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Anonymous Frog | Season 1 Episode 1 | The Monkey’s Paw

Anonymous Frog | Season 1 Episode 1 | The Monkey’s Paw

Hi, I am the anonymous frog. And today I have something to show to you A genuine monkey paw! I found it at the bottom of the lake *hits head* *jackpot!* And today, I will be making five wishes using this thing I wish water always tastes as good as it does when I’m thirsty Granted you’re now always thirsty That’s called untreated diabetes F F-F F-F-F Already have diabetes Granted you die from hyponatremia. I was going to say this one but didn’t know what the word was What does that mean? ‘Hypo’, meaning too little, ‘Natr’ meaning sodium from the latin name for the element And ‘Emia’ meaning presence of blood Hyponatremia. Too little sodium in blood *dehydrated* Granted you now need an infinite amount of water to survive. You are dying of thirst, but the water tastes great Isn’t the first half just normal everyday life? The amount of water you need over the course of your life is very large, but not infinite. Infinite if you are immortal. Ah yes. your everyday bog-standard immortality Wait, you’re not immortal! Time to drink delicious infinity! *drinks the lake* *the lake is gone* Now to make my second wish! Something simple. I wish World War 3 would start because someone stole your sandwich Granted the problem is the Germans took all the sandwiches and drank all the orange juice, So now we gotta kick their hind! I steal da sandwich! *What’s wrong with you Frank?* I Need Sandwiches! Time to take action! I wish I could fly. Granted you get shot by the FBI. I think about it every night and day! Granted you can’t control altitude. Into orbit you go. Ha ha ha ha! Granted someone sees you flying in the sky, records you, then posts it into social media. The post becomes famous Even though many claim that it is fake, researchers decide to look into it. They investigate carefully and watch you from outside your home. After a day or two of watching, the researchers find you flying in your house in the middle of the night, trying to make cereal. They record it and send it to the FBI and CIA and request them to take you for human experimentation. The request has been approved! Two days later, trucks and CIA operatives barge into your home at 3 a.m. And arrest you without anyone else besides themselves knowing. You now have become a prisoner to scientists and is put through painful and terrifying tests! Eventually the researchers work you so hard, that you die of a fatal heart attack. They never found out how you got your ability. This is your end! Let’s try this. 3 2 1! Make way for the flying frog! *soars in the air* *flies through the cropped video* Jones: All right, we’ve followed the Frog to its residence. I’m gonna find the secret to its ability to fly. Agent: All right! Sending in backup! Jones: Roger that How do I get that sandwich *forget the sandwich, I’m making cereal* I wish for a bowl of cereal Granted, it’s 4 and a half years old. Granted, but you don’t have milk to pour over the cereal, leaving you two having a depressing experience Granted tomorrow night, a shuffling big head with a bowl of cereal, will break into your home at 3 a.m *whack* Where am I? Look what we got here! A flying frog! I’m going to see how this guy ticks! Where do I start? I know! The old fashioned dissection! *knife sounds* Is that all you got? *more knife sounds* I am dying! Need, final wish! I wish every time I push the home button on my phone, I am magically teleported home. Granted! now you’re teleported without your phone, wallet, or any other valuables. granted but you get teleported to the children’s hospital, Since that’s technically your first home. And you leave your phone behind every time, so nobody believes you. The media has labeled you a total creep. Your social life is destroyed. You have no friends. You now live in the woods, constantly in fear for your life. Uh oh! Whoooo oooosh! *ouch* That was a crazy ride! That’s all for this episode of Anonymous Frog Go and subscribe to my channel and comment on my flies What

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