Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Disney Characters From Memory

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Disney Characters From Memory

today we're going to be drawing Disney characters from memory from my brain I hope I do okay I depends which movies they are cuz some of them I don't know oh boy are you serious hurry now Maui character I know that guy I haven't seen mallanna oh just draw join the rock Johnson I mean I I know kind of what this what this character who looks like he's like big and yeah anyway again just drawing the rock Johnson shirtless and you're there no I think he's got like an oval face Yeah right I think he's like no does he have a nose I think he has a big nose I remember she has like these really distinct horns I know she has like a very narrow lovely triangle thing yes like a very angular angular this is bad I know she's green she looks like Angelina Jolie oh god I look like him at all okay okay so I think he's got like the top hat right yeah he's got he's definitely got a top hat okay but it's like a small top hat and then I think his body he's got a little bean body and a vest I think and probably like a bow tie he's like a little dapper Dapper dude but he's like wider right how do you square he's kind of a square yes because I'm doing him as it like a series of spheres uh-oh his head's got to be huge Disney cartoons of those big old heads I think he's gonna just give a nose I feel like he has a nose like a big nose like in my mind he's looking like Joe Camel like he's got Joe camels by camel nose kind of um I love Maleficent because her whole reason for being evil is that she didn't get invited to a birthday party I love her he has very beautiful hair right it's like long like long and flowy looks like Dwayne the rock Johnson's hair right he has lots of cool tattoos with like his like life on them or something like every time you did something cool do the tattoos like move yes they do I do know that wait what props does he have he has a like a hook right yeah oh yeah I'm like oh I don't know her actually I had to do I'm drawing him and he's not looking like what's in my head he's got like a little best right like a 1920s suit okay and he's got gloves so they gave him gloves because Felix the Cat had black hands and whenever his hand went over his body it would disappear so they started giving cartoon characters white gloves the other came I don't think so oh I'm gonna draw on the cane cuz it just looked so it looks right for me he's built right yeah he's not like he's not like rock built he's not no he's like even filter than rock but I don't think that's the rocks fault oh no he's animated listen it's never the rocks fall I'm gonna give him antenna I know he doesn't have one but it's gonna make my picture look more like I wanted to look okay I think I just drew an alien oh no way he's gotta wear pants right he's gotta wear pants I'm feeling good about this I'm not feeling good about this green and purple she's like oh she is queen of those colors a green woman god I'm having a hard time oh gosh she's second nice no oh that's right he's got like a like a puka shell necklace right but he'd stole it from Moana okay I don't care what you got it I just I don't care where he just got a I'm gonna make him shine I'm gonna make him blush I still got a color oh well great Jackie give me a second hey this is what happens when a cartoonist goes up against an animator you animators are so fast so I remember her being incredibly triangular like the most defining feature of her and her silhouette is longhorns which I hope I got right if I didn't I will be very Oh bad character designer her body is the thing I just don't remember the most I think it's just like a I think oh he is just cloak yeah like she's mostly clothed I don't remember seeing her legs okay he looks like the planters peanut guy or whatever yeah I think that's a pretty accurate description I think I'm just drawing that person like I don't know if this is what Jiminy Cricket looks oh that doesn't look great no I'm just gonna draw my own original character my own Brian severs original Jiminy Cricket I'm already there I've been drawing an original alien cook it for a while now you got the right idea man I don't know what I've been doing I would say that a cartoonist usually works in static images where as an animator would work in moving images do you think that's appropriate to say yeah okay sure are you just humoring me a little bit okay you know what this looks like Jiminy Cricket I'm gonna go the extra mile start giving him some like shading this lady she says I hate no she's the bad lady and she's hard to drive she is incredibly hard to do the one thing I remember she has like these green things these like weird ring is our Lauren what's the name of the alien from the Flintstones kazoo is this so weird how you can have like such a vivid idea of what a character it looks like in your head and then you got a draw but then once it's actually cut push comes to shove to like recreate it it's like you just can't yeah that's how you're going on right now I think this is gonna get I'm missing plenty I'm missing so much does it yeah I like I think it's like perfect and if anyone has critiques for me don't tell me them all right I'm done all right I want to be confident I think I got like the feel of her down but I am not sure about that stuff I think that I have drawn Queen Amidala from Star Wars but just green like she's real sick yeah his hook is a lot bigger than I thought it would wait that's his hook yeah he's got a lot of tattoos yeah that's why I didn't really like a lot of tattoos I knew that and I just didn't want to do it yeah that's my all so I drew him a bald spot wow he's got a full head half no I forgot her collar this is not this thing that I have done at oh my god okay I knew that I was really thinking about the Queen from Snow White mine looks like a like Party City Halloween store costume okay yeah that's you know what sort of yeah I got the color counter kind of good oh he's got an umbrella umbrella nah he's got a little spat fun he does look like Joe Camel a little bit though the top hats bigger it's like more of a Mad Hatter top hat yes also he's wearing like a little blazer you know what I'm not like a shame though like I got the nose I think the eye shape was kind of good yeah he did it all right I don't think I did all right but I think I did close I did his best it's like without watching this movie in like 20 years oh great both thought that her crow horns were sort of stripy which they are yeah they are a little bit strike oh nice trophy yours looks a lot like a villain from the Powerpuff Girls or something you've got like a fan of the Powerpuff Girls who think it's oh you did great I told you I gave him a bald spot because I thought for some reason he had a bald spot listen if I were casting it I would have Danny DeVito play yeah everything right yeah if the laps are up my talent are at the beginner this is a pretty good picture oh my god is the thing okay so it's not a bad picture it's just like it's not at all like what I was expecting you got his face better than me I think I think I had to get his face you did get his face and his hat I think you got his energy more like there's a lot of character and yours it's good I'm just the bald spot really it really is a hot spot like you I haven't seen the movie Jackie yeah you know what I drew him older I do like retirement age the later years yeah yeah yeah a lot of – retirement that's fast food early retirement Boogaloo

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41 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Disney Characters From Memory

  1. I don’t really think Jason is an animator he just one of those guys that said “ya I draw” but really gotta C in Art class

  2. Halfway through the video I looked at a picture of Danny Devito and did a side by side. I guess that's what Danny Devito would look like as Maui. I'm not sure how to feel about that. XD

  3. I LOVE Kevin and Jackie’s chemistry on set, But those Maui drawings were hideous. Sorry. Pretty good for 20 minutes to creat a piece of art though. Love you both.

  4. i feel like kevin looks a lot like a popular celebrity? but i cant remember the name qwq help a gal out

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