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Art Haul & A De-Clutter | Artist Life – JANUARY 2020

Art Haul & A De-Clutter | Artist Life – JANUARY 2020

afternoon I want to welcome to our fur seal enclosure here at Bristol Zoo a pablo and then over here of the right
we’ve got Horace whereas as the ones that Imogen is feeding – they sit nice and still and
they still move until they are told to As I say useful behaviour give to
get an accurate weight for the seals but we can also ask them to do a layout of the
scales but also for things like x-rays as well so we went to to Bristol Zoo and it kind
of reminded me of sort of stuff that I used to love when I was younger so when
I was younger before the Internet 14 deviantart tumblr before find that I spend a
lot of time in nature it’s been a lot of time drawing animals so this is a quick
little study that I just did based on the photograph that I found on Pinterest
kind of messing around with color and with expression when I get like kind of
human aspect to the animals really and I think in a lot about about nature and
about color and about plants so I bought these flowers over bought the flowers in
the house and they were actually beautiful and also thinking about things
like food and the way that food has these particular colors and you can
evoke a mood through them so a lot of things I’m thinking about doing with my
sketchbooks is drawing a lot of plants or animals from our food that just looks
really really interesting to me kind of moving away from doing this quite so
much fanart I -will still do it but I’m spending a lot more time in nature you
know when I was a kid I used to be out in the field so I still be out of parks
and zoos all the time and I just kind of try to reconnect with that this year
trying to run yeah he’s just reconnect with nature a little bit trying a vegan diet as well so tried some of this cheese which was amazing hello so it is
Thursday the 16th of January I think big day today I am very poor we just have
paid for our next Disney trip which is going to be March we were originally
planning on going and I say we it’s not me and my other half Jim
BananaCustardCostuming on instgram who had a few of these vlogs not actually but yeah and we
were just gonna go to MCM Expo in London in May were like well I will go for a
few days we did costume stuff which done last weekend in London
and just for the hotel nearby because it’s NCM and it’s expensive it was gonna
be like 600 quid I like conventions we’re going to MCM Birmingham for
a day going MCM Birmingham for Sunday because it was just under 100 quid with it for the night for the hotel and their travel and stuff because
London is so expensive and also the kisses MCM the process for coaches go up
and it’s just gonna cost like an insane amount of money so like why don’t we
just go to Disney because we have the Annual passes already and we have so much
fun at Disney and it turns out in March there’s an annual pass party on an
impasse parties you can dress up so we’re gonna go we’re gonna go up for
that at the beginning of March and we’re going for three days I think and it’s
gonna cost us like 300 quid that’s for the hotel and the eurostar and
the coach to London and you know Christmas money and stuff
it’s it just did silly not to so yeah Disney in March we were ever excited
that’s going to be our next one definitely doing that art drop video
maybe give some art to characters again kind of do some more arts stuff on them
art that maybe draw a life well in there who knows yeah big big news now is from
these shelves behind me you might be able to see I’m tidying up the old art
studio space I realized kind of half I think that new beginning of the year we
want a fresh start I’m working on a book at the moment our
kids put my own kids book a story I’ve been sitting on for 10 years which I will
share with you guys at the moment I’m still at the early stages of refining
the characters and I wanting to see them when they’re done and then on them gonna
be kind of chronologically or during the entire process really documenting it
from designing stuff backgrounds putting put together trying to get it out there
it’s going to be a huge process it might take years so I really want to kind of
document it on this channel because the story that I am so passionate about and
every time I talk about that I like that sound like a really cool idea so
hopefully you know one day it’ll be on the shelves but this is going to be
something I’m gonna be planning and I want to do it in gouache so you know get
some new stuff but if I could make the money from selling off Lego that was
even better and now I’m going to be sorting out the old studio space because
it is a tip that’s my floor I found loads of art supplies that I bought
because I thought I liked them and I haven’t got on with them or pens I was
like yes I love this but I found a much better one so I’m gonna be selling loads
loads of art supplies on my Instagram I’m not going to make in a profit really
I just wanted to go to a good home and someone’s gonna use them because I’m
not used them since you moved here two years ago
so probably not going to use them catch me now needing them and maybe in a
project okay I gotta get rid of those I’m gonna sort this room out the next
time you see me hope for this if we got tidy and I’m going to be prepping some
merchandise for lf-cc spring which is my next comic-con
it’s pretty get that actually paid for shouldnt I? hello so it is about two days since the
last run and the studio is now tidy it’s still full of toys because they make me
happy and I will do it on the studio tour at some point and kinda show you guys around what I do maybe in the next months one of these so thought I just quickly
show you guys and the stuff that I picked up it is January so you know you
get vouchers for Christmas and money for Christmas and places have sales on
when you’re a poor artist those are really really really great because you
get to buy a lot of your years of art supplies in one go especially we could
have just sort out a load of last place I haven’t used in two or three years I’m
selling on it so that would be really good time to kind of I guess upgrade
that existing things that I have while they’re cheap and also picked up a
couple of bits as well they’re maybe not art supplies but just awesome so quick
show you guys mister have picked up this January one of the first things I picked
up actually with us with an Amazon voucher that I got it was these these
are the Ohuhu brush markers but these are some really interesting colors you
didn’t get all the pastels you don’t really get many skin tones but these are
because they’re water-based they don’t bleed so I use them in my sketchbooks
nice them for kind of color studies next thing was my poscas I always use the black and white poscas and I decorate things and sketchbooks
but I really really wants to get into customization as you can see on there at
the front there can you can use them on all sorts of different things and I’ve
got flasks that I want to decorate and then I just bought that pop socket that
I want to try out decorating which would be the next video which probably already
up now these were both in the sale I think both of these packs together there
were about thirteen pound next up is the sketchbooks this one was actually a gift
from a good friend Kayleigh who’s at mad for hatter on Instagram If you wanna check her out
and there’s a reflection me hello these are the this is really interesting
sketchbook I’ve not ever used this brand before it says you know specifically can
use it for things like watercolors in ink so I’m gonna really try out what
colors in here test out these and I like the format as well I don’t normally work
in this kind of landscape so that’s gonna be exciting and this one I picked
up from hobby craft it’s hot back off exclusive apparently this is the Daler
Rowney mixed media paper guys look at this one
up is so what I do my Commission’s are on that comic-con because I can do my
markers on here my pencil sketches and my watercolors takes watercolours
really well because if you see it’s got a really nice tooth to it
so yeah this is I’m gonna come in very very useful at comic-con just take this
one one book with me rather than tab a watercolor one and a marker one and all
the others I used to have follow me on instagram you’ll know that
I was getting very bored of my references only being places like
Pinterest so I wanted something physical I could hold and in our WH Smith I
don’t know if there’s the same in all part of the UK but and I want they have
an outlet upstairs so they have stuff that’s kind of maybe damaged slightly or
no one’s buying it so I want to paint things like cakes and food I don’t know
why I was really into at the moment this before has originally $12.99 and was a
pound it’s just a whole book on cakes there aren’t many pictures in here these
are kind of basic ones like this I just really want to paint them and I don’t
know why not so I can you know drool all over the food porn because yeah this one
I bought because of the interiors this number seven pound is a bit more expense
it was originally 20 it’s got some really good like pictures of them like
just interiors of people’s houses and things I think you be really good for me
trying to get better at drawing background so things like this you just
see how people lay out their houses and that’s going to be really useful for me
to this get used to sketching things I think draw spaces and I’m getting a hand
of perspective now but it’s populating that space who looks lived in which I’m
struggling with so thats gonna be really useful also this one was for pound this is a
huge book this was roughly 20 as well this is a whole book on such a huge book
– i’ll bring you up here- this is a whole book on just cakes and things but this one is a bit
more while the other one is something that you may bake with your nan this one is a bit
more fancy some boring looking white guy Get to the actual cakes that’s the best bit
yeah like weirdly presented foods what even is that chocolate ganache with
blackberries and blackberry sorbet which sounds good looks crazy
so yeah these are like em you know things like that I would love to paint
so yeah just full of nice food for a couple of quid you know even if i use it
a few times not going to be the end of the world so those are some books I
picked up some one their website and they had a big January sale on also had
a twenty percent off voucher and my email for signing up them or something so
that’s really what I’m gonna combine the to bite the bullet and buy a sixty box
of gouache paints so these are they did do come in this again my big box just
bring you up here so this is the box here these are the premium ones rather
than the hobbyist ones which i think they also do and yeah i’m rick said there’s me
again I’m very excited about using these I’m excited to unbox them and try them
out properly the main reason I bought them is as i said because I’ve been working
on my own illustration my own illustrated book with these so that’s
gonna be really exciting yeah I’m super psyched to try all these out also picked
up these for when I go to Comic Con so I normally use the little water brushes
most artists use them they just have a little thing of water in them so you can
use them on out out of artists and plein air sketching for so but I’m a Comic Con
I don’t want a cup of water cuz takes one idiot to knock the table you know
it’s usually me and I get water away from my artwork so these ones are better
because they have a little button so you can push and decide much water you want
to use you find with a lot of them the water doesn’t come out or all
comes out in one go and you can’t control the opacity of the paint and it
just there’s a nightmare and also that these are in different sizes whereas
here there wasn’t he came in one size and the last thing I picked up because
again these are in the sale these are little sketchbooks they are
five by five specifically for watercolor so I’m going to use them testing out the
the gouache paint Cold pressed which is my favorite, dual sided
is also good and has like an inner pocket but specifically for watercolor
mixed-media again because I want to be really really trying out the gouache and
their watercolor paints this is going to be very useful for character work and
things like that I’m looking forward to actually getting started and hopefully
fill these bad boys up last few bits of what I’m gonna quickly show you they’re not
art based they’re Disney based because that is as you know from the channel my
other love so Disney store had a sale on also get discount because I’m a Disney
life member so this was portfolio they’re calling it a pad folio you see
Mickey Burbank not to meet it’s just got I don’t see there we go
Mickey kind of subtly embossed on it and this was I think reduced to a tenner just
under with my discount and it’s a really really lovely organizer it’s got pockets
and stuff it’s got the listen they’ve had the pen actually write the story I
can keep my illustrations in here and I absolutely just fell in love with it I
like the fact that it looks it’s Disney but it’s kind of grown-up
so that’s awesome I’m also incredibly spotty at the moment as you can see much
not coping very well with the old hormone changes it’s that’s fun hello
again it’s about three hours since I last dropped in think I’ve done some line work from the Commission I’m gonna show you now because by the time this goes up
in the January the people should already have the commissioners in hand so no
spoilers so this is one of the Commission’s a
couple at Disney I think bounding is kind of crowley and aziraphale which I can
definitely draw so this is them you’ll notice that I’m getting a lot lighter
with my line work now I think this isn’t getting more confident in my own style
I’m not having to kind of compensate so much like I kind of know roughly what
shapes to use by just eyeballing in that which is just I think through experience
which is awesome I’m glad I’m kind of getting to that stage so my sketches are
a lot lighter and a lot neater to this is a couple I’ve also got too many sketches this one
of some ones OC’s especially wanted there I’m kind of anime style which
isn’t the style I normally workings that’s always interesting and then also
this one of someone’s kind of own version of the god eros so he’s got nipples, don’t tell instagram
there’s them some of the stuff that I’ve been working on today it’s kind of
lively just been them stay in my desk when I’m working
what are they my studio tour it’s gonna be super super tidy right now I’ve got
my watercolors lined up here but my things I’m using here tissue cuz my nose
is sniffy ginger nuts and tea she’s supposed to have that lid on so i dont spll it
and my Markers lined up that my water my other waters there other water is in
here looking very lovely my sketches I’m working on one literally drawing board
my stuffs everywhere my candles gone out yeah but and Hux is judging me
yeah I’m kind of happy with them that’s cool hello so it is now Saturday a
couple of days since I’ve the studio so up and just go and good went to recreate
today so if you’re in sort of Wales area South Wales area Recreate is a scrap
store so they get loads of stuff in from alternate places like donation to the
public like us or from things like Ikea they always have really really good
stuff but you can’t guarantee what they’re gonna have it’s completely
random so you go there usually maybe once a month and we spent about eight
quid today and we came back with three and a half bags of stuff all stuff
fabric for Jim to do his Commission to me than to new his own projects with and
some stuff for my Poe Dameron cosplay because I’ve decided I’m cosplaying
cause playing Poe Dameron I’ve just fallen head over heels for the character
I liked him anyway and then I watched Rise of Skywalker and I kind of went off Kylo a little bit I still liked him from the first day films but I don’t
like you from the new one that’s like I want the cosplay that I feel comfortable
in because never felt really comfortable cosplaying Kylo when I love Star Wars
I thought I just kept coming back to Poe over and over and over again so Im cosplaying Poe Dameron I’m gonna be the palest lanky skinniest pare down
whenever but I’m gonna go slow her down I gonna have fun with it I think so
we’ve got some stuff I needed um foam to make the visor on my helmet with cuz I’m
doing the one with the jacket he lends Finn so we’re excited about that that’s
gonna be really good putting that together slowly I kind of want to work
Disney’s like a bound should be really good but now I’m just sitting down I’ve got
my tea my ginger nut biscuits I’m get ready to do some work it’s about
five o’clock half past four its one out this morning went to recreate before i closed
with the post office dropped off loads of orders
where’s the PO Box picked up some stuff from there came back and yeah now is
work time so I’m working on this currently this is a commissioned
someone’s D&D OC he’s really cool I can actually I’m actually pretty happy with
that got to finish it up get it sketched well
get inked sketched it read it clearly you have eyes I’m really gonna ink to get
it colored I’m just gonna be a watercolor and then I’m going to go over
it with some color pencils and texture and I’ve also been designing the zoomit
I’ve been designing some new badges as well so these are some of the badges
they’re probably on my Etsy already but they will be for sale at LFCC spring
which is my first big event so I’ve got these sorry for the state of my desk
for the way that’s probably worth having a white desk yeah these are some of my
new badges I’m really happy with them I think some of them I mean this one’s
going like I hope they go down what with kids I’ve also got this Valentine’s card
again I need to Center the text and redo the file the artworks done out of a good
omens a Valentine’s Day card online this week probably Monday or tomorrow and yes
there’s a bit get on with this hello right it’s a few days later now it
is Tuesday the 21st of January and had a few days away from these just taking
myself a break there’s some of the stuff I’ve been designing stickers and badges
for lf-cc spring and this also arrived which is a new this mess thats charity shop stuff must be
kind of a stand to put cards on so hopefully I’m gonna be able to display
my postcards on there my prints maybe and then free up some other space
because not really had the money to buy one of these and then this was in
the sale he gets 15 quid so that’s gonna really really help the store give it a
bit of space bit of height as well I’m just kinda cracking on this is my desk
when I don’t tidy it up because again I’m gonna do a studio tour probably next
month when it’ll look a bit tidier than this but water my markers lined up
pencils lined up because they’re what I’m gonna go in with next tissue to mop
up the watercolours and any spillages my Ohuhu markers just lying around because
I’ve been using those a lot of my sketchbook and these are some pins that
I bought at Disneyland Paris we went that Christmas since put this in
my bag pins I’m designing took me out of the way paintbrushes and pencils and
pens I’m about to use things I’ve got to ink next once I finish this one and then
this is a big flask of tea I’ve just made because I find if I keep getting
thirsty either stay up here because I’m working and I get dehydrated and get
headache or I have to keep going downstairs every time i get up and go down I get
distracted see that one also got one of these chocolate soy air drinks it’s
really good they dont have to be refrigerated so they’re
good to have around some pretzels chocolate bar some grapes and some
ginger nuts just to kind of keep me going
yeah about to get started on these at least so see you when they’re done so as you can see
here I did finish up the Commission’s in in time on time I should get them all
out to their prospective front and they’ll be the first ones in the new
year and I was actually really happy with how these had come out I think that
I should capture what I wanted in each of them which was really good I think if
you need to start the year on a high it kind of helps I also went up to to
London for not very nice reason but we had a good time afterwards went to the
Disney Store check out their Star Wars stuff and I fed the Ducks in st. James’s
Park as is mine and Jim’s tradition also a couple of days ago so the very very
very end of January I went to Barry Island Barry Island is at a beach side
of town here in Wales it’s probably the only sort of touristy Beach that’s
down in South Wales and I hopped on a train I just ran out of there my own
really and I kind of just dog watched and sea watched I got some chips and
kind of just had a few hours to myself just to you know rejuvenate I guess I
guess sometimes you can get so caught up in in other people and commissions and
social media and stuff and sometimes you just need it at break so I just had I
think I was I was gone for three or four hours just had a few hours just of
walking on the sand it’s cold it was windy it was wet but there’s a really
nice just a nice chill Sunday afternoon so I did a bit shopping afterwards and
the two shops that were open I had a lot of fun I got some tea in my flask you
know kept myself warm met tons of dogs tried to win a Poe Dameron failed because then
he had a couple of quid on me yeah don’t kind of just hang out house more
because my plan this this year try out the house a little bit more do
more coffee shop drawing and that kind of thing also a couple days ago I went
to Cardiff Bay the weather was absolutely beautiful this time with our
mate Luke it was outlaw films over here on YouTube and also on Instagram he’s a
brilliant photographer videographer and he took some photos of Jim in his tenth
doctor costume and I just kind of tagged along I was there to hold bags
really but I liked just being in that environment again I just we used to live
down Cardiff Bay we’ve moved quite a way away now I really do I do miss the Bay I
missed some bits of it I don’t really miss others but it was nice to be out and
around the sea around the water and around thinking of the people and stuff
it was really really nice but also just being out in the fresh air kind of helps
to regenerate your mind a little bit gives you new ideas gives you new things
to think about I think just it’s nice and refreshing and I’m not gonna go for
a run like these crazy people inside here but I do like being out in in the
sunlight and in that I’m a very much summer/spring kind of person I hate the
winter with a absolute passion it just makes me feel awful I feel like all my ideas are
terrible I feel like I’m stuck indoors because the weather’s really bad and
gets dark early but I think now we’re moving into spring I’m moving into
February I’m very very excited for this year has to offer and very end of
February is gonna be my very first comic-con of the year which I am
super psyched for and I should probably start doing stuff
thanks for watching bye

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