Artisan Pure by John Varvatos Fragrance / Cologne Review

Artisan Pure by John Varvatos Fragrance / Cologne Review

Hey ladies and gentlemen Steven here from the channel adolescence and thank you so much for tuning in and in today's episode we're going to be taking a closer look at the newest release by the company John Varvatos and this one is called artisan pure so stay tuned was released in 2017 the perfumer for this is the in-house perfumer for the brand his name is Rodrigo Flores roof he has been with John bravados for 14 years now if I'm not mistaken and he has made 14 fragrances in 14 years that is highly impressive this is the newest iteration in it is inspired by Halawa Mexico coincidentally the perfumer is also of a Mexican descent and this is inspired by everything that's lush and green and verdant about the city everything from the coffee plantations to the lush hills and this is by far the brightest iteration of the any John Varvatos fragrance that I have tried with an emphasis specifically on the citrus now the original artisan came out a few years ago since then we've had artisan aqua and artisan blue and today I'm so excited to talk to you about artisan pure but let's go ahead and continue the review by taking a closer look at the really cool presentation so the presentation on this one is very nice you have a bit of a texture on the box here just as artisan pure on the front a graphic of the bottle on the back and then on the very bottom you have the UPC with the serial number printed in black ink below that and definitely you have the weave work here on the front with the straw very nicely done just like the other releases from the same line you have a wooden cap on this one just as John Varvatos artisan pure on the top and then you also have John Varvatos I guess laser etched into the neck of the atomizer and the other cool thing that I like is that the bottle is also a frosted white finish you have a wooden plate at the bottom and then you have a sticker with the serial number printed on top of that just really really cool presentation and the distribution on the atomizer is nice and wide let's go ahead and continue with this smell now as soon as this fragrance opens up this citrus is way too apparent and I mean that in a good way I love citrus based fragrances especially when they are very bright and full and ethereal and they're gonna get you noticed and that's the thing about the citrus notes is that they are top notes so they are going to be volatile people are going to get whiffs of you and this one has orange it has bergamot it has lemon it has peda grain which also can give off a bit of a woodsy feel as well it does have some woods in the base and also some spices like thyme and marjoram putting it in somewhat of an herbal / culinary family but it doesn't smell like a kitchen it's not herbal or that culinary the emphasis here is definitely on the fruits and the more that I smell it the citrus fruits that is the more that I smell it I get little whiffs and nuances of something sweet lurking in the background but it's ever so hidden cleverly disguised and what I love about this that is so easy to wear I thought artisan was easy to wear they came out with artisan aqua I thought that was even easier to wear artisan blue was a step up this is I mean I don't know how higher they're going to bring the caliber because this one is super citrusy very easy to wear this is probably one of the best designer cents that you can pick up for the spring in the summer months now I do want to mention that this is on the linear side so if you are a fan of citrus based fragrances um this is where you should look if you want to make citrus the end of the road if you want something that's a little bit more complex something that has various nuances and other varying elements intertwined or embedded within it there are a lot of other options out there of course there is no shortage of citrus and designer fragrances but this is one where it's very straight to the point very transparent in terms of the note breakdown but also in terms of the smell but it lingers and that's what I like about this one I got a solid six hours from this one which for a citrus based fragrance is definitely impressive especially considering the concentration I think Rodrigo Florida's rule has created a wonderful scent with this one and this is for those who are not really fans of dark rider or dark rebel rider or some of the darker iterations or the highly resinous 10th anniversary platinum edition which I love this is one that is so easy to wear I would have such an easy time recommend and if you haven't given it a shot and if you are a fan of citrus you have to give this one a try let's go ahead and finish the review by taking a closer look at my overall assessment now first up in terms of the uniqueness and the overall smell I think this one is a bit unique because it's very bright and vibrant in terms of the citrusy Accord that is created right off the top here and I call it an accord because it's a combination like I said a bergamot and peda grain and in lime and lemon and all of these citrusy effervescent components brought together to create this cohesive overtone and it is a bit synthetic in terms of its citrusy appeal I'm not sure if there's any real citrus in this I wouldn't be surprised if there were I think it's very well done with the nuances the green facets to it such a great citrus based scent I would highly recommend you check it out and I think the fact that it's so heavily focused on the citrus is what makes it unique whereas other fragrances start off citrus and then they turn into an aquatic scent this one doesn't really have an aquatic appeal about it not like artisan aqua this one is more so an emphasis on the citrus and I think it's great terms of longevity I got six hours projection was fantastic for the first hour and a half the citrus notes do tone down very quickly and I mean maybe like twenty to thirty minutes into the composition but that's just the nature of the volatility of the raw materials in terms of versatility it's so easy to wear men can wear women can wear it anybody of any age can wear it at the end of the day citrus is you know one of the most clean smelling ingredients that you can find in the fragrance and there's never a bad time to smell clean let's face it so versatility through the roof my only recommendation would be don't wear this in the dead of winter like we are now if you can save this for like a spring or a hot summer day that would be your best bet and in terms of the presentation I kind of like how they not only had the the white weave work on the outside but also the frosted white glass bottle on the inside I think they always do a fantastic job when it comes to the presentation and if I had to give this one a final verdict I would say I love the scent I love how carefree it is I love how easy to wear it is I love how often I can just bring myself on without giving it a passing glance or a second thought and then to top it all off my wife loves it my wife is always a fan of the lighter brighter fresh and citrusy scents and this one hits the nail right on the head so there you have it ladies and gentlemen that was my review of John Varvatos artisan pure a wonderful scent great citrusy so easy to wear and my wife loves him if you own or have tried any fragrance by this company please let me know what you think leave a comment down below also please don't forget to rate and subscribe for future videos and please remember to enable notifications by clicking on the belt this way you never miss any of my future content thanks again for tuning in and we'll see you in the next episode take care

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43 thoughts on “Artisan Pure by John Varvatos Fragrance / Cologne Review

  1. I live in a kind of tropical island… warm weather, high humidity percentage, bright sunlight… I think this fragrance is perfect for me and my situation, don´t you think?. Congrats for your great channel!

  2. This comes pretty close to being a niche quality fragrance. One of the best almost – French – high quality type citrus colognes around. Pretty impressive.

  3. Hey bud i already own this. I was thinking about getting ferrari bright neroli . do you known how similar they are? Would it be redundant to own both?? I know theyre both similar to neroli portifino type scents

  4. Opening and mid smells just like the Artisan Blu to me… maybe a little more sharp. Has that Aqua Di Parma vib. Not bad.

  5. I love citrus with depth (woody base). Do you think I will love this one?

    I love Versace Man Eau Fraiche but I found Ferrari Bright Neroli not for me.

  6. I want this for next spring and summer. Thanks for the great review, I feel better about this fragrance. I smelled it today cause i am looking for something for next Spring and possibly Summer. I am a fan of John Varvatos fragrances. No one I know or many people in my town use this fragrance, cause they like more popular names here. I always buy a fragrance I like I know a lot of women haven't smelled on a guy yet here in my town. Just know what men in my town typically like in this town it's so easy to buy something different and unique.

  7. Thanks for sending this cologne to my home from BFL's contest and I will be wearing this when the warmer weather comes. I enjoy your reviews!

  8. i really am not a fan of this one. idk if i don't like the citrus in this or might be sth else (i am no pro so can't break it down). i think original aritsan is better, but that too isn't sth that i love. maybe it's the direction these fragrances run that i am not a fan of.

  9. Makes me think of the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer has an idea for a fragrance called "The Beach". This is it. It's The Beach, by Calvin Klein.

  10. This is an incredibly fresh lemon/lime scent that is unique because the open and dry down are different yet complimentary.  One of my new favorites.  Just subscribed.  Scent community is super interesting.  cheers

  11. Hey Steven, There's a fragrance that i keep hearing very good things about and i dont think that you have done a review on it as of yet. Please see if you can check out and review Mercedes Benz Le Parfum and give us your take on it. I just ordered it myself and I am waiting to see what its about. One review that I saw said it has similar traits to La Yuqawam by Rasasi which I think is a niche quality gem.

  12. Just smelled this today and I was very underwhelmed. Even the sales woman made a face that said "um your thinking about buying this…….😒" . I didn't smell it on skin but on a card I wasn't impressed.

  13. I just bought one from eBay. On the bottom bar code says 781 for the batch. No letters. Also top wrapper is loosely on. When I shook it sounds like it's full of bb's? WTF? Everything else looks exact.

  14. I don't get how everyone says the performance of this fragrance is good. Mine is a skin scent within an hour.

  15. 15% off first order at John Varvatos website my total shipped was $75.?? Save about $20 over retail including tax

  16. Slightly off topic, but I recently purchased John Varvatos Vintage, and it was wondering if I got the real thing. The barcode looks smaller and it doesn't have a serial number printed below it. Would you happen to have any pictures of what it's supposed to look like?

  17. Artisan Pure,It's cool it"s a exact copy of old school Grey Flannel cologne or Hermes Eau de narcisse blue and doesn't perform near as long as the Hermes

  18. I have Dark Rebel. Love it and love that Varvatos isn't afraid to be daring with frags. I'm excited about Artisan Pure.

  19. The vivacious citrus opening is beautiful but unfortunately this
    soon morphs into something mundane and generic. I would prefer
    a linear experience for this one with the great opening never going
    through the exit.

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