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Art Styles | How to Improve Your Art! [iPad Pro + Procreate timelapse]

Art Styles | How to Improve Your Art! [iPad Pro + Procreate timelapse]

hey guys welcome to my channel I’m
Maxine Vee and I’m a digital artist from Toronto, Canada. Today’s video is gonna be a little different as I want to open up the discussion of my art journey and
finding that artistic voice and how exploring different art styles and
methods can massively improve your work many times artists including myself felt
the pressure of trying to quickly find that style so when people see your work
you want people to go “Yeah that’s definitely made by so-and-so,” “Yeah that’s
definitely her style!” and that’s something I struggled with for a while
even though I still have those feelings sometimes I found ways through my art
process to mitigate it in my art journey when I really took an interest in
digital art and this was around maybe like four years ago when I was making
that transition from traditional to primarily digital art I was just amazed
and so inspired by all these illustrators and artists, I haven’t
discovered before it feels like I discovered a gold mine like I had all
these new artists I looked up to and at the same time I still really loved these artists who are working traditionally so you can imagine how
much inspiration I was taking in I would try to emulate the colors some artists
were using at first and I would really try to study their methods and process
watching their tutorials I was really trying to take in as much as I can I was
even trying different brushes and many different styles and at that time my
only concern was trying to really grasp this new medium because I really really
wanted to get better at it and over a couple of years as I’ve gotten more
accustomed to the medium last year at the end of 2019 I had this moment when I was
looking at my work and really started to analyze my overall image as an artist
that’s when I began to start questioning myself, “Do I have an artistic voice?”, “Will
my work get lost amongst all these other artists?”
“Is it unique enough?” so that’s when I really start to doubt myself as an
artist and my work. I compared myself to all my art heroes and craved that
consistency that they had with their work I felt that pressure and felt down
and sometimes and didn’t even feel like sharing my work because I was just
worried about it being inconsistent I honestly even made like many plans in my
head and notes thinking that “Okay this is my style this is what I’m
going for” this is it and then I’d post it and
after that I’d get an inspiration and like “Oh my god I’m gonna do this other
project–no this is my style for sure!” this is it and I would just keep telling
myself that it just repeats and it’s a never-ending cycle but the funny thing
is even though I felt pressured and had those negative thoughts about how people
might perceive my work when I was painting each piece
I enjoyed painting it I enjoyed learning that new method and applying it to my
work I thoroughly enjoy the process those negative thoughts only show up
before I would share and post my work which was really unhealthy because if I
enjoy what I was doing then I shouldn’t be ashamed with what I was posting I
shouldn’t have to feel that pressure of finding that voice because I’m still in
the process of finding out what that really is and the truth is the art
journey never ends I’ve come to terms that it’s not always about the end
result by exploring different styles and applying these new methods it’s actually
when I improve the most because when you really take the time to learn from these
new methods, lessons you have learned or studying the work of your art heroes and
masters that’s when you become a sponge and add all these cool elements
you’ve learned and apply it to your work whether it’s emulating how you approach
painting by being inspired by the colors that they used how they did their line
work, their use a composition. You now have all this wealth of knowledge with
you and then next time you do your work you’re going to apply it to a new piece
and then add a new thing you’ve learned again and maybe this time you want to
play with the textures so if you have ever felt that way just
know that this is a never-ending process the art journey is a long one so do not
be afraid to try different things and go explore as much as you can
this is art it’s a creative process embrace it by letting go of that
pressure of finding out style honestly if I had stuck to just doing one thing
my artworks wouldn’t have progressed as much as it would because I would have
never found a process that works for me and even if it didn’t at least I know
what I tried it and you know before I was only just painting portraits my
friends need me for that like yeah Maxine loves painting portraits I always
known for that I guess but I really wanted to try environments as well and I
did and then I ended up liking it so much so now I just want to keep painting
more and and now with this piece I want to try painting scenes as well so
I’ve come to terms that it’s not always the end result it’s about embracing the
process that will help you grow as an artist I know with social media it’s
very hard to not compare yourself to all these amazing artists and that our
producing consistent work and very very successful at it but if you
are restricting yourself from trying out this new thing because you’re afraid of
what others might say about your work and you’re doing a disservice to
yourself because at the end of the day you have to do what you love
okay? 🙂 So go draw, go paint, go sculpt Go explore, do whatever you want just
have fun with it! I hope that inspired you, thanks for coming to my TED talk!
Okay, so that’s the end of my video thanks so much for watching and just
keep painting you guys see y’all soon! bye!

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  1. You really inspired me :''3 thanks so much! Keep going with your wonderful style 💖💖💖✨🥺 Your my idol

    Pd: I really love your voice 🤭°^°❤️

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