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Best DIY Prank Wins $10,000 #2 & How To Do Funny Back To School Prank Wars VS Magic Challenge

Best DIY Prank Wins $10,000 #2 & How To Do Funny Back To School Prank Wars VS Magic Challenge

[Collin] You challenged us
to make three crazy pranks. The winner gets ten thousand dollars, and by the way … – Oh geez! hey, what’d
– It’s a prank war man! you do to me? – So let’s go! – I just needed a drink! – [Collin] You challenged us to make an edible volcano and
castle prank so let’s go. – [Devan] To kick it off I’m boiling honey to make a manmade honeycomb. – And I’ll be using a pineapple as the base of my volcano. – All right! You said the
pineapple, here you go. – Yup, wait that’s not a
pineapple bro, oh my gosh. – Yeah. – All right Devin this
is all fun and games, but like how do I get my
pineapple out of here bro? Wooo man! – Did it work? – Wooaaa! – Okay here we go! – Wow, that like actually totally worked. – Woo there we go! – Wow, there it is. – The pineapple’s out. Look
at that man. That’s so cool. – Wow. – Look at the imprint it left man. Pranks on you Devan, I’m
actually enjoying it. How are you going to
make a manmade honeycomb? – With some magic bro! And
my secret sauce is in the baking soda. – Three. Two. One. Woaah. Yooooo! – Dude its like totally
bubbling over the edge! – It looks like the moon! All right, gotta pour it into the
pan first. Just like this. – Oh my god! – Wow! It’s so fluffy bro. – Oh my gosh. – It looks kind of funky
though, I’m not gonna lie. Dude my honey settled so well. – Oh wait what? – Now it’s time to break
it up into sand bits. You ready for it? – Do not try this at home. – Three. Two. One. Ohhhh! – That is perfect sand. Dude oh my- – This is gonna taste so good. Nope. Nope. Nope. – Are you sure? I just want I. – No no no. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. – Gonna mix up a whole bunch
of peanut butter and jelly to make the base of my volcano. It’s not coming out though.
Hold on lets see if we can- oh boy! – Oh dude. What did you do? – Have you? – Is this? Is that bad? – I think this peanut
butter might be expired. So here we go. We’ve got the jelly. It’s very bubbly on the top. Wait a minute bro, this isn’t jelly! – What? – This is slime. Wait was this a prank? – Yes it is! All right, I’ve got a
ball of Isomalt here to – A ba- a what? – Of Isomalt. I’m using
it to make sea glass. – Is that related to a seagull? – No no no. – I don’t know maybe like a sea glass is just like GLASS. – Now I poke a little hole in it. Just like this. – Okay. – And fill it up with air. – Ohhh. – It’s totally working. – It’s like a radish. – A radish? This is one of the
coolest things we’ve done. – Of course we can’t use this right here because it’s actual slime.
It is not edible at all. So we gotta get some actual peanut butter and jelly right now. All right here we go. It’s
gonna take the peanut butter and let it drop. – That looks more like peanut butter man. – Yeaah. Oh yeah. Ju-just
a lot of girth to it. – Yes. – There we go. – What did you just say? – Ohh! – Got my sea glass bubbles done and not it’s time to smash’em
up into the glass jewels. (chuckling) and remember: do not try this at home. Three. Two. One. Ohhhh! – That was insane. – That was beautiful man!
That was absolutely beautiful. Three. Two. One. OHHH! – Look at that! – That’s so cool! – It looks so much like glass. – I was going to hit it again. Now I’m going to be smashing my coconnut to make some edible moss out of it. Wait what is that ? – I’m making coral with
water, flour, and oil. – You really want to crack open coconut, what you gotta do is look for the little face on the bottom. Then occasionally it’ll
make funny faces at you. – Balala! – What you want to do is find the mouth and then trace your line right up here and you’ll see there’s actually a seam. So right here, look at
this, if I take it like this I was smacking it pretty hard; no crack. But this time… – Still nothing. Oh wait it actually worked. – Ouuuch! – I mean.. – Oh yes! Yes! Yes! – Whoa whoa whoa! You’re
not getting any of juice. – Dude it’s perfect ! – No, don’t you need the juice? – Look at this! – Don’t you need the juice? – Look at that! – Oh no no no, I don’t
actually need the juice. I just need the inside of the coconut. – Got it. – Just the husssskk. – Uh oh! It’s coming up. It’s coming up. – Okay okay okay. – Duude! – Yooo. – This is so cool! – That looks nuts! – I gotta put my coral down over here, but for some reason there’s coconut juice all over it. I don’t know why. – Yeah I don’t either.
That’s very confusing. – Who would do that? – Let’s find him and
kick’em off the channel. – No, that’s a little drastic. Next up I’m making some edible kelp. So I’ve got some calcium lactate and some sodium algenate over here. So just gotta suck up some
of this good juice here. – Three. Two. One. Go for it. (screaming) – Dude! – It totally worked. – That is so cool. – Instant kelp noodles! – Oh my gosh, that is insane. Last thing I need to
do to complete my moss, is put all my coconut meat in here, blend it up with some spinach powder and its gonna be perfect. – Now I’m cracking up
some eggs to make the base for my castle. – And I’m making some
hot lava slime right now. So I’ve got some cilium husk. – Ohhh nice. – Add this in like this. Oh dude, it’s already
orange which is perfect! It’s just like lava man. – Next up I grabbed this
meat. Just add this in here. – Yoo dude! Its coming together. Bro that is going to be perfect slime. – Wooah nice! – To cool down the cilium husk lava slime, I’m going to pour it on the dry ice. Three. Two. – Oh wait wait! – Oh yeah! Three second like challenge. We want to see if you can like
this video in three seconds. Ready? Here we go! Three. Two. One. Done. – Three. Two. One. Ohhhhh! Whoaa! – Its like bubbling up. – That is so cool! – Whoa! Look at the bubbles. – No way! – Look at the bubbles.
Look at the bubbles. – What! – Its expelling so much dry ice right now. Yoooo! – Look at that! – It’s going crazy. – It looks like something
out of a movie man. – All right now were going
to add in some of these sliced up vegetables here. – Oh my gosh. – Just like this. My last step is to add
some of this Agar agar, and then pop it in the oven. – We have the base of my volcano all done. We’ve got a pineapple coated with the peanut butter and jelly granola around it. (thunder and lightening) – Thou shall not pass! – Where? I’m not trying to go anywhere. – You shall not pass this challenge. – What? – That’s what I meant to
say. You’re not gonna win. – No! I’m gonna win the
ten thousand dollars. – No you’re not. – I will totally win. – You’re not. Make the pile on here. Yup! – Woahh. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. – Just gotta nail it down just like this! – Right up here I got a whole bunch of peanut butter and acerb right here. So this is going to be the
outside of the volcano. – Now it’s time to pop
out this watermelon tube. Tower done. All right I’m starting
with my towers here. Just putting these down like this. And then grabbing these hot dogs. – And just imagine man, as
a science project for school this would be perfect. – All right I’m going to
finish these in a second. But first I have to get
out the agar agar solution. – Oh my gosh. Is it your jelly meatloaf? – This is nasty! (screaming) – No! No! It fell apart! – Well I’m gonna be
mashing some potatoes here. To act as the ocean
here around my volcano. – That’s probably the worst smelling ingredient we’ve used so far man – Now it’s time to add some
sea foam around the sides. – What? That looks light
an evil goblin- wait – When you dip this bottle
in here with this rag on it. – Wait I am so confused.
Wait what’s going to happen? – You’ll see. You’ll see.
Can you grab me some red? – Yeah yeah yeah yeah. – I just need some red. – Some red? Well I have red over here. – Oh yeah yeah yeah. – Oh wait wait. – Oh yeah that’s good. – Pink. Pink is fine. . – Pink. Pink is fine. All
right well here you go. – Yeah yeah. – Here you want me to open it for you? – Thank you. Now you just blow on this end here. – Wait what’s gonna happen though? Ohhhhh! That is nuts. – Yup! Just gonna put it on the
sides just like this. – I did not see that coming at all man. That was awesome. – Got a little sea foam moat right here. Oh and by the way these are
specialty made edible bubbles. – All right time for us
to complete the pranks and these things are going to look insane. We’ve got our finished pranks and these are the best ones we have ever made. – These are insane! – On another level. So
here’s the big revel. Three. Two. One. Tah daa. Yes ! – And you get to comment down below who’s prank looks better! Well be tasting them and
finding out who wins the ten thousand dollars at
the end of the video. – You challenged us to
a candle and soap prank so lets go. – I’m using dry ice as my
first ingredient in my prank. – And I’ve got this
little soap bar right here I’m going to use it to create corn in a very satisfying way. – Looks like my wax is ready
and now its time to dump it. – Wax on dry ice? – Yes. – Is that even allowed? – What do you mean is it allowed? Three. Two. One. Ohhhhh! That is cool man! – That is so awesome! Gotta grab the mint leaf. – Can it create an imprint of the leaf? – This is so cool. I think
this totally gonna fool people. – Whooaaaa. – Oh my gosh! That looks so good! – It is perfect. For my egg I need a push pin Devin. So do you know where my push pins are at? – Oh yup! Its in this box right here. – Thank you. Okay here (screams) oh my gosh! – Yup. – That scared me so much. – Dude I got you so good. – Best prank so far. – For sure. – First up we gotta poke
some holes here in my egg. – Just got to juice this lemon into here. – Oh my gosh it smells super zeisty. – Woahhhhh! – Yes ! – Once the holes are poked
there’s basically a magic trick you can do with the egg. We empty it super fast, just like this. Here we go, three, two, one – Whoa yeah, I love doing that – Ah, I broke it no – My lips thee just too strong time to inject the egg
with some jelly soap. Oh wait a minute its coming out the bottom I oh- ahhh, its hot its a little hot – All right got my extra blueberry’s now its time to squish it. Squeeze it like this – Wait what are you doing
its like a bench bite – Gotta reopen it man – You can’t even open it man – Uh I pranked myself – Haha – But I mean look at this so I’m using these blueberry’s
just for the coloring. What are you doing? – I’m adding some yellow in
here to create the egg yoke. Trust me its going to be incredible man. Just like an egg its made
completely out of soap. – Next up I’m hollowing- – Oh – Is it working? – Perfectly dude – Look at that – The out side is perfectly coated and this will at as
the yoke in the center. – Okay now its time to fill up
my lemon with this jelly wax its gonna be a fake lemon dude. – While you do that I’m gonna try and remove my silk hard boil egg. You here that bro, here we go the shells
now getting all cracked – Next up I gotta grab
this vegetable shortening- – Wow looks pretty big for a shortener- – Yeah it is- – Ah oh my god – Collins – Haha – I forgot I did that – Well I’m hoping that this
one is not another prank – That was good – Time to get some scups of this stuff – Dude I fully peeled the egg – Wow – This is insane- – It so good – This is a soap egg right here – Wow it look exactly like the real thing – This is a perfect prank right here because you would never know this an actual camera right here. – You can kinda feel like it too – Is it cold? – Its not cold at all, it kind has the same sorta creamy feel. – So I’m making a fishcake, you just gotta pop it on just like this. – You ready I’m gonna drizzle
some cherry sauce on the top. Three, two, one – Whoa – That looks just like
a delicious toping man. – Oh here we go were
just gonna put this down- oh I mist it – Oh wow – I’m sorry man I’m doing my best- – Wow loom at it on top- – Its seming – Oh amazing, smells like soap in here – That not the worst smell in the world – Its smells nice and clean
and fresh- and a little burnt – I got some hot wax here that I’m gonna use and make sure
you do not try this at home. As you can see its already
starting to conjeal- – Hot, hot, hot and I did it – And my topping is done – And I’m gonna slice this
thing open right here. Do not try this at home – Oh it so cool – This is the cutes soap ever – Three, two, one ahhh – Ah my mine is ethereally blown to make my ramen noodles I got a whole bunch up
hot soap right here. Three, two, one oh my gosh
I’m making one long noodle – What is that? – Its my noodle man – Its a good thing this
noddles are going to be covered – What do you mean covered
bro I think they look awesome – They look what? – I’m gonna start making
my blueberry’s here putting them in- – That making a huge blueberry – Just got to molt it into a sphere, I have a blueberry here
for reference nope to big – I’m gonna try to push this down oh it coming out there we go – Ew, ew – Look at that it looks so perfect man – This looks like a blueberry – It looks like a perfect blueberry. I want to feel my noodle
now, here we go lets see – Wow – Its like weirdly slimy, these don’t act like
noodles but in my ramen I think they’ll look in place. We got all the ingredients and now its time to assemble our prank. – I’m starting it off by
slicing open my candle lemon – Oh that looks awesome – Oh my god for my ramen bowl here I’ve actually made the bowl out of soap and this part right
here is soap and noodles and these things turned out so cool – Can I touch them- – Yeah you can touch my ramen
noodles there so awesome. – They feel kinda creamy
actually, like hard cream look at this I got some awesome ice cubes that aren’t actually ice cubes – Wait, what there like squishy – I know – Next up we got some jelly soap and this is going to act
as the braw for my ramen. Yo I hope this doesn’t melt my wax bowl – I got my ice cubes in now
I’m gonna add some blueberry’s just like this – It looks so real – And one lemon – Oh my gosh – Now its time to add the liquid – What is that? – Its my jelly wax three, two, one – This is remarkable – Well here we go were gonna
some corn on mine right now this little owl on the top like that then were gonna add some gree
unions on the top of mine I totally forgot about the soap eggs. Where gonna slice this
thing open right now – Wow – Wow, dude – No way – Now its time to add
the finishing touches. These are going to look insane. Pranks are done and these look so edible but we are not allowed to eat. – But here’s the reveal – Three, two, – Oh – Oh, yeah 5 second subscribe challenge – We want to see who can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post
notifications in five seconds. Ready here we go five,
four, three, two, one done if you can do that comment down below keyper squad right now. – Three two one ta da yeah comment down below which
one looks more edible. We will be testing them
at them end of the video. You challenged us to do an
extreme pizza prank so lets go and instead of using cheese
I’m gonna be using egg whites to make a meringue. – So where are my eggs at – Actually its kinda
perfect up minchend it because I prepared you you an egg- – No in an bloke of ice dude this is not even a prank
its a inconvenience and the only way to get
these out is with this hammer three, two, one – Oh – I am so – There’s a whole bunch or water- lets see ah the eggs are broken. I broke the eggs – Now you may have heard
of cheese filled crust but instead I want people
to make thus uh face when they bite into my crust. So I’m filling it with Greek yogurt – Oh my gosh – I got the egg out
now it time to separate the whites and the yoke and
turn it into some cheese. – I got my meat grinder here and now its time to make
some terrible meat balls. – Nice I’m just whipping
up my egg whites over here its gonna look just like
cheese when its done man. – You want any of these
cherries right here – Those don’t look like cherries – No just trust me there from
a different part of the world there actually really tasty – Are you sure? – To prove to you that its not
a prank ill eat one with you. – Three, two, one – Ah wow what is that – How did you eat it and
have no reaction to it – I didn’t actually eat a – Next imma blend it up with this, uh yeah the cheese is done this is
probably gonna taste really funky – Yo – Oh my gosh someones gonna bite into this an think its a meat ball and
it gonna make them go uh. My meat I got some prosciutto here and I have a very unice way of cooking it with a plasma globe. I will use the power to this globe so here we gone three, two, one go if it works it might leave an electric after taste to the meat – Oh oh, my gosh I’m gonna use this prickly pare to see if I can make a
spark in between the two. – Wait what? – Three, two, one – Is that even possible – What no, oh my gosh
turn the lights back on and see if this actually works – And instead of pepperoni
I got a sweet surprise for anybody that bites into my pizza – Wait strawberry’s for pepperoni – Yes and the secret
ingredient is dried ice – What – Three, two, one oh – Yo – Its becoming the witches combrit – Oh – Ah – Next up were gonna cook shrimp but instead of using alov oil
we got some ketchup right here were gonna add it down – Is it clogged or something – does that look clogged to you? – Oh yeah- ah – Its just the string – I would never put
ketchup on shrimp big no no – But you would squirt it in my face – Now its time to see
if my strawberry froze – Three, two, one oh now its time to see if it gonna smash – Do not try this at home – Three, two, one oh he got hit with a whole bunch of pieces – Why are you even doing this? – Remember this is my pepperoni – These are perfectly cooked – Ah its hot – Now its time to lather
this stuff onto my pan when this stuff hardens its
gonna look just like pepperoni you won’t be able to tell the difference next up I got to dehydrate this stuff and I’m gonna pop it in the oven and cut out the pepperoni slices. All right so its out of the oven – And for tomato sauce
I’m gonna use kimchi for my pizza sauce. – Wait I herd your suppose
to open it upside down – Okay got you three, two, one – Your supposed to go quick yes yes – I’m covered in kimchi now we gotta get it all and strain it up the sauces is almost done. – We go all the ingredients now we can assemble the pizza prank what are you gonna start with? – Instead of starting with tomato sauce where gonna start with sriracha – No we gotta eat this – Next up is for my cheese marian – Why is it coming out of the top? – I don’t know Devin I broke it are you ready for this stuff – What is that? – This looks like jerky than bacon – Now we got these boba
balls here there very slimy reaching into the bowl is very in pleasant – Now its time for my unexpected pray to take a whiff and a bite – Ah – Your not gonna do it – No I won’t eat an uncompleted pizza next I’m going to line the thing with okra – Oh – Look how slimy it is now its time to put the finishing touches – Both pizzas are out of the oven and these did not turn
out how I expected them here’s the big reveal three, two, one – Ta da yeah – What is this dude – Mine is gonna be so spicy – Oh my gosh you can comment down below who’s pizza do you think will taste worse we will be eating them
at the end of the video and choosing who’s the ten
thousand dollar winner. – Got all the pranks here where gonna find out who’s gonna win the ten thousand dollars. Reminder mine is an active volcano that might go off at any second – Wait what really? – Yeah it might literally – It can erupt any minute
don’t even get close you never know what’s gonna happen – My sand castle pretty legit it just as fragle as a real sand castle – I think we should eat mines first – This is a meat in the agar agar you can have some of the tower as well- – No no no no – What? – I want the whole tower – Its like a little treat for you – I gonna say uh yeah no- – Three, two, one – Ah the coral is so oh my god ah it so cold – You know what the
taste kinds gets better this isn’t a prank on the
person eating the sand castle its a prank on the person watching the other person eat he sand castle. – What? I gotta tell you
something about my volcano its not currently active right now. Its gonna be active when I
put the hot vinegar in it. I got the vinegar its red
I wanna make sure the lava. Next we got some baking soda,
were gonna be dumping this in were gonna set it all
off its gonna go crazy. You might wanna step back a little. – Three, two, wait wait were gonna do a fifteen minute
video call with me and Devin. Text the word fun to 81800 so
pause the video and text 81800 and you will be automatically in to win now lets see what happens. Three, two, one [Sound Effect] – That shot right up – My sand castles falling right – Now were gonna slice
a piece of the volcano its a little soggy – Ill eat one of these edible bath bombs and ill eat some of that – And ill pick up some of the
mash potato lotion right here. – This smells good – Three, two, one – Wow oh yeah you get to comment down below who’s you think would taste better. We will be finding out the
ten thousand dollar winner at the end of the video – We got the finish pizzas and these things are gonna taste funky. – Your has hot sauce
literally saracha sauce and the answer is no they look like fancy pizzas at a fancy restaurant you like
they put anything on pizza and charge a lot of money for it you have cactus, shrimp which one are we going to try first – I think I made a diabacle , master piece its got wasabi – And were judging off
of which taste worse – I think you need to
get some cactus on it – I don’t want any cactus slice – No I don’t want the cactus – I didn’t think about the cooking yogurt – Lets go three, two, one – Oh – Oh mmmmm – Its so hot – We got the sweet strawberry pepperoni – That’s really bad – Mines considered pretty good – I like how you move your whole body – Its a sea saw motion oh your a folder when you eat yo pizza – Just in Devin fold his pizza – I gotta pull of the front of this dude – Enough talk time for action – Three, two, wait wait
oh we just started our brand new keyper clubs you will get seclusive actisite to live
streams, merch discounts codes, custom emojis and, loyalty
badges and, exclusive content, so click the top link ad
join pay four nine a month – Three, two, one – Oh – Ah – I don’t like that – That like the weirdest combo
of foods I have ever tasted – I gotta say the shrimp was
like a wup pow right at us – Where testing out
our candle prank to see which one is truly worthy
of ten thousand dollars yours looks os amazing – I know right – I could totally see
myself picking this up and taking a drink of this and then being very confused
why nothings comes out Three, two, one its just a
whole bunch of candle wax the wick is very hidden on the inside you can’t really see it – I really like yours except the irish spring the
smell is a dead give away this dirt to make sure
this stuff actually works and remmeber its all made out of soap gotta get hands dirty this is an. Then you gotta get the soap out right now. Oh I can feel its almost ready to come out the soap is out – Covered in dirt but out – Lets see if this works this seems to be working – Whoa whoa whoa your splashing it every were that actually totally worked you can put this in your bathroom sink that’s soap not a bowl of ramen – Yours is good but its
not gonna stand up to my dry ice mint leaves – Excuse me sir – Why’d you call me sir I’m filling all fancy now that
my hands are all washed up. – Now I think its time
to light these candles now that’s the real test to
see if this actually works – This involves fire so
remember do not do this at home – Three, two, one – Its so small – Why did I have to chose this – That one didn’t work – You can comment down
which one turned out better and we will be announcing the winner we got the ten thousand dollars – The first round were judging
is the candle and soap round its cleaned my hands ethereally – My treat worked but the other one didn’t – The drink didn’t work so
therefor I win that round there we go one point to me Next one we are judging is the pizza. Weird I mean the saracha
for pizza sauce on yours and the strawberry pepperonis were uh and the boba third off all in all they were really funky pizzas but yours definitely had that edge to it you definitely won that round – Yeah – Devin’s got one point now
were coming into the final one – And who will be the ten
thousand dollar winner be decided by your sand castle and my volcano and your sand castle was magnificent there where just so many unice Elamites I have never seen before on yours but yours had actual
valcano flying out of it and your little dinosaurs
touches with the water and literally destroyed yours – I think you won – Yes – What are you gonna do with the money? – See I’m gonna read all your comments and the best comment is going to see how I use this ten thousand dollar if you wanna see another
video you have 5 seconds here we go five, four,
three, two, one done love you bye

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