Aubrey Plaza – Best Moments In Talk Shows

Aubrey Plaza - Best Moments In Talk Shows

a Robert De Niro's character lies and says he's a professor and my character has this kind of like obsession with having sex with a professor so I kind of zero in on him and I'm like I'm gonna you spoiler alert I think you know I think it was well I don't know it's crazy to see Robert DeNiro in like a situation like this where you're really safe very very filthy things to him yeah well it's kind of like that's his character you know and and it's kind of like he's met his match with me you know he's a dirty grandpa and I'm a dirty girl yeah you have a sex scene with him you do yeah it was fun was it fun yeah cuz people always say it's not fun but it was fun for you was fun was it fun for him as well uh I can't speak for him um you know we it was a long day they they allotted an entire day for it oh they did really yeah how many like how many hours I'd say about nine a solid nine maybe ten and there was a lot of interesting stuff that went down you know wine and one thing in particular was the director who's British Dan Mazer who is awesome and I loved him he you know it was a little bit of like we didn't totally plan out the scene we didn't know how it was gonna go down so there was a lot of kind of like moments where you know Dan would call me over and he he'd be like in the next take Oh Bri why don't you suck on his nipples try that and I'd be like you want me to do it Robert in here and then you bet and then I would go and I try to do it and I try to get in there and suck on his nipples and he was like batting me away and I didn't know if it was like in character or not cuz you never you know you never know right yeah well and and then they they cut the camera and then Dan called me back and he's like Bob does not like his nipple area paid attention to I was like great well now he thinks that I wanted to do that and no they're all about that speech didn't you I read an interview with you're not talking you said you looked forward to getting old so here you are you making a joke about all people but you you say you you want to get oh yeah I actually have a weird fascination with old people when I was a kid I really wanted to be an old woman do you wanted to be an old yeah because I feel well I felt and I still feel like old old people can kind of do whatever they want like they can get away with anything and when I was a kid I used to go to the mall I know you know those mall fountains like the pools in the middle of the mall I always thought that if I was an old person like an old lady I could jump in there and swim around and you know I'm like they wouldn't like arrest me because I could be like I'm old yeah like that could be an excuse for everything but if I'm a kid and I get in there and I splash around like they're gonna kick me out right right so someday I'll do that I brought a lot of facts about redheads and one of them is that redhead people have more sex or something I think I read that also the even in the fiction section of me the ancient Greeks thought that redheads turned into vampires after they died is that true yes there are a lot of freaky things that are said about redheads you know a lot yeah another one was that in the Middle Ages they thought that a redheaded child was conceived during menstruation menstruation you're asking yeah I look at you're asking us I love anytime a woman says how do you say menstruation so okay you anyway so not yeah you won't be it doesn't sound like you love the idea being a read now I love it I'm just living it up and just seeing the world in a whole new way this is exciting you're from Delaware you were just named Delaware's most famous person I think that's really cool that's a snake that's right that's the fastest an entire state and you're at a bet most famous person there and plus I was thinking about it today that means you beat Joe Biden I know I know I honestly don't know how I did that he didn't even make it in the top three is that true yes and I was trolling him on Twitter because I was like how did this happen howhow do you were vice president yeah but I am just really famous there for many things I guess yeah were you and who else did you be I'm just curious who else's Wow Valerie Bertinelli yeah good yeah yeah George Thorogood in the Delaware destroyers that was the name of his band Andy I [Applause] know it should be pissed at you yeah yeah it wasn't it was a vote it was like an online vote I don't know I don't I didn't ask for this I heard it I heard dr. Heimlich of the Heimlich maneuver yeah Henry Heimlich what's up I beat you he saved millions of lives yes you can umber one yeah you're getting real cocky about it first state number one it is the first date that's right that's right first state to ratify the the Constitution yeah whatever we're number one and everything how are you how you having a good summer so far yes so many penises okay it's summer so let's talk about that what do you mean so I mean okay I'm just ask you I'm gonna go there so many penises what's happening uh let me explain okay I was a Bachelorette I was a maid of honor at a bachelorette party last weekend in Delaware oh and like I said there were just penises everywhere okay because why were there penises everywhere because it was my job to provide the party stuff so I have 40 favors yeah the favors activities so and I've never done that before so I I kind of went crazy and I sent in a huge box of just penis paraphernalia it's in my mom's house you're talking about okay fake penises it's anything you can imagine like I can imagine a lot the same thing yeah lollipops hats necklaces a very realistic cake that we actually couldn't show on your show I think because it was a grossest it was gnarly yeah so just all kinds of like yeah like a shield squeegee I just sent it all to my mom's house and she actually thought she was opening my sister's school uniform no she yeah she really whose story and I'm a so she was getting your sister wears a uniform at school yeah she goes to a Catholic school oh god my mom open the box and it was just like what did she say she must have been really upset she loved it you seems to me like here's someone who's fearless like if you're shooting a comedic scene I almost I think that you're one of those people that would do almost anything to get the laugh have you ever said if in situations we've said nope I'm not gonna do that yes I'm Aubrey Plaza yes I'll go to the wall for most things but no not this I no I don't think so I think you know I don't do things you know based on what I would do I in my mind it's what the character would do and if the character would do it I'll do it whatever it is but with this movie there was one well there was one thing that I ended up having to do but I didn't want to do it but the studio basically called us in the middle of the shoot and said you know what we're gonna end this movie and a musical number which is like fine but I'm not you know there's Zac Efron who's a musical guy and Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine her both in those pitch perfect movies they're all built for that they know how to you yeah I was the one that was like but I don't know how to do that dance and sing and they were kind of like well that's what was gonna happen we're gonna end it like that and on Saturdays you have to come to rehearse and you have to sing and they really like put me through it and I couldn't say no to that because they forced me to do it which is fine but they like you know they they actually made me do singing lessons like they had a singing lady there who was making me do like ah like in front of the director and I was crying like it was it and it wasn't even your birthday yeah you posted a picture Hillary Clinton's everywhere these days promoting her book and she was at a book signing and she took a picture with Katy Perry yeah and you decided to I guess photobomb in the background and I love this photograph I had you look I mean first of all your whole aura that you're putting up is fantastic yeah I don't know what was happening I I went to a book signing and there I had these weird glasses on and I saw them taking a picture and there was just a it was a game-time decision that I made because I could I could tell that there was a sliver in between them and I could just quickly pop my head out was Katy Perry oh okay with this she was not psyched about it I told her I was like Katy I totally like photobomb your picture and she was like why did you do that and I was like I don't know [Laughter]

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44 thoughts on “Aubrey Plaza – Best Moments In Talk Shows

  1. I'd inject my serum into her rectum and then we can eat some bagles and then she can get the fuck away from my peripheral vision

  2. She’s creepy, weird, awkward, and I can never tell when she’s being serious but for some reason I love her and can’t stop watching compilations of her 😂

  3. I love her. She's funny and hot. I wish I could unhinge my jaw like a python and put her whole body in my mouth.

  4. I wish Aubrey would photobomb all of my pictures :> i would like her, i would like the hell out of her! Or into, or w/e

  5. 7:55
    "My mom opened the box and it was just like…"
    "… dicks everywhere."

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