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Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Made FROM SCRATCH

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Made FROM SCRATCH

The number one question is: “How do you start from scratch? What if you don’t have a mother to start with?” When I made that video yesterday about my Apple Cider Vinegar process Really, I was just showing how I do it now. I wasn’t even considering To give a full tutorial on how to do it made from scratch But I should have considered Many people will see this video and wonder how do you start Apple Cider Vinegar if you don’t have the mother of vinegar to start with? Hi Maggie! All right, I’m home. Let’s get in the kitchen and get some work done Back in the kitchen with the Apple Cider Vinegar This video is to go along with the one that I uploaded yesterday about the process of making my Apple Cider Vinegar First of all this is my batch of apple cider vinegar that I started in that video that I posted yesterday and Just in case you weren’t there for that that white layer on top. That’s the mother. That’s the symbiotic culture of Bacteria and yeast “Scobie”. That’s the living organism on top of the vinegar that helps turn all of this apple, sugars and water Into the vinegar that we can use in our kitchens, homes and our baths. The first question: “How do you start without a mother?”
Well this batch here was started without a mother… But I want to let you know the chances of you failing on your first attempt are maybe 50/50. My first batch of Vinegar grew mold, and I tossed it out. I started again and ever since then I’ve been doing alright. Go back and watch that video. A lot of the process that you see me doing: chopping Warming the apples, chopping the apples putting it in adding the sugar doing the water all of that is going to be the exact same Process when you start from scratch the difference is you won’t have that mother that you can put on top of the vinegar. So here’s how you have to handle that. First of all, in my opinion you’re going to start with a little extra sugar. Now the sugar thing is kind of all over the map. If you look online you’re going to see some people that have the opinion that you don’t need any sugar at all Then other people will show that you need a lot of sugar. I went somewhere in between on my first batch And I used 2 cups of sugar you probably don’t need that much But the Bacteria that you’re wanting to get started needs something to eat. The apple Sugars are fine but it takes a little while for those apples to break down in that water to give that bacteria something to start with Here’s one mistake I made on my very first batch I took all those apples that I started with and I put them in a blender And I made a mash it wasn’t a slurry, but it was chopped really fine Almost like a chunky applesauce. I added that to the water with the sugar. The problem with that is All that apple mash floats on the surface of the water That creates a lot of surface area for the oxygen to get to those apples and the mold grew really fast So on the next batch, I didn’t blend it all up I just chopped it with a knife on the cutting board Just like you saw when I processed this batch. You add that to your water and your sugar And then you make sure you stir it every couple days because the mold grows Wherever the Air is touching the apples; wherever it’s poking out of the water. If you keep that under the water Then the mold doesn’t have a chance to get established So once you set your first batch up and you get it ready to put into the pantry don’t forget about it This is your first batch so you have to go in there every two or three days take a wooden spoon and Push those apples under the water. You don’t have to stir it up You just have to push those apples under the water Now your best way to start is to start with some Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. If you know somebody like me a homesteader nearby That makes their own, ask them for a cup of their vinegar that way it already has the bacteria and yeast in the vinegar that’s going to help start and inoculate your first batch If you don’t know somebody nearby that has a batch of homegrown apple cider vinegar, go to the store and look for “Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar” Many of the labels will say “Organic Apple Cider vinegar with mother”. That’s the key. It has to have the mother. You may not see it floating, but you’ll see that it’s a little cloudy… maybe there’s some sediment on the bottom That’s the bacteria and yeast that has collected and fallen. A lot of times when it gets disturbed It’ll fall to the bottom and just make that layer on the bottom that looks like gunk if you have some apple Cider vinegar some raw organic with mother to start with That’s going to help you get started even faster But you don’t need it. Like I said this batch was started without any Inoculant. Your basic recipe is going to be about a pint of chopped apples Three pints of water and a cup or two of sugar. I prefer the organic sugar over the processed white sugar But I don’t think it really matters. Get all that in your glass container give it a little stir cover it with your towel it can be a paper towel or a coffee filter or something like that as long as it keeps bugs out and allows the vinegar to breathe secure it with a piece of twine Or a rubber band or anything that’s going to keep that tight up against the rim. Put it somewhere you’re not going to forget about It on your first batch. Keep it stirred every two to three days, and I think you’re going to be okay You can do this later and forget about it a month at a time After you have a mother that’s beginning to form on your Vinegar if you have an abundance of fruit you can use whole apples just chop it up and use it But we like to use the apple and then save what would normally become trash; the peels and the cores. We just take our peels and cores, collect them in a Cereal bag and put them in the freezer until we’re ready to make a batch of Apple Cider vinegar. We use Apple Cider vinegar pretty much daily. Sometimes in small amounts, sometimes in Larger amounts. So we like to have a batch going all the time. Here’s a few quarts that have been in the pantry for a little while Here’s the batch that I just made, and then of course the one that is processing right now I think there’s even some in the refrigerator and probably some in containers on the bathroom counters there’s so many uses for Apple Cider vinegar to give you a Healthier life some of its internal some of its external I don’t feel like I can even come close to listing all of the ways that you can use Apple Cider vinegar So I’m not even going to try to do that in this video You can research that there’s lots of blogs and videos to explain all of those purposes and uses but for this video I want to encourage you to give it a try if you have Questions after you’ve watched this video and the one that I produced yesterday Then go ahead and post them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer those for you Is this coming across well? Audio’s on right? Thank you so much for joining me on the Daddykirbs farm. It is truly my pleasure to share my homesteading experience with you Thank you for coming along the journey Thank you for encouraging me And thank you for asking the questions that helped me to learn So that I can present these videos to help you and others to learn as well It’s been a lot of fun having you in my kitchen. I’ll talk to you soon

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100 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Made FROM SCRATCH

  1. why can't you just JUICE the apples, use yeast for making wine/alcohol as to ferment as if you are wanting the alcohol and then let that turn to vinegar?

  2. Sorry but I stopped watching seconds in when I saw you driving and filming at the same time. I know people who have killed others while texting and driving. Please please please stay off your phone while driving.

  3. Thanks. A lot of videos don't explain how you get the mother. Which is where the benefit is. If your first batch only has a 50/50 outcome. Wouldn't it just be easier to use the first batch for the purpose of collecting the mother. Then add the mother from the first batch to your actual cider vinegar?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing us your knowledge and experience! I have a pleasant time watching your videos. Blessings!

  5. Hi blake-thanks for your great videos. I've made my first batch from scratch with no mother. It's been 4 wks, and I've strained my apples out. It's very cloudy, and smells like alcohol. So now I set it in a cupboard and wait for another couple weeks until it smells like vinegar?

  6. I don’t think you don’t know what your doing mate. The key is to let it breath from day one I’m on day 22 used homegrown apples and sugar the mothers already formed oily fermentation should be 70 to 90 days after filtering on day 30

  7. Sounds great, Love the Video… Please tell me… I have a 32oz. bottle of "Organic ACV w/the mother…. I want to stat a Mother, what would you suggest for the RATIO(S) of Water, Sugar, and how much of the 100 ACV I have ? I want to make a good mother, say in a Gallon jar ? Thanks in advance

  8. I wonder if this method would work with other fruits because I think I've accidentally made pineapple and graphfruit cider vinegar. It tastes sour and acidy just like vinegar. Because the mother as you call it has all sank to the bottom.

  9. It looks like I have a healthy mother growing in my pear vinegar. It is still quite thin. I am wondering how much longer to let it grow and if I should strain the vinegar yet. It's been over three weeks and I still have the pear chunks in the vinegar.

  10. Thanks for the really clear instructions, Blake 🙂 I've got crabapples in the garden, so I'm going to give it a try…. I also just checked my bottle of store bought ACV, and…. ta dah… it IS raw organic and contains the mother!!! I've bought that brand for years and it's the first time I noticed that!!!
    Question: where do I keep the mother to use for next year once I'm done with this year's harvest? Thanks again 🙂

  11. Hi Blake after about a month of waiting, I decanted the my first batches into bottles this week, but the taste of mine is not as strong or as sour as the store bought varieties.
    Mine taste clean and more watery, as if I diluted it already and faintly alcoholic.
    What have I done wrong or is this how its supposed to taste when home made?
    Its certainly more palatable, but doest it have enough Acetic acid that I was after, if I can't taste the acidity?

  12. Great info really like your presentation, clear and concise no stumbling keep up the good work! I am starting my 1st. Batch today.Thank you!

  13. That's the problem I have. Where I live in the Middle East, they don't sell ACV "organic, the mother"! They don't understand what the mother is. I have regular ACV dark type. I can't add it to my first batch of ACV homemade? Or can I just make my first batch of ACV regular with out a starter, or adding Raw ACV, to it like u said in the video. Either way with, or without adding a starter, or already made ACV mother ",it's still going to form 1. Of its own time by time. From the sugar ect… Like a gelatine peice on the top. Right? I've seen it in other videos

  14. Hi Blake ; I’m on week three of ACV- smells like vinegar, have been stirring it daily … is that too much? When do I strain the apple?

  15. Ive let my Kombutcha go to Vinegar a few times. Altho Kombutcha is tea based i second fermented mine w fruit sooo Vinegar is vinegar Anything w a sugar and fruit base will make vinegar 🤗. .. Just aboit no end w the possibilities ✌️💝👍

  16. Im confused about how you would add the "mother" vinegar into a new batch of vinegar?do you still use same recipe as making first batch with sugar?how much of the mother vinegar do you use?plz and thank you

  17. Hi there, I started my first ACV batch in September and I still have it in the jar with the coffee filter. I see a little mother starting to form. I am fairly sure it is okay to consume but as it has been sitting with just the coffee filter for a cover I thought I should ask someone in the know. I wouldn't be as cautious but I'm growing a human so if I make myself sick I don't want to hurt the baby.

  18. I'm going to start a batch with no mother but I am not going to have a big production line so do you let the mother just fall to the bottom as per shop brought because i take it, even in storage you still want the mother or part of to be in it, the colour I know will get darker the longer you leave it. If the mother has to be taken out you cannot keep it other ?than in the brew is this right

  19. Hello, could you please tell me how I can understand that all the alcohol has turned into vinegar? I would like to have only vinegar, without any alcohol left in it.

  20. My mother makes raw pineapple cider vinegar, at a sweet point before becomes a vinegar it can get a second fermentation just like Kambucha.

  21. Hi Blake, I started my first batch of acv (w/o mother) for 3weeks now and there has been foam building on the top.
    I stir it once daily and it smell of fermented apples, not foul. Do u
    know is the foaming normal?

  22. How much store bought acv do you add to start your scoby? Then once you have the scoby can it be used for kombucha as well? Ty I'm new to fermenting and excited to learn but don't have a scoby now access.

  23. I just failed at making the vinegar. No mother and My organic apples kind of fell apart. That's okay because I put your channel on and I'm going to make it your way. If you don't have anything to talk about someday do two videos one on medicinal uses for apple cider vinegar and one for cleaning and other uses. I just watched your pumpkin seed video now i'm looking all over for pumpkins. Thanks for all the great videos.

  24. now I am seeing this video after seeing the other one that made me question how to make it without a mother scoby, here are my questions, 1) can I still use my kombucha scoby? wonder if u have tried that way? 2) if I happen to add 1 cup of raw organic apple cider vinegar into the sugar, water and apple pieces, do I need to still stir or push down the apple pieces every 2 or 3 days even with the addition of raw organic apple cider vinegar? and my last 3 question: either with or without addition of apple cider vinegar, after 2 weeks do I have to remove the apple pieces? confused if I should leave them longer or after 2 weeks I must remove the pieces? THANKS THANKS AGAIN

  25. So glad you mentioned not blending the apples. I was thinking it would be quicker to ferment that way! Great video. Thank you. I make kombucha and was wondering if a kombucha scoby can be used?

  26. Hi blake, im irene from indonesia, i made ACV base on your video.. after 2 week i got the mother and i strain it and now already almost 2 month and i taste my ACV the taste and smell quite good but not strong as bragg ACV .. how long ussually i have to wait so my ACV will be taste and smell like bragg ? Is it already become an ACV after i have the mother after 2 month even it not smell and taste like bragg ? Hope u will answer me , thank you

  27. Hi 🙂
    Can't I just buy a vinegar mother n nothing else, or how does it work? Do i need ACV to begin the fermentation properly like with kombucha n using tea from a previous batch? 🙂

  28. Driving stresses me out lol and I stay very focused so when I see someone recording when they drive for some reason I start to feel uneasy 😂 thanks for the Video!

  29. You have inspired me to start msking apple cider vinigar. I've listened to sooooo many videos but decieded I like your way best. Wish me luck. I don't have a mither stsrter😬

  30. Just to give you an update with my apple cider vinigar. I started by making the mother as I didn't have one. So on March 6th I started and id exactly as you said. Today I wwnt to check and THE MOTHER IS THERE!!!! SHE'S ABOUT 2/3" thick. I did it!!!!!
    What now??🙊🙊😂

  31. so my acv is starting to kick in im finding the apples are floating higher and higher and are getting my coffee filter wet cause its past the lid just a tiny bit … its starting to form the SCOBY so Im hesitant to pour anything out ….???

  32. Could someone tell me what to do with all the apple slices after making the vinegar? I don't want to throw them out if they can be used for something. I have looked around the net for a long time and can't find anything about how to use the apples. Thank you!

  33. I love your videos, thank you for sharing. I am in the process of making my first batch of apple cider vinegar. I am hoping to get a mother out of this batch. About three weeks in it started having a strong alcohol smell. Then a month in it started smelling like apple cider vinegar again. Is this normal? I’m a couple days over a month right now. I have been stirring it or as you said pushing the apples down to submerge them in the liquid so as not to mold 1-2 times a day. But because of that it is not letting a mother form on top. There is a lot of sediment at the bottom of the gallon jar, could this be my mother forming? Thank you for your help with this.

  34. Hii Daddykirbs Farm,

    i made ACV 2 years ago.. i made so many that i kept in cellar to use it slowly, but after 2 years.. i opened the bottle, the taste changed.. it taste like no more sour.. but not smelly as well… why ?

    i thought acid is suppose to be everlasting thing.. better than wine.. it is the last produce ever evolve…. why my homemade acv lost it sourness ?

    your advice will be very much appreciated.

  35. also how come everybody said making vinegar has to have wine first ? since we can use sugar water to make vinegar ?…

  36. I didn’t fail on my first attempt. Simply because I put weights on it to keep the apples under the water. The mother has been growing and very pleased. Thank you so much

  37. Your videos are very informative and I have subscribed. Please do me a favor, replace your battery in your smoke detector.

  38. Thanks for the video and information. I have seen others advise to fill up the batch and forget about it 3 weeks then it is ready. What would happen then if I don't stir the batch every couple of days as you advised?

  39. I have a bottle of Braggs raw organic apple cider vinegar already. How much of this "starter" liquid should I add to my gallon jar for my first batch of apple cider vinegar?
    Also, is it okay to sit this on the countertop next to my kombucha in the normal light? Or, is it necessary to put the gallon in darkness?
    PS: I love your channel and I love your video on installing the cattle panel trellises; we have put up 7 of them already!

  40. superb! Will I see some forming "slice of scooby" of the mother at the end of the ferment? How long it takes to have decent scooby as your on video? Many thanks

  41. Ok. I watched the other video. You filled the bottle about half full of chopped apple pieces. Since we don't have a mother, do we still fill with water up to the bottle's shoulder or can we fill up with water up to the bottle's neck (half-inch from the top)? ❤🌅🌵

  42. hey can i use grape vinegar as MOTHER?
    grape juice vinegar is popular in my country.plain juice,no added water

  43. Apple cider vinegar 'with the mother' means it hasn't been heated or processed or filtered. When one puts the apples, sugar and water in the container and lets it do its own thing, it HAS THE MOTHER automatically! With the mother means it has all the nutrients intact!

  44. do i have to put the apples in a glass jar? will the results differ if I chose to put my apples in a plastic container?

  45. Hi Blake, thanks for another awesome video. Also, I checked out your Patreon page and it’s very inspiring and encouraging. We’re so glad we met you and can call you friend. ♥️katie

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