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Art Supplies Haul

Art Supplies Haul

Hello, welcome to Keiota Studio. Today I
purchased items from Plaza Artists for my art studio. All of those supplies are included in this video so that makes this my very first
art supplies haul video, and I get a lot of questions about the markers that I
use for my illustrations those markers are included. I just bought a bunch of
them. So make sure you watch this whole video so you’ll be able to get all of that
information. I’m going to use this safflower oil to thin out oil paints and
wash my paintbrushes. I’m going to use these small containers
to store leftover paint in. I’m going to take these needle tip
applicator bottles and do something different with it. I’m thinking about
possibly putting acrylic in it it may be mixing some glitter, I don’t know.
Whatever I’m going do is going to be fun and creative. I use these gloss inkjet cards for
thank-yous whenever my customers or clients purchase something. These came
with regular white envelopes, the size are 5 by 7 and 10 came in a box. I can
also print birthday invitations announcements and other greeting cards
on these. This Baryta Photographique fine art paper is wonderful to print both
fine art prints and photography on. I’m going to be using this for both the name
brand Canson is a high quality brand that has been around for over a hundred
years, and this specific paper is made of natural materials. I use these plastic
archival sleeves for my fine art prints and photographs. I use them so that my
work can be protected and it also looks very professional one of the cool thing
about these is that it is resealable the brand of these professional markers
are called charred pack I purchased ten new spectra markers these markers are
blendable and non-toxic this is a tri nip and on the other side is the brush here’s a capital A that I write with my
signature that’s the training and here is the brush nib you can see the
difference each color comes with a unique number and name I’m excited to use these new color these are all of my new colors these
markers weed through paper and very easily so I may use a clipboard parting
with this stem of the flower I’m drawing on cardstock paper now you’re the leaves I’m drying the petals now here’s a
sample and the other I’m now outlining it with leg here’s my signature a Finnish flower
please watch my next video

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