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Big Ben / United kingdom / Acrylic landscape painting / Draw your country

Big Ben / United kingdom / Acrylic landscape painting / Draw your country

Today I used acrylic to paint Big Ben in London, UK. Thank you again for watching until the end. See you next time!

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100 thoughts on “Big Ben / United kingdom / Acrylic landscape painting / Draw your country

  1. Sometimes when seeing you paint, I think to myself, as the finishing picture comes to life, that knowing that there are many other great artists out there too, and if this is the realism and true inclination to the spirit of painting presented by one person’s work, then to think of any other’s being greater would simply be unbelievable, it’s plausibility is staggering and utterly breathtaking as to the heights of such refined skills.

  2. Hi Shibasaki. Otra vez misterioso hasta que se descubre tu intención. Me encanta verte pintar. El acrílico es más denso, con más cuerpo pero igualmente surge, en tu cuadro, con colores sutiles y a la vez llenos de energía. Gracias por compartir y un beso. 🌹

  3. wow ~ I can almost hear Big Ben ~ and love the double-decker bus like I used to ride to school on in Hong Kong ~ very nice!🙋🏼‍♀️

  4. I can’t even imagine how long it took for you to reach this level of artistic talent; it’s fascinating to look at a few blobs of paint turn into a masterpiece! Thank you!

  5. Thank you for always bringing us positive feelings, especially in the recent events in this world, Shibasaki-san. You always inspire us 🙂

  6. I love your detail to the lightingin this piece, the glow around Big Ben brings a feeling of an early misty morning and the color scheme envoke a sense of ease and calm.

    It is a really beautiful peace and I really enjoyed seeing you bring this to life! Thank you for sharing your work! I look forward to seeing more!

  7. I don't have the foresight of trusting that the colours will work. But this is absolutely beautiful. I will work hard to train to get better at this too.

  8. I was never really that interested landscapes but you’ve completely changed my mind. This is just, wow ✨

  9. 素晴らしいですね❗どんどん変化していく絵に引き込まれました‼️ありがとうございます😊

  10. すごい!ホントすごいです!!感動します😭😭しばさきさんの絵もっと見たいです!

  11. Good to see you are well with all the current insanity going on in the world.
    Take care of yourself, keep sharing your paintings as we all need more beauty in our lives.
    And if you have time, let us know how you are doing and how your area is being impacted.
    Here is wishing you continued health and safety.

  12. Once the paint was put on the canvas, I realized it was acrylic and got confused haha, but the finished product is still amazing!

  13. What a pretty picture, dear abuelito Shibasaki-sama! 🙂 Your skill is fantastic as always! It's also great to see you using more techniques! :'///3 Hope you make a mexican scenery someday.

    Take a lot of care, dear abuelito, spacially with the COVID-19 thing out there! Blessings for you and your family!!! :3

  14. I can honestly say this was one of the most interesting painting timelapses I've seen for a long time. I couldn't picture what will the painting portray until later in the video. It was interesting to see your process! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Wonderful! I also love it when we don't see the finished painting on the thumbnail – makes it even more exciting to see what it will look like once finished.
    Stay safe everybody ❤️

  16. fantastic^_^素晴らしいですね。僕も水彩画から、少しづつ練習をして行ってます。

  17. 透明水彩とアクリルって、本当に性質が違うのですね❗

  18. One of the most beautiful artworks i've seen in a while. Thank you for blessing us with your talented work, Shibasaki-san!

  19. Wow! Acrylics too? I only subscribed for watercolors but now I get 2 for 1 deal! I would like to see some gouache as well, if possible.

  20. アクリル画は色を塗り重ねることでどんどん絵が変化していく…水彩画とまた全然違った魅力がありますね😊🎶

  21. 柴崎先生こんにちは。逆光の中に浮かび上がるロンドンのビッグベンすてきです。不透明な絵具をどんどん塗り重ねていって最後には透明感すら感じる絵になって驚きましたー。ずっと昔ロンドンに行ったことがあって、車が左側通行だったと思い出しました。今回も素晴らしいビデオをありがとうございました。

  22. あの点々が、こんな素敵な絵に変わるなんて!

  23. 美しいの一言です😭こんな素敵な絵をYouTubeで見れることに感謝しかありません!!!

  24. アクリル絵の具🎨の場合色んな色を塗り重ねるのですね。光の当たり具合が素敵です。赤 青色を塗られたので何だろうと思っていたらバス🚍とクルマ🚙でした。見る方は、無造作に描いている気がするのですが頭の中で計算がキチンとできているんだろうと感じます。段々 ビッグベンの時計台が形になり素敵な絵に🖼なりました。楽しませて頂きました。

  25. watching it all come together was amazing!! I was honestly realized confused what you were going for at the start but then all the details came in and I was just like WHOA

  26. こんにちは☀️🤗 毎回色のマジックに魅了されますが、今回はアクリル絵の具🎨で驚きの過程を見せていただきました👏👏👏😍 夕暮れ時でしょうか、黄金色に染まるロンドンの霧に包まれたビッグベンの表現のされ方が素晴らしいですね!✨✨✨そしてロンドンバスで一層イギリスのイメージが強調されて、奥行きと動きのある生きた風景画になるのはさすが柴崎先生だと思いました🙌💕💕💕 水彩画のロンドンもまた見てみたいです😊💕💕💕 どうもありがとうございました🙏😊💕 この後も良い休日をお過ごしくださいね🤗🌸🌸🌸

  27. 幻想的な霧の中に浮かび上がるビッグベンが素敵ですね🇬🇧✨外国の風景画も、もっと色々見てみたいです☺️💕

  28. 👏👏👏Genial! You are a genius Sir👏. You make It look so effortless! The work of a great Maestro. Thank for being a Sea of tranquility, a lighthouse pointing to a happy ending❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

  29. ビンに絵を描こうと買った絵の具はアクリル絵の具だったなと思い出し扱いにくかった事を覚えています😅


  30. Thank you so much, Mr. Shibasaki. This was beautiful. Your videos always amaze and relax me. I hope you're safe and well. ❤

  31. なんと素晴らしい絵でしょう!遊び感覚のある最初の絵の具の置き方や混ぜ方からは想像もできない仕上がりでした。いきなり最終的な色を使うより、深みが出るということでしょうか?

  32. Amazing! I don't like buildings except when you paint them. I love the layering, colors used, and techniques. There are a lot of lessons in watching you paint this one piece. You are a master at making painting look fun.

  33. I love your watercolor paintings, but this acrylic is so refreshing! I look forward to any art expression of yours, hope I can learn a thing or two from your work. Thanks!

  34. The mood is just enchanting <3
    It's a beautiful piece 🙂
    Thank you for the video, keep at it!
    Stay safe out there, love y'all <3

  35. I never thought of putting paint right onto the canvas for mixing – and here I’ve been thinking about all the paint that gets wasted drying out on my palette when I’m trying to mix colours. I’m going to try this!

  36. I loved watching this technique!! It was beautiful to see the picture come to life! Your videos remind me of Bob Ross, you are very talented and kind! Thank you for your hard work!

  37. 今回のサムネイルがイギリス国旗なので 何を描くんだろう?出来上がりはどんな風になるんだろう?って
    ちょっとしたクイズみたいで ワクワクしました😊🌸
    出来上がりは 幻想的でとっても美しいです✨✨アクリル画も素敵☺️❤️

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