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Art + Design in NYC/ P.I. Art Center

Art + Design in NYC/ P.I. Art Center

Since I was a child,
I never stopped dreaming about this. I have the necessity to express myself, always looking for something else. Something bigger. That’s why I’m an artist,
that’s why I study at P.I. Art Center. Hi, my name is Jungeon Park.
I’m from Korea. I’ve been teaching in P.I. for 16 years. My class is for fashion design and garment making class. Advanced classes for whom want to apply to fashion college, especially if They’ve focused on apply F.I.T. In this fashion advanced class, First They’re going to learn how to draw the figures, bodies, design, coloring, and them They’re going to finish
their collections with a concept board. later they’re going to learn how to deal with the fabric how to deal
with the sewing machine eventually They’re going to make their own garment. My name is Megan Suttle. I am a New York city-based
installation artist and a sculptor. Before coming to P.I. Art Center
I worked in Pratt Institute In admissions for 8 and a half years. I am now here at P.I. teaching
the advanced sculpture course. Our class mostly focuses on
sculpture through mixed-media where I expect my students to
take a risk and to experiment and really just to have fun. In this class we focus both on technique and concept Pretty much equally. In this class I really just hope that my students have at least three really strong pieces by the end of the 14 weeks
that they can include in their portfolio. Why P.I? I would say mostly because it’s located at New York City and it’s really the best place to be in the entire United States to be a young artist. best place I think in the entire United
States to be a young artist my name is Shawn Atrisco and I’m a
visual artist from Australia and I’m based here in New York since I graduated
from art school in Sydney Australia and I’ve lived all over the world I’ve had
residences and studios in Paris over Japan I’ve lived in Leipzig I’ve had a
collaboration in the Arctic where I lived an international science station
here at PIR Center I teach introduction to color theory and this class focuses
on the visual and aesthetic interactions of color we also look at the historical
and contemporary frameworks of color theory and also the color and perception
from a scientific point of view it’s a very helpful class for students from
film background from design interior design if you’re an artist it’s I think
across the board even psychology it’s a really relevant class that can help
students kind of really get a fundamental understanding of
relationships of color yeah Art Center is like an amazing
platform of students from all over the world faculty from all over the world is
very multicultural it’s really open Reviver and creative and it just gives
students a lot of choice in their schedule and also all the different
things that are available too you

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