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Art Seeking Understanding

Art Seeking Understanding

What is art? That’s a good question. Here’s a more interesting question: What
is the value of art in the human experience? Various theories have been advanced over the years. pleasure beauty expression or stimulation of emotion but, as the philosopher
Gordon Graham has argued, “none of them can on its own explain the special value of
great art.” So what does Graham propose? That art is valuable as a source of knowledge
and understanding. Aesthetic Cognitivists like Christoph Baumberger
have argued that artworks can provide us with new categories and new perspectives. Art, he says, can raise important questions,
provide us with knowledge of what it would be like to have certain experiences or emotions,
or to be in a certain situation. Art can contrive thought experiments, and
deepen our understanding by enabling us to grasp connections between things we already
know or believe. Art, according to aesthetic cognitivists, can
can improve our cognitive abilities. From this perspective, we don’t look independently
at reality and measure art’s depiction of if by comparison. Instead, we experience the world in new ways through
art. But is there an empirically demonstrable connection
between art and understanding with reference to what Sir John Templeton referred to as spiritual reality in particular? Can art unlock new spiritual information? We’re putting aesthetic cognitivism to the
test. We’re inviting painters, sculptors, musicians artists of all kinds along with art historians and
musicologists, philosophers and theologians, and scientists from the psychological, cognitive,
and social sciences to conceive and design empirical and statistical studies of the cognitive
significance of the arts as it relates to spiritual realities and the discovery of new spiritual information. Art seeking understanding

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  1. This is my opinion that John Templeton's life has left an outstanding impression on the world. He was a Teacher, Leader, Published Author, and a Business Development Specialist who used the gifts and skills that God Gave him to assist and inspire others. It will be a Blessing if Templeton Religious Trust could introduce the Trust to the Youth, particularly those in The Bahamas so that Mr. Templeton's Philosophy and Legacy can inspire them.

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