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Art History & Calligraphy Tips : How to Do Old English Calligraphy

Art History & Calligraphy Tips : How to Do Old English Calligraphy

Welcome everybody, welcome to my studio. My
name is Lars Erik Robinson. My company is Lars Arts. All around art entertainment’s
my slogan. Anyway, today we’re going to talk about how to draw old English calligraphy.
I thought we’ll start with a C, ’cause that’s what “calligraphy” starts with. I pre-penciled
in kind of the idea. I wanted to do it bigger so you have it, use a calligraphy pen. Today
I’m using a bigger pen so you can see it. But you…you start with the thinner end,
and then you like, go down, like that. And then you start with this small end again and
go, …and if this was small you would be able to do everything with one stroke. And
it’s all filled in there. My brush pen’s are get..out of ink. And then we’ll take, once
again, we usually have a line that goes right down here. And then we’ll take another stroke,
a little stroke here. And then they usually repeat another thin
line right next to it, where they connect it with two lines. For you to be able to experiment
with calligraphy, I would recommend you look it up. Look up calligraphy on line, or buy
a book on calligraphy, and just copy, just like you copy how to learn how to do handwriting.
You can actually write your own name in it, and it’s a really nice way to be able to learn
how to do calligraphy. So I hope that gives you a little bit more explanation of how calligraphy
works, and pick up some calligraphy pens and just experiment. Just keep writing your name,
or write all the different letters. And it’s really fun. Thank you very much.

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13 thoughts on “Art History & Calligraphy Tips : How to Do Old English Calligraphy

  1. Dude u mean the manga/anime? I love deathnote. lol

    But, I came for chinese calligraphy, not english calligraphy. xD

    The death note calligraphy in the Instructions pages of the Death Note are a different font, I think. U would have to ask the mangaka/artists of the anime/manga maybe, or find something on "how to draw____" that they always have in magazines and shonen jump.

    But death note has been over for awhile now, so idk if u can find a new shonen jump with death note in it anywhere.. lol.

  2. I don't want to insult the guy just for not being very good at calligraphy… terrible even… it's just that he's making an instructional video. Never do that unless you can actually DO what you're trying to show others. This just blows and wastes the time of people who are interested in learning something.

  3. so erm….he just drew…he explained nothing other than 'you put a thinner line next to it and 2 connecting lines'…yeah…

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