44 thoughts on “Ariana Grande – no tears left to cry

  1. Who here dislikes 7 rings? Give me my favourite things by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music everyday of the year. I love you so much Julia!! Sorry for any Ariana fans. This is her only song I like. Wish you hadn't used the music from my favourite things. Big mistake. Just leave it to Julie Andrews.

  2. I've listened to this song drunk….and I love it…i listen to it high…and i love it. but they seem different. when im drunk i seem to vibe with the heavier notes with more oompf…but when im high I focus more on the backup aeiry vocals. weird right. im fukking smashed dude

  3. Director. how much gravity do you want
    Ariana. No

    Ok yea that one really sucked because I just realised a director wouldn't ask for how much gravity u want

  4. I really want to go to the Ariana Grande show but I am sick so I can't go to the Ariana Grande show so can u guys pray for me so I can see my fav singer in real life

  5. Dua Lipa: Don't pick up the phone
    Ariana Grande: I'm pickin it up
    Please don't hate one me, I just want to spread this.
    Thank you.

  6. What the world ????? A year ago ? I thought it was a new song , well , i really felt this song , from Arees , GOD LOVES YOU Ariana , may GOD bless you unbundantly , Amen , 😊

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