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Bible Journaling Supplies (Beginner) Budget Friendly

Bible Journaling Supplies (Beginner) Budget Friendly

hello friends Nicki here from crazy a
simple truth and this is part of my beginner Bible journaling series and
today I’m going to show you how to do a really simple watercolor background
wash on your Bible you do not have to have a Bible journaling
Bible to do this oh that’s cute that’s how you can do is use the Dollar Tree uh
washy let me see if I can find a good page here for you that I haven’t
destroyed already I can’t destroy because I get a little crazy with this
Bible it’s fun okay um let’s say okay so this is circumcision of the heart so
let’s just go for that whatever okay so I got these at Walmart you can use any
kind of watercolors and I’m just going to show you how to use these really
super simple basic I got a jar of water a paper towel you’re gonna use this
simple brush that came with it because this is inexpensive and easy and for
beginners you’re just gonna use this little brush sometimes I give them a
little haircut cuz the cheap brushes are kind of uneven there you go give a
little haircut and then you’re gonna get it wet and you could put a piece of
paper under here if you’d like I think I’m just gonna use this envelope that
was in with my greeting cards just already has marked on it I think I
better do something else that’s not marked on let’s see we’ll just do this
one okay so I think what I’ll eventually be doing with this page is using this
Easter card here with these flowers so I kind of want to make a pinkish color and
I don’t have any white water colors so we’re just gonna use lots of water with
the red so you’re gonna go ahead and get your brush really really wet and I’m
gonna go down here now I’m gonna go over some of the words too so if you don’t
have a journaling Bible you can see how you can still do this if you want to not
get this paper wet you can use a piece of plastic under this so that you’re not
getting you know the whole thing wet because you may end up soaking through
you don’t have to wet it first but sometimes I like to and then you’re
gonna go in with your red and get it really wet ooh these are nice these are
really nice and see how it looks on my brush and then whoops and then you’re
gonna just okay see how I’m holding it almost like a you guys can’t even see
what I’m doing can you guess I’ll scoop this up you’re gonna hold this like a
chopstick almost I guess and you’re gonna just really softly go across your
water like this get more paint on your brush go across it really softly don’t
go all the way to the edge don’t go all the way to the edge let’s get it a
little bit more wet because we want a little bit more of a pinky color in it
so we’re just gonna keep going up and do you see how I’m holding it really loose
and soft you want the weight of it on this edge for what we’re gonna do with
it anyway and you just want to go up like that I’m not gonna do any color
blending today but you could add other colors in here and make it brighter or
softer I’m gonna go ahead and try to pull up some pink so I’m really diluting
the red oh there I didn’t really dilute at that time did I but this is the cool
thing about watercolor is you just go over it again another thing you can do
with watercolor if you don’t like it or you feel like you got a little bit
too much is just use a paper towel and pick it up like that
see that simple tada done okay so I’m gonna go ahead I was just gonna do the
watercolor wash but I think I’m going to go ahead and show you how I use this
card so I’m going to take this oh isn’t it pretty and I’m gonna cut it out I’m
just really simply cards are thick so we could glue this in or we could do a tip
in and I’ll show you what a tip in is in just a moment I don’t think I’m gonna
cut around those all those little flowers even though they’re really
pretty I think I’m just going to get like some basics here there may be hmm
no no let me decide here that’s kind of pretty do you see the watercolor
background that they did this is actually a watercolor painting so it’s
really pretty now of course this would cover your words so there’s a couple
different things you can do because this happened to be on the fold I can
actually make this a tip-in so a tip-in is where you tape this here okay you’re
gonna tape this here and then you’re gonna be able to this is actually kind
of a tip out so you would not be covering your words you would be taping
it there and it would tip out you can do if this wasn’t sideways you could do a
tip up you could do a tip in which I guess is when it goes it’s when it goes
inward Oh that’d be pretty that’d be really pretty actually I kind of like
that so I think I’m going to do that with it so what you can do then on this
side of your card is you could take notes on the scripture that you’re going
to journal and then you could just tape this in I guess since I’m not going to
use those flowers I’ll just give myself a little surface here that I can tape
into my seam here and actually that’s still covering my Bible words and I
don’t want to do that because I some of you don’t like to do that and so I want
to make sure that as a beginner you know that you don’t have to do that if you
don’t have a journaling Bible see how I can see all of my words through they’re
still they’re totally visible and then can you see how I’ve got that
in the seam and I would tape that right there you could glue that right there in
fact I think I will glue it there I’ll just put some glue along my card here
that’s kind of nice that it ended up on the fold that’s a really good way to do
it if possible to cut it so the card the thick part of the card you know cuz it’s
hard to get a nice solid good straight Bend on a card cuz they’re so thick and
shiny so actually this worked out really super well so you’re just gonna glue
that and then you’re gonna put it down in here right where you want it and I
want it to go right at the bottom so I’m gonna put it there and then can you see
kind of what I’m doing here probably not can you see what I’m doing
here and pushing it down in actually gonna close it to do that oh this is
gonna be so cute pull it up a bit okay I pay just super-wet over here I have a
little blow-dryer but I’m trying to show you this for beginners so I’m not going
to use that you would just need to let it sit out and dry well before you move
on but look at just that isn’t that beautiful it’s so pretty and then if you
put a little bit of maybe even the greenish let’s try that let’s try to do
a little bit of greenish and this screen might have a tiny bit of blue in it so
I’m gonna use my lid here as a palette and I’m just gonna use a tiny bit of
blue in it and maybe even a tiny bit of brown which is I think is what that is the cool thing about watercolors if you
remember using them in school is if you mix the color and it gets in here like
right now there’s brown on top you just run this under the faucet before you put
them away which is really great so all I’m doing here is adding some green to
sort of make it blend in with that and if you can’t get the exact color that’s
okay hope I better put my envelope back under
I have little plastic cutting boards that would be perfect for this they’re
just really thin paper cutting boards so lift that up maybe I need to add some
yellow to it yeah there we go just play around with
it until you get the right color and then you just blend them together and
keep going work your way up I didn’t wet this page first I probably
could have should have you want the majority of your weight over on this
side which meaning meaning that you can kind of do it soft here but over here
you kind of want it a little bit heavier I just like things anchored I call it
don’t know why I call it that but that’s what I call it so we’re just what I’m
trying to do here is just make this look like part of the leads that’s all I’m
doing whoops I guess I could have put my lid
on my glue huh a little bit more green in there then
all that yellow and then see how I got a little bit too much green so you just
bring it down just bring it on down I think I am going to go out to the edge
on this side since I want it to look like the flowers are kind of part of
that get a little bit of brown in there just keep playing with that there’s no
right or wrong way you’re not going to mess up you can try it on a piece of
paper first if you’d like to you don’t have to do it right in your Bible kind
of test it out and then you can work your way up the
page if you wanted to so I’m just gonna basically use water up here just get it nice and soft colored nice and soft
color there okay see how that works isn’t that cute and you’ve literally
only used a junk mail basically your card I mean it’s not junk but you’ve
used a card that you probably may not have kept otherwise and you’ve used like
two dollar paints and that’s it and it’s beautiful
now another thing you could do then I wasn’t gonna do all this today but I
think I’m kind of liking it is if you didn’t want to write in your Bible if
you don’t have a journaling Bible like I said you could write on the back of this
card look at what I did oh well it’s kind of Purdy oh you guys
can’t even see oh my Nicky can’t do a Bible journaling tutorial and then not
be able to see what you’re doing I got paint on my tip in but that doesn’t
matter so actually you should do that after you
put your thing in but isn’t it pretty it’s so pretty I love it so then you
could take this and glue and you could use your post-it note and you could make
make a note so let’s say that you didn’t want to write on this Bible so you could
put the post-it note even like right in here you could put it here you could put
it here if you didn’t have the journaling Bible and then you just be
able to raise it up where you wanted to see there’s a lot of different things
you could do let’s say that this wasn’t a journaling Bible this would be really
pretty to just have it here and write on it like maybe write the verse on it and
then if this was the verse that I was gonna do then a beginning way to do that
is just to take your black pen and just circle the first or underline the verse
that you want to accentuate that the one that you were doing this page for so
let’s see for the promise to Abraham and to his descendants that he would inherit
the world not through the law but through the righteousness
comes by faith okay this is why the promise is by faith so it may be
according to grace to guarantee it to all the sentence so this would be faith
by grace so I could take this and circle faith and grace and then what you could
do is take your little alphabet letters that you print it off if you saw the
beginner video here with the supplies and you could look for like Grace and
faith and you could trace those so you would just simply put the letter
underneath this and you would trace the a now let’s say you didn’t have a
journaling Bible well then you’d make some smaller letters and you would put
them up here or if you didn’t why right in your Bible at all you could do
lettering on here so you could do faith and grace or God grants us faith and
grace or we have faith and God grants us grace you could do just a numerous
amount of different things that you could write and see how the water colors
are just an awesome awesome thing to do in it you also could since I have a
journaling Bible I could write a prayer over here I could write study notes I
could write sermon notes you could just do an endless amount of things of
options that you could do and then you also can take this and make a tab out of
it so you could put it this way write on it
faith by grace or faith and grace or whatever and then you would just close
it up and you would be able to see it from of top do you see that there there
it is yeah so there it is beginner Bible journaling with watercolors and because
I think that they’re just an awesome first tool to use and anybody can do it
I know you water colored in school I know you did and I know that you cut and
you know how to use a glue stick so you are set that’s all you need to do and
it’s beautiful I absolutely love the way it turned out I love it I think I’m
going to go ahead and write this down so you guys can kind of see my idea here of
what I’m talking about can you see what I’m doing you do not have to write good that’s why
I say that you can trace it faith and grace
I’ll inevitably spell it wrong because I always spell things wrong when I’m on
camera always okay so I do it off camera too but I get to thinking about what I’m
doing and lettering and I forget to pay attention to my spelling okay see so you
could do that right there and then you could write oh I forgot I did it upside
down oh well you could do it there you could have wrote it smaller if you were
gonna use it as a because I did it upside down and I’m not using it as a tab I could go in then let’s put it
right there and just washi tape this on if you didn’t want to cover your words
you could put it right on over here or right on over here and just use that to
tape it down see that simple cute simple cute we use some more of my $1 I got
five for a dollar at Dollar Tree they’re really hard to find the edge and you
can’t always find them there though but Walmart does sell them you can get them
on wish that website you order stuff in like China so it takes a long time for
it to come though so you have to be patient but in where there’s space
between things this is where you can use washi tape as a beginner Bible journaler
and I just use my thumbnail and tear so I’m gonna it’s gonna be hard for you to
see it there but I’ll show you on this one you could use a little piece of it
here where there’s just some gaps and I could use some over here
there’s not really a gap there but there is one here if you’re careful so I could
go all the way across on this one just to give it kind of some cute zenus and
then let’s say that I want to use one of my planner stickers since you know this
is Bible journaling at 101 I can put a little checkmark there and then I can
write a note I could put a checkmark over here by the verse if I wanted to
even in the seam in the in the edging of the Bible here you could put that so it
kind of just shows you a way that you can use planner stickers just so many
endless things that you can do let’s see I had a little bit of flowers left so I
could even put those somewhere like glue them on if I wanted to or I could use
that as an example and I could paint those on to so you can practice that so
there it is beginner Bible journaling super easy
super cheap and I didn’t cover any of the words and if you didn’t have a
journaling Bible you just stick this somewhere else
or don’t use it at all it’s up to you tada
okay that’s what I want to show you today so if you like Bible journaling
and want to learn more about it there are a lot of videos on my channel under
my Bible journaling and scripture writing playlist or you can just
subscribe and you can learn how to Bible journal plus you can learn to Bible
study which is the most important thing you can spend doing in timewise spend
doing in your Bible is Bible study and that’s what my you – whew I spilled my
water that’s what my youtube channel is a bout so Bible studying is super super
important and now I better go because I got to clean up this mess that I just
created alright bye ladies

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5 thoughts on “Bible Journaling Supplies (Beginner) Budget Friendly

  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m going to buy a journaling Bible and I want to use the cards my late husband gave me over the years, maybe use the water colors too. What do you think Miss Nicki?

  2. That’s very pretty. I found a card yesterday that is so beautiful, I’m going to make a planner divider with it. ❤️😁

  3. What an awesome idea! Use all the beautiful cards that has been given to us over the years. Thanks for the very great tip Nicki!

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