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Applying to VISUAL ARTS at York U – Q’s from a Hat

Applying to VISUAL ARTS at York U – Q’s from a Hat

Do you want to know things? I’m here. That’s the dorkiest thing! There’s one more… Next question. Great question! Hi everybody my name is Dani I am with the
Visual Art & Art History Department at York, and today I will be answering some questions
from this hat. Let’s get started. No, if you are coming from a long distance
a few hours away or a different country, you’re definitely allowed to apply online. You just have to get in touch with the faculty
and set that up. I, for example, did mine long-long distance
because I was unable to make it to Toronto. I had to submit my portfolio with a few different
photos of my art, and descriptions for each piece in a word document. You ready? Well, it’s really easy, we say between 8 to 12 items in your portfolio and one of them has to be a sketchbook, if not more than one
sketchbook. And you have to bring a few different samples
of your work, so that can be a binder with pictures of several paintings that you’ve
done, the actual paintings themselves, prints, sculptures, anything you want to show that
best expresses what you do as an artist and what you’re interested in exploring. Last one, There is a variation in the number of students
that get accepted into the visual art program per year. It is competitive, there are many students
that apply, but it just tends to be around 100 students that are accepted each year. Anyway that’s it for today! The hat is entirely empty, so I will be bidding
you adieu.

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