know that you can broadcast energy and if you broadcast energy for example why use of a scalar wave you can power these optics remotely so let’s just accept that as a possibility the next thing reference to your question of how it’s used in the human body obviously these things we know are being used to relay information of some kind of data a data pattern umami how do we know that and what for example those who have had the implants what are they saying are they saying I hear voices or I have ideas that I don’t recognize as my own or what oh that’s a wonderful question here I’m gonna bring it home right in your own backyard sure we have a radio frequency detector and we’ve been able to detect radio frequencies coming out of these objects all right stop right there you’re finally into an area where I sort of know what I’m talking about what what range of frequencies are you talking about and what kind of emitted signal are you talking about and I unfortunately don’t have the exact figures which goes out to about a 10 digit number but they’re both in the killer of kilohertz and megahertz range in the FM band you’re talking about the commercial broadcast FM band this is a band I was able to not see how to put this I was able to view a secret chart with all the frequencies from every satellite that is circling our planet put up by every country and the are in a category of fixed or mobile deep-space frequencies oh okay but but when you’re talking about the the frequency emission from the from these implants I mean we’re talking about two different things here you’re talking about a list of frequencies from satellites orbiting earth or whatever and I’m talking about the implants themselves apparently transmitting some sort of signal yeah yes yeah there’s both on the kilohertz and megahertz range as I said I don’t have the readings would be happy to send them to you what I would I would hear much enjoy that now wonders one of the things we don’t have and I know we keep trying to get someone to donate this to us but we have the radio frequency detector but we don’t have a radio frequency analyzer so we can’t capture the wave now you’re talking about pretty big money here if y’all Manila I know the new digital ones are quite costly but I think we could settle for an old analog one we’re talking four so if you were to get a donation by somebody you wouldn’t be unhappy about that not not unhappy at all we would certainly pass this information right back to the public where it belongs okay the other possibility is here and you got to consider this no matter what radio wave it happens to be I really agree with Stan Freedman what he talks about Cine is being silly effort to investigate what advanced civilization especially when we have a physicist is telling us these are 80 million years old and we are using radio waves to for some kind of a communication or data collection device that’s preposterous so there’s either to think one of two things going on if you look at it logically either there’s a deal made where the information that’s being broadcast from these objects is being received here by some earthly source and they’re tapping into the information that’s coming out going somewhere else it’s a piggyback sort of thing or what we have is a again this is more in your area than mine so you can probably tell me scalar wave technology when it comes into our electromagnetic spectrum or getting a harmonic that looks like a radio wave but rarely may not be well that we that’s testable I’m a burrito and we know that scalar waves are faster than speed of what light and then Tom Malone the physicists in Washington testified before the committee that this is a way to communicate in deep space and you don’t have to wait for four years to get your answer back well I I deal in radio waves that go at the speed of light or just a touch below it not with scalar wave so I don’t know a thing about scalar waves you’re saying they’re faster than light that’s correct I didn’t know that had been proven oh yes yeah that’s accepted modern technology tom is not only a theoretical but he’s also a mechanical physicist so the things that he’s investigated he’s already done in the laboratory so when he comes up with these statements and it’s already been done well I wasn’t aware of it I was aware that quantum movement has certainly if there is communication is faster than light certainly but I don’t know about scalar wave so maybe so anyway you where do we move from here where would you like to go from here I know you’ve got a lot of material up there well let’s see I’ve told you some of the things that we found and the objects that we have removed with you know more modern techniques let’s hit on a few other ones some of the things we understand some of the things we don’t understand and when we see a carbon nano technology involved with these orthorhombic crystals we know that crystals since the beginning of radio have been a very important device for the receiving of you know real frequencies so this is me as it’s kind of advanced crystallography if you want to put it that way but we also see objects that we don’t understand we see gold spheres that are about four to in diameter we don’t know what therefore we find other inclusions of metals that we don’t know what therefore I told you about the one atom apertures we’re not sure what they do we all know lire if I if I can let me drag you back to the question I asked and that that is and you said it was a good one what do you know about what these people report these people who have things in them are they being told things are are they aware of some communication that’s being made with them in other words I’m looking for some clue to what these things are doing okay I’ll let you have it for the full bag scientifically which I like to stay with the scientific approach opinions you know are so but not all of it has to be I mean if people are reporting that these things are controlling them or giving them ideas or communicating in some way I understand it’s not scientific but I’d love to hear it okay ballgame number one so why is the abduction phenomena going on in the first place we have to go back right let’s do out we know that and I’ve been in 42 countries in seven years so it’s relatively the same in the United States is Brazil or in the Middle Eastern countries or in Africa it doesn’t make any difference some of the entities that are seen may be a little bit different but 99% I would say of all abduction cases involve the taking of OVA sperm now who is whoever is taking this thing that doesn’t work for The Cooking Channel or they’re not making omelets you know so obviously there’s you know you’ve got to theorize there’s some kind of a genetic experiment going on here I don’t want to hear about sperm in the cooking channel in the same sentence sorry about that couldn’t resist anyway so there’s some genetic experiment going on and I think it’s an experiment which I partially agree with David Jacobs I think the human race is being altered and I can give you a number of instances where this might be a factual scenario that we’re witnessing now I remember years ago if you remember John white we used to bomb the conference’s in Connecticut yes he coined the term homo no etiquette and he said that the human race was eventually becoming homeowner Atticus I think that’s what the kids for the last 50 or 60 or 70 years are becoming they know things they know things well they’re right I know so many people have said this doctor and they’re called by various names but I think it is fair to suggest that many many children are currently alive are of a kind of a different what’s right way to say without aphasia somebody well almost it’s homo sapien becoming homo no etiquette it’s an advanced civilization and all right all right there’s a lot of examples if you want to look at the world picture all right doctor hold it right there we’re gonna take a break it’s gonna be about it’s the longer one or the last about five minutes or so so just relax let me tell you about the center a lie portable speaker this is an amazing device really amazing attention drivers if you’re listening to my show on your smartphone or your tablet because you don’t have a satellite receiver in your vehicle then you totally need to set a Ally bluetooth speaker this thing is amazing about nine inches kind of oval with speech in it really good speakers small but good when I say it’s I don’t know a hundred times better than the speaker in your little iPhone that’ll give you an idea maybe it connects by bluetooth to whatever you’ve got I mean bluetooth will connect to anything right so you pair it and away you go if you’ve got a lot of music as an example on your iPhone suddenly it’s coming out of the center Ally and sounding like a full orchestra it’s got batteries that get this will last for up to 10 hours and it’s rechargeable it’s one of the best speakers for the human voice so if you pair it up to your phone and then you’re playing dark matter it’s gonna sound really good to order the Santa alai portable speaker for what a price to $69.95 and again it will pair to anything bluetooth anything call sea crane right now they have operators standing by eight hundred five two two eight eight and here’s what I have to say just just before I bring you back on doctor and that is what do you think a cow believes in other words as a cow goes through life and is being raised ultimately to become a hamburger it probably thinks the world is a pretty darn friendly place because it’s allowed to graze peacefully in the Sun eating it’s brought food frequently it’s certainly given water and nourishment if it’s a let’s give inshaa –tz– to recover from whatever is bothering it in other words the cow is pretreated pretty darn well right up until the moment that it gets a hammer on the head or however it’s done and turned into hamburger now dr. Leir well you know is that where you were going with the dr. Jacobs comment no not really yeah but there there is an analogy to be father something to be followed there yeah maybe maybe they are not friendly maybe these are not nice gestures well let’s go back to the cow the cow is also at one time a calf correct yes yes indeed yes and don’t we deal well yes so a cow is not necessarily going to make it through a lifetime where he’s going to believe or she is going to be leisurely grazing in the pasture he maybe by the time he’s a kid oh it’s true but but even then up until that moment life seems good well I seems good probably to a chicken look what we do a fish or let’s say a marine mammal we pull them on your honor yeah you’re making my case doctor and you’re making my case show in other words that they may or may not be our friends and you know they they may have a timescale well okay let’s look at how many millions of years we’ve been allowed to graze well again they may have a timescale that doesn’t quite match up with our clocks well why not just come here tomorrow well let me put the question to you well why wait why wait why wait for a while come today let’s let’s do it today I’m all for it maybe I mean depending on on what they think you know where we’re headed when they arrive yeah well I’m more afraid of what we got now here person sent somewhere from somewhere else well that’s well grounded fear I would say yeah I know I know not the greatest thing in the world I know I know alright so anyway again this question have you talked to people who have had the implants and if they had anything say about the way it is seemingly apparent you know apparently affecting their lives or maybe it isn’t at all that’s my point it is okay you’re you’re eating doctor you’re hitting touch tones once in a while by mistake excuse me you’re hitting touch tones you know the tones on your phone by mistake no I’m nowhere near that the dial pad really absolutely not at least six feet away from O’Donnell extended in court damn it NSA the matter with those people all right hear what we have to say they’re capping and everything anyway anyway back to where we were as to what is actually being emitted from these objects I think it’s data and I think the data is that’s where we were heading what before I made the comment about omelets but this says if we if we agree that it’s a possibility and and again I want to say and I’ve said this over over and over again all over the world if anybody gets on the air on anybody’s program or a public place the public forum and tells you they have all the answers then my thing is you better put a finger in each year and run as fast as you can go oh we know all the answers I don’t even want to talk to you it’s impossible to have all the answers so I’m afraid that puts people in a specific category that wouldn’t be a good interview on this show yeah well that’s why I kind of like to stay with the scientific approach there’s things that are theoretical what you’re allowed to do and things that are not but even things that a theoretical still have to be proven so we know that there’s data you know there we know there’s a data stream coming out of these objects and I believe that the data has to do with the changes in our DNA that are now occurring on a regular basis okay so things that you don’t think it’s going the other way doc do you think the data is outgoing and to monitoring sort of thing not so much incoming and controlling in any way 100% because today I’ve talked to specification a lady for example in Brazil that had an object and she was told by the folks that put it in not to have it removed and she asked him if it was a locating device and they just showed her a bug that they stopped and a beam of light in midair and we said that we can track this bug anywhere on this planet that we need to track it and it doesn’t need a device and then shortly after that I heard from some of the leading geneticists that we now know that all DNA whether it’s human or animal or whatever all DNA contains its own specific electronic signature so all you have to do that has be smart enough to build a device and you can pick out anybody and the entire planet or anything so they don’t they don’t need them as tracking devices behavior control behavior control does not need a device if you’ve been deductive abducted and they look into your eye and they suggest things to you they can block their memory they understand the neural network they know how to place things in their mind they can make you see your dead relatives or whatever else they want to see or you they can make you see them as clowns or whatever so I get it I get it so it’s all outgoing data and it probably has something to do with genetics but they’re monitoring clearly monitoring something and absolutely and again I would ask you what what are they monitoring and but you wouldn’t have that answer of course you could my answer is it is the change in the genetic manipulation that’s going on is that a successful manipulation or is it not if we know that DNA gives us an electronic signature it probably gives off information according to the DNA strand oh isn’t that interesting isn’t that interesting well one would imagine that a DNA change is a painfully slow thing to attempt to monitor unless unless you’re affecting it in some way so you’re suggesting there’s an abduction there’s a change made and then they’re monitoring that change with that device right on the nailhead okay now I wanna I want to modify that by saying you know we yeah I’ve got thousands of abductee cases and a lot of them see Gray’s the typical you know bumper-sticker black-eyed Gray’s right right a lot of the things like what we looked at in the cameras footage by the way so anyway we’ve seen these Gray’s and we look at them and we want them all and to one group because we’re not a student us to know that one set of grades may come from Zeta Reticuli and another set of grades may be us you know a hundred thousand years in the future so we don’t know one from the other we we look at you know four people skin color from various countries and to Caucasians they all look the same Candela different so we grew from all of one and to one group so when you say Gray’s I think that’s a misnomer too because there may be Gray’s you know twenty different races of race visiting here maybe they don’t all have the same procedures that they’re doing maybe it’s only a certain group that’s doing abductions maybe Jacob David Jacobs is a hundred percent on when he says there’s a group that’s making hybrids i I don’t argue that at all all I’m saying is that the situation is so complex that the greatest possibility is that there’s a number of things going on at the same time in relation to they feel the variant abduction well it what you’ve said does make sense in terms of abduction implant monitoring just basically what we would do I guess and G that kind of brings up another subject there are many people doctor who say this is all some kind of big cover and it’s our own government that help us doing these things to us and your reaction to that is I don’t I believe you know that 63 trillion dollars has been spent on the black budget accumulated total I believe that but I also believe that when that said that they may be a hundred years ahead of academic technology I think that could very well be the case too I think that maybe we may be flying in space somewhere around our solar system but I don’t think we’ve left it so we do have some advanced technology in fact senator Gravelle and this year hearing admitted you know in front of the witnesses and all the other people that were there on stron streaming video that we have our own space fleet now that’s well platter you know admission coming from government it certainly is yes he actually said that he believed that was the case he thinks it could be the case or that is the case and you says yeah if you go into the archive and I think it’s still up on the citizens hearing you can get to the place where he makes that statement well so do do we have the abilities to do these things I think to a certain extent but you know just like was the day and the object that went over your head you know you could say well maybe that was some secret military thing or maybe it was from somewhere else but when you take the Phoenix situation and you have people reporting that one wingtip is over one mountain range and the other wing tip is over another mountain range right I don’t think that’s severe alright there’s great argument about this everywhere I go and that is whether or not the White House the president actually has knowledge of extraterrestrial presence here or whether this is the kind of thing kept from presidents or some presidents ah a wonderful and timely question because I have my little pointer here on the website and as the folks would click on the OSTP reports given to President Obama they will see a surprising document that answers your questions in its entirety where is it where is it now I’m the one saying where is it I’m in your photographs your pictures is that were now you rather click OSTP report which is before that ok show references images for dark matter come burgers turkey UFO full image analysis shows occupants then right below it as old as GP report ok got it all on it I’ve got it you click on that you’ll see it says black vault and then the executive office of the president Office of Science Technology Policy and this is dated March 2 22nd 2011 and you can see that certain names been redacted and this is in response to John Greenwald who now has a huge number of documents on the black wall he’s the one that procured this for me and the article is written by a James C : Berger who was a head of this committee and if you go down the report and large it makes it easier to see you’ll see that there’s an entire report on me and the work that we have done with the implants and how this was done at a time when mr. Obama was looking for funds for his national health care plan and for example it says for adjust the facts UFO investigators Lear and Mosier Moser is one of the scientists that was previously on our board offer compelling news of 2009 X conference press conference hard evidence that can be analytical and results point towards the nonhuman origin of the devices so it’s the president President Obama is it in the White House you bet your bottom dollar alright um dummy me doesn’t have adobe reader loaded so I’m doing that so he knows exactly what’s going on exactly and if you want me to add a little more icing to this cake when I arrived the first day if the citizens hearing I was met by a senator or congresswoman Carolyn Cole Patrick who grabbed me by the sleeve and took me aside and said there is someone who would that’s here that would like to talk to you for a few minutes if you have time so I said well of course she didn’t tell me who it was and I had my assistant Linda with me and so we this was at the Press Club so she took me down to the bottom floor we went a little restaurant there and as we noticed when we walked in the door there were some very large black folk very well dressed in suits with a curly Q wire going into their ears talking to their wrists and we were led around the corner to kind of a private area where there was a table set up and who was sitting at the table but none other than Minister Louis Farrakhan now Minister Louis Farrakhan had invited me and several other guests a few years back to lecture to be Muslim nation about UFOs and he’s been teaching for years his following that the UFOs are the wheels of Ezekiel in the Bible so when we started giving out the information on you follow gee course mine was of the abduction situations and implants I didn’t know what the audience knew who it what they didn’t know but it turned out they knew just about as much as someone that was sitting in the audience of a UFO conference and it was amazing and he jumped up from the table he was on the telephone and I heard him say you’ll have to excuse me I will get back to you soon so he got up and he came over with a very friendly greeting and told me how nice it was for me to be there and for him to see me again I was very excited about the whole situation there’s totally unexpected and so on and then he got a call from the mayor of Chicago and excused himself and went back to the table or we went to the hearing well two days later I found out from an excellent source that mr. Obama was in residence at the White House during the time of the hearing and that the person that mr. Farrakhan hung up on to excuse himself to talk to me was President Obama okay um does does the White House know yeah yeah okay I’ve got a follow-up question if we assume for the sake of argument that the the president absolutely knows or that that all presidents have known for some time now what rationale would the people who told the president about extraterrestrial president presence what rationale would they be able to present to the president and keep that information from the American people well again we’re talking about theoretical opinion and it’s my theoretical opinion that the majority of information on ufology has now passed from government US government or any of the other government control and to the hands of huge giant corporate world monopolies these are industries and I found out something also at the hearing I thought was quite industry interesting that was the Eisenhower speech where he warned about the military-industrial complex of course yes I was I found out from a very very reliable source on the committee that that speech was changed five minutes before Eisenhower gave it and as ordered it should’ve read one it should have read the military Congressional military complex mm-hmm no Jerri congressional military on black right well it was pretty startling just the way it was frankly but again let’s pretend I’m President Obama all right fine you’re the one who’s told me this information and I’m saying look here I want to speak to the American people I want to tell them the truth what would you say to me well if I was in a position to say anything you know Who am I to tell the president anything because the only information on this is so-called need-to-know basis so for the sake of this conversation doctor you’ve got to pretend to be the person who absolutely has to convince me that this information cannot be given to the American people because they’re not ready or whatever I would tell you that number one that it is not in the interest of this nation security to give you this information because of the advanced nature of where they don’t come any better eight five five real UFO that’s 855 real UFO or eight five five seven three two five eight three six so doctor you think that presidents know about all of this and they are told something that prevents them from going on TV and telling everybody God knows every now and then a president needs something to take the American people’s minds off of you know whatever political mess they’re in at the moment right and yet they don’t do it that’s correct and I think you know sometimes I feel sorry for presidents and other leaders of countries because they’ve lost the control this country is you know our own country is not functioning now as it was set up to be as our forefathers I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the implications of that but you know they try and do some or maybe very sincere and doing the job what they’re doing but without the information that they’re just like scientists who say you know I can’t discuss this because I might lose my job number two look at the we had one day of a swarm as to testimony from military witnesses an entire day at the hearing in which yes they testified their design oaths of secrecy and another thing that our audience might be interested in and knowing and I didn’t know what I learned as much there as maybe they did but I found out that they’ve told us that these oaths that are taken of secrecy are not oath to the how organization for which the individual works with in other words to say we’re in the NS there’s CIA or military intelligence and they took an oath of secrecy secrecy that was not an oath that was given to that particular department but that was an oath to the Constitution the Constitution of the United States also has the right of regrets so that every single one has the legal right to go before Congress and say I’m taking it back I’m taking my word back and I’m going to tell whoever it is that I want to tell and there’s nothing that can be done about it takes a lot of guts to do that take yep takes a lot of guts but you know look at the people under now coming forth lots and lots of military officers that are still around that have you know guilty knowledge in there if they’re talking about it so there’s also people who have told things and end up living in Russia because that’s the only option they have you know there are people who have told things that aren’t living anywhere another extremely good point one that we’ve discussed on this program any number of times this is something so big that taking a life or lives over it it’s I guess it’s not too hard to imagine that as a doctor not too hard you imagine at all when I think of cases like Stanley Meyer and John Mack and a few of the others I know I said that the other day about professor Mac you know people are you they accept what they’re told he didn’t look the right way boom that’s the end of that and it was just at an incredibly you know right after the African thing yeah I just I don’t buy it I don’t buy it wasn’t poor health he was in good health too much non suspicion makes me suspicious have you ever been in fear for your own life no but that’s just me are I’m getting to be old you know I am old I’m getting old too I can hear I can hear footsteps yeah well what the heck i’m uh i’m going to go up ways of glory I did you know one of the other radio shows one night and I was on a cell phone talking and I got cut off the air when I got home I thought my battery went dead and the phone the – lights dimmed in the car and I got home Tim the battery wouldn’t take a charge so I took out the battery and it was fried you know see this is the kind of thing I’m talking about I wonder if those sorts of things are served up as warnings I think so I think if you stay within the limits or within the boundaries of what they think isn’t gonna bother the public or the security of I’m not going to say to security in the nation huh but the security of the greedy few let me put it that way that you may be okay but you all right I’ve got another Avenue I want to go down here very quickly with you and that is look you just said a few minutes ago that you had shingles a couple hours ago your tingles and it kind of wiped you out financially now you’re a physician you’ve got to be one would imagine making a pretty good living and my question is this what in the world doctor would cause somebody like yourself who could have a nice comfortable life he’s a doctor to be making good money and just enjoying life and laying back to begin to investigate extraterrestrial presence on earth and all of these UFO sightings and in your case implants and human beings I mean my gosh doctor that’s quite a jump to take and I’m sure a very costly jump in many ways it was a cosplay job not not necessarily because of my illness but when I got involved in the situation uh you know there wasn’t any money to do research so I started financing it myself right and I’ve dumped a large sum of money and to trying to find out you know this kind of information why did I do it yes huh that’s quite an interesting question me you know was interested in Roswell when I was a kid I remember my father bringing the newspaper and putting it down on the kitchen table reading the headline my mother the US Army a US Army Air Force captures a flying saucer and then he went on into a long dissertation about I always told you honey that you know we’re not the only living intelligence beings in this vast universe and I said there is a kid in the kitchen and listen to all this and it made quite an impression upon me and then when the headline came out yeah oh it’s not a saucer it’s a balloon my father was a very simple practical person you know if he considered yourself a plumber then you better know which way water went and the other stuff went to you know if you were a mechanic for a car then you better know everything about an engine so I remember he said to my mother and he was irate furious do you mean to tell me that the United States Army Air Force can’t tell the difference between a balloon yes yes sir that’s right okay I I can understand the profound impact that would have on you from your father no doubt about it but when I guess I mean here doctor is as you I could understand you having this as a kind of a hobby as a kind of a thing to occupy you when you’re not professionally engaged however as you begin a career as a physician to decide to speak out publicly that’s a pretty big expensive move that’s you’re absolutely correct and I didn’t ever expect to to be in that position I got in this through a set of synchronicities that just sort of pushed me on I did the first surgeries as a joke I thought you know this guy what’s so funny he’s calm plants well you got to remember you know that when I started doing this even organizations like MOFA wouldn’t accept alien abduction as a real entity you know thinks flying in the sky somebody flying them comes from somewhere else maybe they land once in a while do this do that Stan Friedman talks then all of a sudden we started hearing about Betty and Barney Hill that’s right nice Weaver and you know a number of the other abduct Travis Walton etc etc etc cases and then John Mack appears on the scene and as legitimacy to a subject there’s a Harvard professor of psychiatry and he’s working with this guy but Hopkins and you know they’re doing hypnosis and you know these things could be real that’s about the time I got into this and here’s a guy comes along and says I have x-rays of a foot with alien implants you know I’ve heard that I turn around it’ll laugh my butt off all walked away so somebody else told me to come back oh come on listen to what he has to say so I did as a challenge I said well you know if you take these objects are so unusual won’t you just take them out see what they are and even look at that I hear you but even at that doctor you you could have kept it under wraps publicly you didn’t have to begin speaking out on shows like mine and other ones you didn’t have to jeopardize your professional career you could have kept your mouth shut and done all this quietly yeah correct but you know again the sacredness as he took over I started finding things that I couldn’t understand and I had to talk to people you know I just found something doing the surgery have you ever seen anything like this before no what is it well I don’t know you know how do you get this show off I didn’t get the material off I don’t know it’s so hard we can’t cut it through it with a with a scalpel and so the word started you know getting around for the people I was asking and it just began to spread until more people just start piling up more people started hearing about it and then if anybody had told me that I would write a book well well would I am I gonna write a book on foot surgery or something else yeah maybe but to write a book on something as strange as abduction and implants I would have told them they were insane you know yeah so I so people say you know this is some interesting data maybe other people would want to know about this and then I met John White who was a book agent and and he becomes my agent and I turn out writing this book and then after that I started out I didn’t want anybody to know who I was I was dr. dr. P you know some some guy doing these weird surgeries and then more and more and more people got interested until you know my name ran out there and I finally said well that’s it I’ve done it now I stepped over the line so these the ones are over in syrup any in for a pound okay let’s go to the phones Evan in Washington you’re on the air with dr. X yes Roger art this is Ryan from Washington I actually know karakura I’m helping him I’ve helped them research this case in Turkey oh do you know who he is dr. yes I have to thank Ryan for his kindness and putting this material together in such a way that I can have it on my computer and then use it for example in the fashion that I sent it to you he organized a lot of these videos that gave me information that I didn’t have a very good Ryan so that is that what you’re doing organizing things for the doctor yeah basically everything is public information already and it was basically broadcast all over the news in Turkey and basically all that I’ve done is just translated it from Turkish English and tried to just sort of break the news in the United States of sort of speak and but I wanted to ask Roger could you go into more detail about you were standing on the beach and can you describe what you saw I mean I think it would be important for the audience to hear that you saw entities there you saw occupant sir yes let’s do that that you know it’s one thing to see what a camera saw and it’s an entirely different thing to have actual eyes on so yeah good idea yeah the first place as Ryan mentioned this was not right on the beach it was kind of an elevated to platform area where we could walk until Veronica very large a patio and there were a number of us there I was certainly not the only one there and as I mentioned in 2009 there was a whole other camera crew there with Imus on and so on but we you know looked at the area the sea was calm and the moon was very bright and I was saying to myself you know after we surveyed the area with binoculars looking for light contamination and seeing what the weather was like and no clouds and so on and the wind was very shallow breeze not enough to cause any distortion in the camera although as I said it was mounted on a tripod and then so to begin with we began looking at the moon and so we started focusing on the moon because the moon was bright and then when we did this maybe about 200 magnification we saw a bright light that was just to the left and below the moon and so the camera operator moved that the lens over to focus the viewfinder on that bright light then we began filming on that object and a little bit at a time make sure to know statement focus and there was you know and so I said look at this look at this and the dog started barking and a lot of people came over and they were astonished whether we were seeing and looking through the camera and all right what about the occupants doctor we were able to get to tight enough on the front of the on the front of the object that we can see that there was entities in these three ports the outside of the craft was being lit by the moon but there was light that was coming from the interior of the craft there was the lighting this area where these entities were you can see through the camera that they all didn’t look like the same kind of entity and you know they were moving around and they were manipulating something that we’re doing something as we were watching them all right oh yeah I can see them and anybody can see them if you go to the video you you can make out the occupants of the craft now did you were you able to with your eyes to get any more detail you said it was obvious they weren’t the same kind of entities but can you give us any more detail than that where’s that uh with with the naked eye looking through the lens finder in the camera was just about what you’re seeing now if you go to to full image analysis under show references you’re going to see analysis of the converters turkey a UFO videos graphic analysis and it was done by Mario Belle des Santiago Chile if you scroll down the page you’ll see the first two pictures you’ll see what we saw basically through the camera was two entities which you couldn’t see really distinctly now and they and then you go down this not everybody has a computer a lot of people listening don’t have a computer what was the basic analysis basic analysis was that these were some kind of entities that were manipulating some kind of machinery and they craft now there are other photographs or pictures in the analytical video where you can see for example the eyes I mean that’s how clear it was through the camera so all this you hear all yeah I realize people don’t hello everybody doesn’t have a computer but a lot of people on the road right now in charge me Amerika interject here and right you know it might be disturbing to some people who are not used to seeing this type of thing and and people should know that it that it might be shocking to some people but the one thing to know about these videos is that they were given to the turkey scientific and technology board which is sponsored by the government and they tried to debunk it try to debunk it and had to finally released a two-page report that concluded that these are not balloons or not models etc and then also I’ve had conversations with Bruce Maccabee and Bruce Maccabee has said publicly that to him this is not hoax so you know everything is pretty much publicly available now for the public if you want to see actual aliens actual creatures now we finally after all this time actually have credible photographs not hoaxes like we’ve seen in the past and also in Turkey Roger maybe talk about the culture in Turkey I mean this was all over the headline news in Turkey and all over Europe and everywhere and we didn’t hear a peep about it here in the United States that’s basically the reason why I’ve just tried to document it I just documented what is already publicly available and just translated it from Turkish English and I’ll get off the phone and let the next caller command great show art I’m so glad you do you speak Turkish no no but it’s been quite a quite a pain art I had to go and use a translator which is kind of crazy because these translators like google translator they don’t translate properly I know so you have to you do know because of the Philippines but I’ve had tried to contact the the original witnesses and there’s there’s multiple people there that seen this thing and but to them it’s no big deal in Turkey it’s just part of their culture they call them the Djinn you know that they have these underground bases there and it’s just fascinating so great show tonight you’re probably the first major show to break this news here in the United States and it’s just important that people know about it so Brian thank you from San Diego your guests misspoke according to the documentary why we fly 2005 it’s the military industrial congressional complex does that sound right doctor yes it does yes the military industrial congressional complex and that’s what it was before it became the military industrial complex that’s correct okay back to the phones we go and let’s go to Texas and Jesse hey Roswell I want to be very clear before I make my comment my question that none of this is personal about dr. Leir you’ve always been a really good listen over the years dr. Leir and and I still feel that way this is more about the credibility of a few of the things that you said and some of the folks you brought up because I really am interested how you feel about it it’s an interesting topic first of all you’ve mentioned Senator Mike Gravel a lot of times and you’ve said that he’s got a PAC in Washington an organization that he’s working on this and I just frankly sorry I just don’t think that Senator Mike Gravel is very credible he was a senator 30 years ago from Alaska when he ran for the Democratic nomination he got 1% of the vote he made Dennis Kucinich look like Henry Clay and frankly he you know Senator Mike Gravel is just not the kind of guy who’s going to make the government or anybody if you in listen but what really made me wonder and and I really want your comments on this is the idea and I’m a conservative Republican but I don’t think President Obama is stupid enough to talk to lose fear about UFOs on the phone or by text message by email by instant message or anything and I just don’t think that that’s a very credible kind of thing and anybody that would would claim that I think frankly loses their credibility instantly and the other thing I was going to say art is on the Citizen hearing very interesting stuff you can look it up at Solem there’s videos and so forth but each of the participants was paid $20,000 for their participation so you know you have to ask even though some of them may be very well-intentioned or credible or what-have-you some of the participants participated because they were paid and I do think that calls into question some of the credibility of it so the question really dr. Leir is it’s not about the other things that you say which I think are very interesting and raise a lot of provoking questions it’s more about the idea that if you’re serious or if the UFO community serious about getting information from the government or having a thing at the United Nations why wouldn’t you bring in more credible people than Louis Farrakhan and Mike Gravel and some of these other folks thanks guys okay kind of an interesting question and I think colored by personal politics but nevertheless dr. Leir go ahead respond well I I don’t know whether to sit here and bust out laughing or what our caller is focusing in on things that he knows obviously made it very apparent absolutely nothing about Senator Mike Gravel no matter what his popularity rating or what he did during the time he was in Congress was the single one person who was either the hero or the opposites for releasing the Pentagon Papers up until the time that Senator Gravelle did this there was one person one Congress person at a time that was allowed in a room with no pad no pencil no paper no camera no recording devices and they were able to look at the Pentagon Papers one on one one at a time and he didn’t think that this was the proper thing to do so after going through the rigmarole of arguing with his colleagues he held a filibuster in Congress and he read each one of the single papers and to be congressional record now that takes guts I I don’t know senator gravel I never met him before in my life I don’t know what his political views are but I’ve talked to him extensively about things that are in existence today the world the government the United States government other governments and he’s spot on as far as the history of this country from where it started with its founding fathers he’s right on so as far as I’m concerned he’s a very credible information now in reference to Louis Farrakhan our caller doesn’t know anything about Louis Farrakhan he’s probably never met the man that if he has I’d be very much surprised that what he’s saying is has any credibility whatsoever I did meet with I met him personally before the hook of the conference that he had on a Savior’s week where I gave information to the American Muslim audience that he had there but he has his own personal experiences as does his family with UFOs now a lot of people don’t know that it’s not public knowledge and what I found out about his relationship with the president was not from him he wouldn’t tell me anything like that that would be absolutely ridiculous to assume anything like that that information came to me from his guards who obviously were some branch of the Secret Service they you know they operated with armor-plated armed hover limousines and they were in constant contact with the Secret Service that surrounds the president so I write I always found Farah Khan to be intellectually a fascinating individual absolutely fascinating for whatever that’s worth now to his question about the payment that went to people for these conferences that we’re talking the first thing art that they said on the opening day in a conference is that oh we are going to get criticized because we accepted $20,000 for our parents here at this at this committee meeting now he says I want you all to consider that number one will retired Congress people and we are spending an entire week here from 7:30 in the morning until late at night doing press interviews getting very little sleep and if you add the $20,000 that we were receiving that it barely pays for the expenses and the loss of income because when they came out and said we charge you know twenty-five or thirty thousand dollars for an appearance that either a Republican conference or a democratic calm place you know you know in other words they put that they put it out to the public first there we’re getting paid for a solid week and more of God knows how many hours per day and studying the material besides when I did my my testimony when I gave my testimony in order to stay within contain constraints I handed them at least four hundred pages of material which they had to go through the night before so are you figure how much time they spent hey twenty grand apiece is not that much okay well of course to some people it is Pete in New York you’re on the air with dr. Lior hi yes it’s really a great honor to speak with you tonight and I’m speaking with another amateur radio operator also Mike actually I had a couple of a couple of questions here first one is to the doctor and kill the real purpose of all this is and if any good will ever come out of it that’s my first question okay the real purpose of all this I guess to try to get to the truth I I you know doctor well I think the purpose for what’s going on well I wouldn’t call it altruistic or some entities trying to do something for the human race I think that the human race has gotten to the point where we are initiating things which reflect elsewhere in our solar system and somewhere else now we know that the release of nuclear energy the way that we’ve been releasing is like in the form of a bomb also releases a magnetic wave which comes off of this planet and leaves we don’t have the slightest eyes we’re supposed to go or whatever again getting an awful lot of noise from that line caller a he’s got a good point on a magnetic wave and that is moving faster than light there’s no question about it so detectable out there far out there yes I’ll call her do you have something else part of that question was and does he feel that any and good will ever really come to come out of this it depends on what this turns out to be doctor what do you think well I’m both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time I think that’s from what I see world scale and if you you’ve got to look at things all over the world and you know not listen to the news that you know you get from the usual channels earth-based channels the things you’re getting now are representative of the truth you know you listen to the art bell show or some of the things that are on the internet it’s the first time in history where people at least have the opportunity to hear the truth about what’s going on so we have to look at the world in its entirety and you said you look at you see what’s going on for example let us take the Middle East this all started in one country which was Egypt and who started this conflict the conflict were started by people less than 35 years of age who did it without a gun they do this by using the social media it’s true answer please read it spread all over the Middle East and change is going to take place where is change it is taking place rapidly I might add all right to Florida and Benjamin hi Benjamin years and the doctors our conversation about the UFO over Turkey yes and I Drive a semi-truck and I don’t have a computer sauce wondering if it’s after a week or so that I get home to look at some of these pictures on the Internet will it still be there I would say in a week yes it will still be there there’s a lot of material in the video that you know we were talking about listen to me you can see the craft again and again and again this thing goes on for I don’t know six minutes and forty some odd seconds and believe me sir you can see the craft you can see the occupants or that there are occupants inside and yes I think in a week you’ll still be able to see it alright I think you’ll also be able to see it through my website which is alien scalpel dot-com alien scalpel dot-com and you can go and look at the convergence wittich there and also the analysis and I might mention also art that on the analytical sections from Mario that was done in Chile down towards the bottom of it there is a drawing that was made by David Chase from the an abduction case which is very interesting and he was able to draw the beings that the abductee saw on the ship they were mixture of praying mantis and greys and these the the analysts chose these because out of a number of different pictures that he saw these most resembled the ones that were on the ship doctor do you have any idea or even a ballpark guess about how many different types of alien beings are here or are frequenting our planet well going back historically I mean I remember the assessment that Bob Dean talked about and he said you know at that time what was that in the sixties there was what twelve to fourteen different races so you know it’s it’s a guess there must be a bunch that have visited here are visiting here or having some kind of influence and how do we know that there’s a certain number of them that are just not here all the time you know we say extraterrestrial it just means off earth it doesn’t mean you know to tell you exactly where they’re from whether there are another universe another time that maybe maybe there are us thousands of years in the future who have travelled back in time there’s just infinite possibilities of numbers or how many are and well but we do know that there’s probably a great number involved in the functioning of this planet and when you stop and look at it philosophically how do we really know I’ll ask you that’s not if you don’t mind me turning my chair around the other direction no how do we know that the things that mankind has done here is not really being controlled from elsewhere we don’t we absolutely don’t we don’t know we don’t that’s correct it feels like we’re making our own decisions doctor but who knows certainly I wouldn’t propose to say I know on South Carolina I believe Corey yes hello thank you thank you I got a question um it’s more like a comparison things you know how we we kind of we’re going through the wild track animals down we put them on conscious we tagged them you know I got to compare that to the stories here about alien abductions almost do you think we’re like animals that are tracked down and tagged well in looking at the stats involved I would say that from my experience that about 15% of up Ducky’s wind up with an implant and your host you got a you got a step back way way way back and if what our scientists are telling us is anywhere near accurate we’re dealing with a race that’s 80 million years old older than we are how can we have a conceit how can we have the ego to even understand the logic that a race that’s that much older than we have it’s true you you said dr. 15% you believe are implanted after following an abduction but you know what how do we know that because what percentage of people who claim abduction or whatever are examined carefully in other words I think a lot number one keep their mouth shut about it I was abducted oh yeah I’m gonna go right out and announce that so I think a lot of them are not examined well I that’s why I think that the Roper bowls that were done were very conservative polls because who’s gonna come along and pass out that information I’m just saying that on the basis I’ve run between three and four thousand emails behind a week and then I have to sift through or I have help does it fit through all that material and try and find out people that I really want to contact and talk to when you when you get down to the bare bones of who sends you an x-ray and who has an object it’s about 15% and that’s that’s just about what we do with bears when we want to find out about their hibernation habits in the winter and see mammals that we we put tags on and see where they go and what they eat and what their predators are so you know based on human logic which I say is you know it may not not be logic that’s 80 million years older than we are but at least based on human logic that’s you know sounds like a pretty good all right our number 855 real UFO brings Jeff in Tennessee hello hey our mega Roswell’s dr. Leir I’m going to kind of run this down a different Avenue you know we’re collecting data it’s on an honest with those implants and all that do you think they’re trying to keep an eye on how bad we’re destroying our actual ecosystem without throughout the world yeah and that’s what the hybrids are set up for to come on and be the next next go-around well in my in my view you know I look at the situation and you know if we’re dealing with intelligences whether that’s much older than we are as I said I don’t think there altruist that are necessarily here to help the human race I think that they’re here to preserve the integrity of the universe which we don’t really understand but the things that they’re doing for example the hybrid program assuming that that’s true at the are building hybrids maybe again this is just as all it is but we can put forth the idea that perhaps if all else fails you know they may have a collection of the DNA from everything that’s on this earth and plan to establish beings that will take the place of almost a peon I can’t get that feeling it’s just kind of a instinct type feeling you know and it’s just what we’re doing with our GMOs and plastics and everything out basically you don’t destroy the DNA code in the human race well that’s just true GMOs are doing exactly that because when you take DNA from a spider and you inject it into the corn seed and then you get hybrid corn that you feed cattle and the cattle become congenitally deformed within three and a half years and the plant shrinks half the size and will take up water I mean you’re not doing you’re not doing much good for the human race you know that’s really really bad stuff that’s not looking real good for us if we keep keep you know hugging our chemist guys you know or it’s not looking good and you don’t know I’m sorry I hit the switch by mistake and I cut him off doctor you know you pointed out earlier we’re getting old are you and I with respect to yourself as a physician and a surgeon where are the next dr. Leir is coming from where are the next it seems to me that the number or pool of PhDs the dr. max it seems like it’s getting smaller and smaller and I’m not sure I see the replacements what about you well I think you’re right in regards to what we know the thing is that’s different is maybe and what we don’t know for example years ago where were the Richard Dolan’s who ever heard of Richard Dolan so unfortunately or fortunately I still attend a certain number of UFO conferences and I sit there and I listen to young guys who I’ve never heard of before and I’m surprised at their intellect and knowledge jordan maxwell you know as my agent spent 56 years you know studying the way this world is put together and works but he has a lot of students there’s a lot of students around the world that are talking about the same subjects and putting this information out to the public so I don’t think they’ve gained the the it’s not same but it’s it gained a name for themselves yet right they are you know authorities you know again you look at the books you look at the literature they’re still being written this is being written as you and I talked on this program when when you’re on the air oh hi thank you I saw dr. Roger Leir at a San Francisco Bay Area UFO conference a few years ago and I did write down the frequencies that the alien implants transmitted I don’t know if you would like me to give that information or not I certainly would I would excuse me art I wouldn’t want that information on the air if you don’t want really yeah really yeah if he sends them to you and you know hold it hold it doctor I sensed earlier when we touched on that question that you didn’t particularly want to to talk about it then and and now I’m sure and and so instead of asking about the specific frequencies why do you not want it on the air because there are certain implications of these frequencies that to some individuals might cause problems and okay caller would you mind then sending them to me I am art Bell at Art Bell calm no problem can I mention one other thing real quickly about our DNA it might be a quantum antenna and using scalar waves writing along these frequencies for the aliens or whoever’s receiving them and I do believe that NASA and City and other experimental frequencies in that range are in that range that were mentioned by dr. Leir without getting into any specific frequencies I agree with you 100% and I can mention that one of the companies involved in scaler ‘if the research happens to be called WOM and San Diego and they have a full scaler laboratory so really some of the things you just got through saying are 100% accurate well thank you very much I enjoyed listening to your show mr. bill and I thank you right thank you very much for the call see now you’ve piqued my curiosity I have no fear I can I just make a quick announcement before I did I just looked at my watch I can’t believe the times I know it moves quickly sure you cannot woo yeah there’s a new organization I’m part of which is cero and it’s a close encounter research organization and we’re looking at at all aspects of the UFO phenomena much as MUFON used to do this is on a basis where all the research will be turned over as fast as possible to the public it will be held and files and some of the other politics that occurred with some of the other organizations our president is you want Smith noted hypnotherapist and training of Budd Hopkins we’re going to have we have a meeting every other month we’re going to have one and Thousand Oaks California and whoever the ninth and our guests for that evening as author David Weatherly I don’t know if you know where David is art I do not I do not interesting fellow who wrote a book on the black-eyed children strange intruders he’s kind of an adventurist very interesting I heard him before and he’ll be our guest it’s Thousand Oaks for California at the Thousand Oaks Inn begins at 7:30 p.m. so those of you listeners out there that there in Southern California we’d be happy to have you as a guest okay all right again I want to specify that I’ve opened Skype I hope it’s working I’ve got a hundred and seventy seven recent calls and it has not yet rung so anybody in the US Canada or outside the US you’re welcome to try Skype prove to me it’s working it’s once again art period bell 51 and there must be something about it that is not functional at the moment but I’ve got it open and waiting and to California we go with Larry now you’re on the air with dr. Leir hi hi how are you art art I’m a longtime listener I live in the Antelope Valley High Desert I see a lot of things that work for a larger Aircraft Corporation for 30 years and now I’m retired and I’ve been noticing that praying mantises have been getting very large out here in the Antelope Valley I had one the other day on my hand and it was making gestures with his hand to me and smiles not going crazy and I got too close to it to look to see what it was trying to say and it was making small words but I couldn’t hear it and then all of a sudden made it worse smell I put it back on the wall and it took off and a lizard went after it the lizard caught it and it turned around and killed the lizard two litters fell to the ground dead it was if you take your hand and it was as wide as your fingers just spread apart from the little finger to some I’ve never seen one that big before so you guys talking about praying mantises as with the greys I highly believe in the UFOs and I just thought let’s that let you hear that okay thank you very much the world seems to be made up of two schools of thought those who absolutely believe like this last fellow and those who you know doctor almost don’t believe as a religion I mean they’re they’re almost they almost have a religious fervor about their non-belief yes that’s true I agree with that but some of that is extended to other aspects of human life expressions especially here in the United States I always said that people ask me all the time would we Abel would be able to handle it no it’s the public knew we were able to handle it or it would be a panic and my answer that is if a huge craft you know five football fields and then lengths huge with landed freeway let’s say in Southern California during rush hour how would the people react my answer to that would be they most of them would be on their cell phones or some other form of media and they would be calling Caltrans further state of California to get the thing moved because they had to get somewhere or to the Rams game they wouldn’t hear whether it came from a million miles from let’s face ten light years but it’s it you either have to interrupt you are normally normal routine of life before there’d be some kind of panic okay all right let me try Skype let me see if we’ve got somebody see pickle are you there see pickle is not there okay well I’m trying I’m getting I’m getting people calling but I’m for some reason not connecting so Indiana George you’re on there but here’s goes here goes up I was wondering what he’s talking about the people in Turkey being used to seeing that kind of thing do you think that might be some sort of I don’t know prehistoric memories that might just be in you know I mean in their DNA or whatever that gets them used to it and also here comes another part of that what about I killed Noah’s Ark landed over there maybe that could have been them spreading the DNA out or collecting DNA that was it I just didn’t know if that makes any sense or not but I thought I get a shot doctor well I don’t think that there’s anything different about the people of Turkey Brazil or Costa Rica or Russia or anywhere else I think they’re basically the same DNA as we are it’s just that the government is open and this says the subject is everywhere you can read it in the newspaper yes I know I ask you these sayings and the report had not come out the University of Istanbul as to whether this was photoshopped what is your mother was real or whatever I know I did a number of television programs and the arguments were you know they argue in a public forum you know right to your face well yeah just because you looked through the camera I didn’t always real cetera et cetera and then afterwards that kind of died down and told the report came out from the university Instanbul and then boy we were on TV like crazy I’m really big shot right all right well it’s my it’s my view doctor I’ve been dealing with UFO pictures creature pictures now for years and years and years and inevitably people complain about the main – blurry not taken well went as somebody who went and grabbed the worst camera they own or very occasionally – good and when they’re too good then they’re always photoshopped or they’ve been tampered with in some manner it can’t possibly be true because it’s too good so once again folks out there one 8:55 real UFO that’s one eight five five seven three two five eight three six or Skype if you want to give it a try I really really am wanting to play with this and maybe it’s maybe it’s not working is what I’m thinking but give it a try so we know it works art bell 51 if you can manage to call me on skype I will absolutely take your call Florida brings James hello James Oh Boswell’s art good evening dr. James like I got two quick questions and Alice offline one is a few years back I saw a video where they had an implant they were trying to remove from a guy’s shoulder or in his neck and every time they’d get close to it it would move like you mentioned earlier I just wanted to tell you doctor that did that or if you know what happened about that one and the other one is where did you see where did you see that corner I saw that on TV I’m one of them um it was about aliens or UFOs one of them specials I had and they showed the operation it was I said every time they go to try and remove it you can watch it and it would move and I was curious about that you’re actually I saw you actually saw it move yes sir I was on TV I wanted UFO specials and the other question is if there is a fleet of decomp spacecraft does the doctor do you know was powering that or do you know where the power source comes from was it from Roswell or from other aliens anything in that area that you might know about and also restless thanks for calling and in reference to the object that moved it probably was my case I did a case of an airline hostess who had an object in her arm that would move anywhere within circumference of two and a half inch circle and before the surgery was performed I could put my and this is all videoed I have this every time I see it makes her hair stand up on the back of my neck but you can put your finger next to it and after it got to know you it seems you could move your finger and it would follow your finger anywhere in this two and a half inch circle Wow when we went to remove it there was another surgeon and myself it took four hands to traffic it wasn’t really attached to any under surfaces of structures the subcutaneous tissue most of them you know have to be surgically excised removed with instrument but this one all we had to do was trap it and once we trapped it we just lifted it out and it was about the size of a very large pea was yellow in color and it had some coarse lines running up either side and it was by valve in other words it opened from the middle and open and closed like a clam now please please please I mentioned this on a television show and it got shown and I got hundreds of emails from people who said dr. larceny removed a clam from a person’s arm no it was not a clamp I was a bivalve and acted like a clam but we didn’t get too far with the analysis because most of these objects are preserved in the serum of the patient of the host and we put it in this serum refrigerated and within about seven days it began to dissolve I still have the the serum with the material in it so as soon as we have enough funds we’re going to go back and do some chemistry on it okay all right let’s try taking a call on I believe it’s Mike Reagan is that right yes on skype well bless your heart I closed Skype and open it back up again and there you were all right where are you I am in central California okay get good and close to the microphone on the computer okay and go ahead you’re on the air yeah my question was to the doctor and it’s it’s kind of a goofy one but I see the lights on the aircraft number one you wouldn’t think that they would need the lights and number two that is I can’t remember that was during the Gulf War why didn’t the US aircraft you know we’ll pick that up or be interested ok now you’re doing the lights on UFOs right yes Omni on the on the images that the doctor provided on the side ok yeah I’m pretty good question doctor those lights and thank you very much for calling those lights are indeed interesting and a lot of people have asked that very same question why why do you have those need lights at all in fact it just calls attention to them of course maybe that’s what they want no but I do have an answer and it comes from some extensive conversations with physicists the human organism particularly you know art that your cat can see things you can’t row the human organism the eye is only excited by certain electromagnetic frequencies and a visual spectrum so what we perceive as light is mostly not light it’s these are energy fields and we’re seeing different energies and different colors and this is the same thing that’s true during the abduction phenomena or someone usually describes a bluish white light that comes down over them and they float up in the light it’s not light it’s a it’s a beam of energy but because our eye only looks at certain degrees of the electromagnetic spectrum we perceive it as light how many people have looked at the under surface of triangles and said there’s a light in each corner and a red one in the middle well I mean I would be a person like that actually no okay the one I saw had had lights on each end of the triangle right and that is what we perceive as life but it’s probably energy and that means we the light the light form no and when this craft was approaching you know it was probably moving but when it became stationary those lights disappeared mm-hmm yep I noted that Jack on skype you’re on the air thank you where are you I’m in Seattle Seattle okay excellent yes I’ve been working now finally yes oh yes go ahead jack I can’t hear dr. Leir dr. Leir say something yes Jack I can hear you can’t hear her at all you don’t hear me I just know that’s not good okay go ahead and pose the question okay is dr. Leir aware that there’s this large hexagonal shaped vortex at the North Pole of Saturn rotating on a period of 10 hours and 47 minutes that’s supposedly the same period as some sort of radio emission from the planet okay I will take that have you heard of that at all doctor yes I have in fact had some extensive conversations with Norman Bertram who wrote the book ring makers of Saturn that’s one of the features of Saturn what she was talk to me about also it involves the beta ring most of the rings of Saturn continue continuously around the planet except for the Bay the ring which starts in one area goes around meets the same area and then turns around again and goes backwards and at that spot there’s a rectangular object so there’s some mysteries about Saturn which undoubtedly go down and ancient history okay let’s try it one more time on skype Daniel you’re on the air with dr. Leir hello Daniel going once going twice gone Daniel is gone okay let’s go over here I think I got the problem fixed I hope I did Patrick in Ohio hi how are you today very well thank you oh well I had one question earlier but he answered it and that was I was going to ask how many how widespread it was with the implants in the adduct even he said it was about 15% but I was going to ask again about hey mention of hybrids how would that tie-in with the Platinum children or do you know anything about that well the Platinum children is just the name as I’ve mentioned before for a new human which I prefer to call home on the weather cats but they’re called star children millenium children many names many names does that have any what I mean does that have anything to do with perhaps abductees being taken and the the OVA being taken from the woman and the sperm being taken from the man and those being created and sent back down to us or yes I think that’s exactly the situation that’s going on they are producing a different kind of human being which I hope will have a better consciousness so that they’re better caretakers of the planet and each other YUM all right thank you very much caller we are it’s great you know where are you by by the way in Stuttgart Germany Stuttgart okay excellent well you’re on the air with dr. Leir yeah dr. Leir it’s great to hear from you kept any of the devices you removed from the patient he’s asking if you kept them doctor we keep all of them until the very very end when they are a very tiny piece which is left over after going through the fires of research excellent well I just want to say art that I really appreciate you back on the arm of Las Vegas transplant we’re in Germany and the Skype line really works really does all right thank you so much my friend and take care bye-bye all right there you have it all the way from Germany so it does work it just took a little work on my end so dr. Leir you literally eat these things alive in other words when you get an implant it’s sliced and diced and everybody gets a little piece that they can experiment with is that about right that’s right except we have an order that we do it we first do only exterior examination for example at one time you may remember that through I told you it was covered with a biological membrane and that resulted in the fact that there was no rejection or inflammation reaction by the body I think you probably recall that now we we realize that this membrane is not external but that there is a phase somewhere for lack of a better term in which the inorganic material that the implant is made of becomes biological and again this is another baffling thing to academic science well maybe maybe black-budget science can do it but academic science doesn’t know how I understand all right let’s try Daniel on skype Daniel are you there I am here yeah mega Roswell’s art I do have just a couple of quick real real quick questions for the doctor concerning that the Turkish UFOs that were sighted or right scene between 2007 and 2009 did you have any witnesses that saw those UFOs enter the ocean or actually make landfall not not that particular UFO but there is reports from Turkey Australia New Zealand and many other different places in the world including the United States the coast of California off of Catalina where UFOs and they call them US owes go into the water and we’ll come back out break water and do whatever it is they do a quick question for you Daniel where are you oh I’m in Portland Oregon Portland Oregon all right well thank you very much for the call and take care and another Skype call yours Frank from somewhere hi Frank where are you hello Frank going once going twice yes yeah okay go ahead Frank go ahead Frank I guess not okay we’ll go back over here to the lines and say hello in California you’re on the air with dr. Lehrer that would be it so art I’ve got a question for you this is the second time I actually got to talk to you but I have listened to pretty much all of your shows and all your guests give you a lot of information in regards to UFOs and I hear about different people that disappear or die of different circumstances that everybody thinks is suspicious right my question for you is and your guests you guys ever worry about your own safety hmm I can answer for myself there have been a couple of times over the years and I don’t really want to talk a lot about it but yeah there’s been a couple times how about you doctor yeah there’s been a couple of times where I’ve been aware that there are external influences that may be rather deleterious to my existence hmm right and probably better not to talk a whole lot about it Kentucky brings Debbie without a lot of time hi Debbie hey when I was in Indiana just barely north of Louisville I was taking care of a sick horse and so I woke up at 3:00 in the morning and like oh god I gotta check on her I run out with very rural a map died and they’re above the tree line about a hundred feet two white lights with the rent that they were touching and silent and that maybe wonder what the doctor said when they’re stationary you don’t see the lights it was floating thanks Nick and I looked at it for a couple seconds and it slowly went to the left and made a right angle and went from zero to 3,000 or more miles per hour instantly so fast effect when I turned around to see where it went it was already gone and I told my neighbor about it and he said yeah there’s a lot of sightings out here I think it’s because we have an air beacon and the only people I ever met that it heard it may have Indiana were pilots because there’s an air beacon there so what do you think well number one in reference to the lights I was only talking about that one case and come burgers turkey there has been UFOs that have been seeing better stationary and you can see lights that are on but in reference to the UFO and Turkey when it seemed to have stopped the lights went out so at least you know as I mentioned before they’re probably not light since its energy we’re seeing and the energy dissipated earth was turned off all right dr. Leir you know we’re out of time I’m so sorry you

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