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Mira: We are awkward people [Both Laugh] Hey guys, how’s it going? As you see Chloe Rose is with me and I don’t know how long ago did we collab? Chloe: Oh. We did a collab where we sent each other mystery boxes and then we made art with those. We were pretty nice to each other back then, we know each other better now. Chloe: Exactly. So we’re gonna be mean. (Slow motion) Chloe: We’re going to be mean.
Mira: We can be vicious. If you’re coming from Chloe’s channel, you probably just saw the same intro. If you are starting at my channel make sure you’ll watch the same intro on her channel just with different words. [Both laugh] We’re gonna go into Hobby Lobby and wreak havoc. Mira: Are we gonna make art with these?
Chloe: Yeah, I think so. We’re gonna see what we can make Chloe: We got a budget of $25.00. I’m gonna be mean.
Mira: Yes,Thank you for saying that. Chloe: You’re welcome [Laughs] Mira: Oh this is gonna be crazy. Can you make sure it fits in my suitcase? [Both Laugh] Mira: Oh, I had one of those as a kid!
Chloe: Yeah me too, they used to make noises. Mira: Yeah it was so awesome! We’re trying to find the art supplies, but we can’t. We found the art supply aisle but we also did not bring shopping baskets. Chloe: We can use these baskets. [Both laugh] Mira: Boochie art shoppers [Both laugh] Good luck, any last trash talk you wanna give before we split up? Chloe: Um, may the best, worst art supply finder win. Chloe: Let’s go.
Mira: Game on, okay. Wow Look at that. There she is. Ooh, look how cool this is. Okay, I think I’m gonna do this. This is honestly really awesome. Okay, guys, I am finding all the coolest stuff on clearance. So I’m also getting her this ’cause why not?She likes painting. I tried really hard to go to the paint aisle and get some stuff but Somebody is lurking in there and it’s actually not Chloe either. [inaudible] Okay, I’m in the paint aisle, actually everybody’s gone so – There she is. I see her [laughs]. Don’t look at my basket. [Laughs] Okay, her favorite color is mint. So I’m going to get something mint. Alright guys, what do you think about this? Gonna make her spice it up with some glitter. Yes. I like it. What do you think guys a unicorn or… a T – this does not look like a dinosaur. No, no, no. Okay, this was a lot harder than I thought. I’m gonna count everything up right now I switched some stuff out ’cause I saw better thing. Definitely want to get her this. So that is $7. [Chloe claps]
Mira: Okay, we just left have you left Hobby Lobby – Chloe: It’s okay. No emergency. MIra: I’m gonna open it this bag of stuff that Chloe got. We snuck around each other the whole time we were in there. [Both Laugh] Chloe: There was this really annoying person that was just in the main art aisle the entire time. Just go away! Mira: Yeah. She’s just chilled with the paint. No. I don’t know what she was doing. She was just fondling the paint tubes just like… [Both laugh] MIra: Oh my goodness, we got the same things. Chloe: Yeah, I know I swear I saw you bought it. Mira: Fine Liner markers. BOOM! Look at those rainbows! 2:24. Yeah, Hobby Lobby has some good art supplies for cheap. Chloe: I know you well because I know you like your markers. MIra: I like it. Okay. Chloe: Good luck with the rest. My goodness, I just got a glimpse of something in there and I’m scared!I don’t know. Visual journal, mixed-media. Chloe: I thought I’d try and get the smallest I possibly could. Mira: This will fit my suitcase. Look at this. I like it. Chloe: You’re gonna make a very visual –
Mira: I think you were a lot meaner to me than I was. Chloe: No, you’ve got a very visual, very visual.
Mira: should I be scared about this? Chloe: Yes you should. [Both laugh]
There are live maggots in there. Mira: Oh my word, what is this? Super glue! Guys what is gonna happen here? I’m scared! [Chloe laughs] Mira: Yo, I kid you not when she – What is this? What!? She got me insects! What? [Laughs] Chloe: You love nature and creatures and you can use your super glue to stick it to your really visual journal! Mira: This is gonna get very visual. Bugs on bugs on bugs. Chloe: Let them loose. Ha Ha HA! Mira: Oil pastels!?
Chloe: Manic laughter. Mira: My word! This lady is out to get me. These actually like really nice pastels. Chloe: They do. They were $2.49. So yeah.
Mira: You got a steal. Chloe: Right? I did! Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! Watercolor pencils, this is cool guys. Look at this.
Chloe: This was $25 to $6.24. Mira: Coupons and sales. Mira: This bag just makes me want to –
[obnoxious bag rustle] Okay, guys make sure you go check out Chloe’s channel and I’ll leave the link it to her crazy video below. This is gonna get wild
so you really should go check it out. When you see us in two seconds we’ll probably be back in our home states because our trip is ending. You’ll see the finished artwork. Ready.? Oh! Well, this is everything that Chloe got me and you know what? I feel a little bit bitter about these insects. Do you see this? Yeah, what am I gonna do with that, girl? Are you out to get me? It literally says that these insects are labeled as hobbies. Who out there? Who? Who has a hobby of insecting insects? Insecting, what? [Giggles] So yeah, I have to figure out how to incorporate this and she also gave me some super glue. If this ruins my nails girl, then we aren’t gonna twin anymore ’cause look at this. We were messaging each other earlier and we we literally have the same nails right now So I guess we’re going to use this visual journal. Ooh. Whoa. Okay, that’s surprising do you see that? I didn’t realize there’s some like boochie cover up on this thing, but this is nice. Oh, by the way, can we just acknowledge the prices on a lot of this stuff? Chloe and I were really thrifty shoppers when we did this because we wanted some bang for the buck. You know what I mean? We set a limit and we were like we accept this challenge yo, so yeah. Look at this. These pencils were normally 25 bucks and they’re 6.24. Just saying, you can get some really good stuff at Hobby Lobby if you look through their stuff. All right, let’s get started. I’m really excited for this. I need to get something to use this oil pastel with so I don’t have to actually touch it because EUGH! All right, y’all. I don’t know if this is cheating, but I got me some q-tips and these little blending stumps. This little sandpaper thing is supposed to clean them. They’re really dirty right now. I’m just cleaning this over here. Puh, puh, puh. Dude, yo, everybody stop flying in the air. I have to dust my room now. Now we’re gonna be pulling a Gabba Hannah over here dustin’ the studio for the first time in three… days. Every video, I always need scissors. Okay open these oil pastels. Ooh, this looks fancy! They smell pretty oily. They also kind of smell like that face paint, you know. I’m just starting off… Okay, I sketched out some poppies. It’s probably kind of hard to see. The first thing I think I’m gonna do is use these pastels. Get this part out of the way. [Laughs] I haven’t used pastels in a while. So be kind to me. I think I’ll start with thin layers Like that. Now I’ll so some – Eugh, that feels disgusting. Do this, oh, this isn’t actually like a horrible experience. I thought it was gonna feel absolutely disgusting but if I just don’t touch it with my fingers, we’re good. That is not to be offensive to anybody who actually uses these, by the way. We all just like different things and we can celebrate that. I admire people who use these. By the way, I will leave a link to our old collabs down below because we’ve actually done two. One of them was when we both just started YouTube. We were both a lot more shy on video and stuff. It’s kind of fun to go back and watch, so I will link both of those down below. Okay, these poppies are actually having a future here. Potential. Let’s do the middles of these things. Brown and green and what not. I want to do some blurred out greenery in background. So I think I’m gonna do that with these watercolor pencils. I guess I just want to do some green in the background for a blurred effect. This is cool! Ha ha. This is so cool. Oh, oh, guys, these oil pastels are actually water-soluble. They’re bleeding into this a little bit. So that makes me excited. All right. This is actually turning out a lot cooler than I thought it would. I just was afraid that these art supplies would not interact well in a piece together. I’m pretty impressed with how this is going so far and I really like these colored pencils. This is sweet. Thank you Chloe for picking these out. She could still really stump me with the bug thing though and I have to use the fine liners. Okay, so we have some poppies painted with this green watercolor pencil background and a blue sky. So what I think I’m gonna do now is take these fine liners and see what we can do with them. Wow look fancy! Whoa. Okay. I think I’m going to define the edges. This actually works pretty well with the oil pastel. Not the inkiest it’s fine liner, [obnoxious banging] (Sings) I don’t think this one works. I really don’t think this one works anymore. I think I’m just clogging it up with the oil pastel. It’s not a huge deal. It’s probably my fault. Well, if anything, it can just be used to lift oil pastel. I’m gonna use different color. Green I’m gonna do some blurred poppies in the background. Since these are water-soluble pastels I will blur them with a paintbrush. Okay now I think I’m going to procrastinate as much as possible until I have to use the bugs! Now do some little clouds up here and then… It’s about to get like SimCity up in here. There’s gonna be some attacks of some bugs. I’m not joking… Help. I’m impressed with these colored pencils. Water colored pencils. Let’s see. We have these bugs. Woo, woo, I almost spilled my water. This is off to a great start, I guess it’s good I have scissors. We also have this locked tight super glue. okay, let’s look at these bugs. Yeah, we’re not using some of these nasties. Uh uh, honey. No. No, what is this? Me try not to touch them poking them with a pencil. Oh a ladybug. That one is cute. Is this a ladybug? Oh, yeah lucking out, all these nasties, I don’t know about that man. I mean these yellows are cute, kind of. I mean if you have to say a bug is cute, right? I think these are the ones I’m willing to use because they are less scary looking. All right. I want you guys to tell me down below what I should do with these leftover bugs? Should I one: Prank my friends and just casually leave them in their cars? Two: Should I scare my mom when she comes to visit next month? Or do you guys have any other crazy suggestions? To puncture nozzle, turn the cap clockwise until clicking sound stops. It stopped. These flowers are infested with little bugs. Trying not to get it on my hands and I’ll just plop this right down on the flower. All right, some of the legs don’t want to stick down. One lady has found her flower. I think maybe just two bugs would be good. I don’t know. They could be feeding on that, but you guys can hardly see that, right? It’s kind of dark and blends in. That one could be crawling up the corner of the page. Yo, this stuff smells. Oh, no, how do I turn it around? That one’s climbing up the stalks like that. All right, here’s the moment of truth do they fall? Hey they stick! There’s this one and then there’s this one. All right, guys… That’s literally all I have. I have successfully used all of the art supplies that Chloe sent me. I would really really appreciate it if you would go check out her channel. She is one of my best friends. We have known each other for a couple years now, and we got to meet in real life at playlist live. We’re gonna hang out again in July at VidCon. So this is what I want you to do after this video. I will leave a link to Chloe’s video down below and our oldest collabs. So I want you to go check out Chloe’s video because I made her use some crazy stuff. Tell her I sent you and go comment the word ladybug on her videos Ladybug because that is what she made me use. Make sure you thumbs up this video if you liked this it helps my algorithm and go thumbs up Chloe’s video too and subscribe. that’d make me really happy. Alright. Have a good day, thanks so much for watching. Bye guys!

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  3. Hey! I'm from Chloe's video. Fun idea! I'll have to check out more of your stuff =)
    Do you have any nieces, nephews, or kids of friends to give those bugs to? =) I have four little nieces (5 and under), and two little friends at church (3 and 6), and I love giving them little presents. They don't mind super cheapy stuff, either.

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    Bugs would be fun to leave in your friend's cars. Or find a friend who wears glasses and get someone who lives with them to place on their night stand. Or place inside lampshades.

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    Ad for ibis Paint X…

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  8. Re: what to do with the bugs;

    Mail them to Chloe Rose. One at a time. With no explanation or return address. 🐜

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    Prank your friends gal and try to record their reactions.

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    A͟m͟e͟r͟i͟c͟a͟ w͟a͟n͟t͟s͟ t͟o͟ k͟n͟o͟w͟ y͟o͟u͟r͟ l͟o͟c͟a͟t͟i͟o͟n͟

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    In all seriousness, you did an amazing job, despite the weird supplies you were given, and you have such a fun personality! Awesome vid!

    (Seriously, though, I love bugs, they are awesome and no one can convince me otherwise, but I understand that not everyone feels that way and that's okay)

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  19. Ok just saying even with the bugs that is one of the most gorgeous pictures I have ever seen! I honestly want to jump in and live in that field!!! Amazing job!!!!!

  20. My local hobby lobby is currently having a big clearance on many of the paper pads. I'm stocked up on sketch books!

  21. I love your picture! I really loved your finished product. The bokeh was a nice touch. And I don't know if you've done one yet but can you do a tutorial of recreating bokeh with traditional media, because once I noticed you'd done it, you had cut between when you started the process and the final result. I really would like to learn how to do that myself.

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  23. You could spray paint the bugs and then use them in a lamp, melt them to a bowl or even make book holders from them. Just google a bit 😆

  24. I have not a Problem with fake bugs anymore, because I have a big Brother that loved to prank me with them. Also my Partner studies biology (master) and bugs, insects, spiders, ants and butterflys and stuff are kind of his thing.
    I would have spray painted the bugs in metallic colours and decorated one of my self made notebooks with that, or put them on a matching canvas, maybe painting metallic flowers on that first. I would definitely made art with them.

  25. When I was at hobby lobby, I found a $2 Acrylic paint pad (15 sheets) hidden very deep in the clearance isle. (Also, it works really well)

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