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BAGS OF PAINT?! | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing | Acrylic Paint Collage

BAGS OF PAINT?! | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing | Acrylic Paint Collage

Today we’re going to be making art with
the contents of the August ArtSnacks Plus box! let’s open it up and find out what’s inside! ♪ Inside this
bag… these are eight paint tips They look like this they remind me of when you decorate a cake or a little like chess pieces all
eight of them are a completely different shape
we’ve got flat, wider flat, detailed flat, noodle, bigger noodle, fine point noodle, double noodle, and the king piece if we actually look at the packaging it looks
like they all connect to some kind of bag of paint like an apple juice bag
of paint — oh there’s another one so we have one in the color primary blue and
one in the color primary red of squishy squishy paint you can disconnect this lid and attach one of these and you can like squirt
them out here we have the literature this menu lists all the art supplies in
the regular ArtSnacks box and then this menu includes all of the items that are
exclusive to the ArtSnacks Plus box a dum dum pop and the last thing in our
bubble bag is this green tissue paper oh they put the sticker in there that’s
kind of dumb it’s all squashed it’s really pretty
I wish they included pastel art supplies I’ve not worked with an oval wash brush
before I’m used to seeing rounds and flats and then finally there is a
water resistant non fading pigment ink in this 0.3 fineliner by Windsor
Newton and then…… final thing in the Box is this mixed-media paint board it’s
made out of vegetables and recycled components alright so it feels a lot
like a stretched canvas but it’s obviously [bonk, bonk, bonk] stiffer I wonder if it’s just
canvas wrapped around wood..? I’m a genius I don’t know so it’s a 3/4 inch 8 inch
by 10 inch mixed-media paint board Oh whew I’m so glad it has the Fredrix
seal of quality, now we know it’s good who the heck is Fredrix? oh it’s the brand ok… three four eight candy paint!! — so this is everything included
in this month’s ArtSnacks plus box the items that are exclusive to the ArtSnacks plus are this 8 set of paint tips and the Fredrix mixed-media paint
board I do want to thank ArtSnacks for sponsoring today’s video if you’re
interested in getting your own ArtSnacks box I have a 10% discount code [WAFFLES]
that you can use for your very first box on either the ArtSnacks or the ArtSnacks plus box; if neither of those are in your budget right now I will be
forwarding this exact box to one of you so if you’re interested in entering that
giveaway I will have a link in the description thanks again to ArtSnacks
for sponsoring the video! we have the two colors we have the blue and the red and
then we can obviously mix them and get purple! so let’s just try that out so
that I can use for like the paintbrush if I need – next let’s try a little
fine point actually I don’t want to go to detail let’s grab this I’m using my
noodle nib let’s see what that does try to figure out how to hold it so that
I can get like an even –[gets distracted] okay little wobbly I kind of wish there was a way to
put the lid on with the nibs – let’s swatch out the red paint with the flat tip interesting. kind of wish there was a
white so that I could get more pastel colors cuz you see how dark these are I did
notice that one of these had a prompt word on them: [reading:]
“have you ever made a
collage using magazines or newspaper cutouts? find a few of your favorite
clippings glue them onto your mixed-media board and add texture with
the acrylic paint tips” [no longer reading:]
do a little bit of a collage which I’ve never done
before so it’d be kind of fun if we could include maybe some people on here
– right now I’m very nervous about trying to get details with this very
wide oval brush and obviously the squeezy tip things/the frosting you know I actually just got in the mail recently so maybe we can like cut some
stuff out – I was kind of hoping there would be more people in here – We got Bob Buschbaum but
that’s way too small that’s a little bust maybe have some like models we can use
-yep I’m finding some people! hehehe gonna fold these put these off to
the side like where’s one of those like full-page like just in your face, faces?
you know I feel like whenever I’m in a waiting room and I open it up it’s
always just someone gorgeous just staring at me and I feel very intimidated but not
today apparently I’m gonna leave a little bit of a white border because we can
paint over it so we don’t cut off anything we might want – OOHOOOH! we can also
include this title oh yeah “pops of purple” hey it’s a brush cleaner stuff I really like
that gotcha! markers!!!! [sound of a dieing weasel] now we have a nice mess perfect so I think step one would be to kind of
glue things on I don’t actually do I have glue? have these two washi tapes I have an Elmer’s gluestick thinking about centering it around her
with elements kind of encircling her and then I kind of wanted to use
this little noodle nib here and create like shapes going around her and like a
circular motion that like draws your attention towards her even though
there’s gonna be so many more crazy things going on oh we also have this but
the problem of this is it doesn’t really fit
so if I like paste this up in this corner and this one down like this then
we have those art supplies kind of pointing towards the center of the
collage and then glue these edges think I’m gonna go around with paint and
create like a cool border around the outside so it’ll definitely hide all of
these like words that I don’t want just stick that on right where we want it oh shoot
I should have cut this guy out wait wait maybe it’s not too late fineliners move
them over to an edge hey okay so now we don’t have any random
edges I changed my mind I want to move these so what I want to do is go over
this but let’s do purple because it is so dark – we got some blue in there some
red together even if we like keep it kind of like separated that might be fun
I really want to add white to this though what we’ll see what happens let’s
try and just hide the edges of the collage and remove some of that gray
background don’t have to get too close cause I can always come in with like a
thinner brush and fix some mistakes so maybe it will focus more blue on this
corner red on this corner and I want to create like a gradient between those two
Oh a nice white or pink Posca pen is gonna look so good for adding like pops
maybe around some of these art supplies and things like that I’m not
worrying about the sides of them yet cuz I think I’m gonna go around with like
one flat color for that this is kind of turning into a collage of all the things
I like purple pretty nails art supplies maybe like
here? whatever these things are just laying some things out trying to
visualize it a little bit better see where I want everything before I start
gluing that feels kind of right then I need something to cover this
white space and this is covering up our little nail polish but it’s for the greater
good–oh wait! I didn’t cut it out! I’m gonna have glue all over my scissors get off me! all right that’ll have to do my fingers are too sticky I think I
wanted it like right here I really like the way these glitter I grab like some triangles just
kind of stick them here and there I still want to take red – let’s try the one that
looks like royalty got like three little prongs let’s hope this
doesn’t look like blood and I’m gonna add like some fun squiggles okay that
actually looks really really cool I don’t understand the shape of the bags
like how are you supposed to hold them and like squeeze them alright now I’m
gonna switch over to the blue one just a fine point just kind of want to start
adding some like interesting dots follow the hair okay the red definitely stands
out more than the blues just add some blobs for texture I take this white gel
pen should have done this earlier and try to paint like stars in the
background so it looks more like a galaxy oh pretty I’m gonna have some go
right behind her too now when this all dries I really want to take like some
Posca pens and add outlines to things like fun pops of color there it’s kind of loaded up with so many
distracting things it’s kind of the plan some more triangles I really like
the triangles I’m like trying to like calculate where to put everything and
put it someplace where I feel like it makes sense but at the same time I’m
kind of just making a mess I wonder if I could like draw a new eyeball on her
forehead or something really weird something I used to do when I was
younger actually I kind of still do it is just take a pen and trace people in
magazines and things like that I think it really helps give you that hand-eye
coordination kind of figure out what different things look like that you’ve
never drawn before and like trace the wrinkles and figure out how wrinkles
work – Ten out of ten would recommend so after letting it dry and I also I also
did the first layer coat of my border I can’t believe how much I like that like
how much more finished it looks grabed a couple of Posca pens- I got white red and
blue just like the colors that are already in our picture and I just feel
like pink would look really really nice so I grabbed this guy too and also I’m
going to be using that Windsor Newton pen I thought it’d be fun to just draw
on top of her name? Morgan and not really distort her as much as make it look like
it’s an illustration so I want to make sure I still capture the look but then
like make it look like it was kind of drawn in my style so maybe elongate the
eyeliner there add that big deep pop eyeline and just a little bit down here –
gonna just draw on top of it as if I was doing the lineart thick eyebrows just
add those little flares that I always add to all of my art kind of thing gonna use
the red and blue Posca to add more shapes here and there fill in the area this is kind of fun because making a mess is inevitable so you can’t really
fight it she’s wearing ..what is this? looks like it might be Leopard I don’t
know it’s like a weird mix of animal prints what if we include some of those
in the background – does that look like it? – I don’t really know there’s like oops there’s two colors in
it kind of difficult with one marker huh let’s try replicate the ones on her
jacket there for down here a little easier cuz they’re just small little
spots paint her lips this pink color – I said messy was inevitable this isn’t
the most visually pleasing thing I’ve ever created [nervous laugh] I don’t know what I’m doing.
part of me wants to just paint over top reuse this paint board basically and
just draw something I just need to draw something real quick as fun as it was to
make like an absolute mess and not worry about anything for a little while now
that I’ve done that it feels like it’s kind of like cleared my mind of like
worrying about making bad art it took away like my favorite part of art which
is sketching and by taking a break from that in a way it’s really just made me
want to draw something mm-hmm I’m very inspired by I think it was Morgan’s
outfit here we’re just gonna quickly sketch something just to kind of prove
that I can – I don’t know maybe throw in some paint here and then red up at the top I do want to
thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed watching me unbox the ArtSnacks
plus box for the month of August and make this fun………… collage [laughs] I hada lot of
fun with it even if the results aren’t anything that I would hang up on my wall it was kind of fun playing with these paints I’m not sure how you’re supposed
to use them in like any other sort of sense
they do say abstract on them which makes me think this is kind of the stuff
they’re supposed to make with them just like making a mess, going for the best,
seeing what happens and just enjoying the process if you’re interested in
getting your own ArtSnacks box I will have a link in the description my
favorite thing about art subscription boxes is that they kind of push you down
a path you wouldn’t choose necessarily for yourself and making a collage it’s
definitely one of those paths that I have never ventured down if you’re
interesting in your own arts next box I will a link in the description as always [i think I said that already…*facepalm] and don’t forget I’m also giving away these
art supplies that I used today from this month’s box so check the link in the
description for that giveaway again thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all
next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles!!! bye! ♪

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