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Bloody Asuna? Kirito WAKE UP NOW! | SAO Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 Trailer 2 Final Season

Bloody Asuna? Kirito WAKE UP NOW! | SAO Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 Trailer 2 Final Season

A bloody goddess Asuna appears! Kirito
you gotta wake up! So what’s up guys Foxen here the first full SAO Alicization War of
underworld final season trailer is out! SAO was like oh you want to see more?
Sure just don’t complain later. It is a pretty packed trailer so if you love SAO definitely Goddess smash that like and subscribe. By the way a huge thank you to
BookWalker for sponsoring this. Are you looking to catch up to any juicy SAO? How
about KonaSuba rezero no game no life thankfully BookWalker makes that super
easy! Definitely show them some love after this and the are freaking awesome
especially during these tough times. Anyway let’s get started the red
soldiers getting wiped out plus a bloody Asuna. This really was a super way
to kick off this trailer. A really great sign you got the best goddess already
torn up and bloody in all the right places. I am desperately hoping the
anime is able to captured the carnage from the book. Then the SAO guys
showing up or in-game now you got Klein, Agil, silica Liz the alfheim Online
generals you even got Eugene busting up Bercouli stance there. Don’t forget about the
GGO players and Yuuki’s guild come on where is the Yuna and Eiji? There’s even
goddess Asuna slashing away here loving that smile so much hope here. So I’m
definitely getting this vibe similar to the SAO movies final battle although
let’s just say things are about to get super especially bloody make it rain. As
for Papa Bercouli vs. the Gabriel bastard with Alice getting captured
you’re getting this obvious set up for the showdown. I’m super curious to see
how the anime will execute this fight. Come on do Papa Bercouli justice. For God Vector here that dude has gained some black eyes really adding to that
demon villain look. Any you know with the recent bleach news I’m just thinking
hollow. As for Ishakn and Sheyta you’ve already had so many people shipping
these two from the getgo. Notice the super busted cracked armor Sheyta is telling
this tired warrior to rest. I bet this scene is gonna be touching
for so many fans of them. At first glance I thought she was blushing here too but
no it’s as cleverly shaded bruise. that’s definitely genius if done on
purpose. Then more Red soldiers feels like these guys might become the
stormtroopers of SAO plus a hood and axe fellow who’s this of course you might
have already guessed it Vassago if the hood and axe combo doesn’t give it
away already I don’t know why would not with a spoiler this is laughing Coffin
ex-leader more ha ha ha. Next up Dee she is not
dead Dee right here it has that galaxy
hair thing going on and those chicken fingers aah oh my Solus so you’ve been
teleported from the underworld into interspecies reviews now I’m getting
that quinella vibe. Right in the next shot you can see goddess Leafa plus
mr. bacon here. I’m sorry unfortunately poor goddess Leafa is gonna be at the
receiving end of those sucky sucky fingers. Notice all the blood leaking
yet despite that I got a feeling that this is not gonna be graphic in how I
originally expected. You also do have that Leafa shot from the previous
trailer. One new thing I’ll point out is just notice Leafa hands being tied up.
Next up Fluctlights throughout this trailer you’re getting various shots
back in the ocean turtle. Most of them are actually focusing on Kirito’s
fluctlight or things related to it. Let’s just say there’s several times if
Kirito fluctlight showing some activity you might be able to guess
which times. Talking about Kirito hmm
first it was Alice and now we have Sinon hugging up on Kirito. Heck ya
so yes I had the biggest smile out of anything from the trailer. Around half a
million of you know why. Definitely check out my Kirito wakes up video for the
full story but here’s the bridge version and the SAO light novel actually
mentions goddess Sinon kissing Kirito right here. Totally glad that
wasn’t the case. Watch that still happen in the anime. Either way yeah Sinon
hugging Kirito. Asuna is about to get even more dyed in blood and it’s not
gonna be hers. By the way notice Kirito’s lower half moving
Just Kirito firmly grasping that sword of his what a reaction.
Next up Gabriel you got the guy coming out of some chocolate good stuff here.
Do you notice this is a GGO avatar? I’m not sure why they want to give it away
but there will be some switching going on. To be honest this blonde boy avatar
always seemed away to bland for me especially as this final villain
material. let’s see if the SAO anime it spices up a little bit. Next up goddess
Sinon with Alice + Alice crying out asking if she’s a burden. When I saw this
I was wondering are they showing too much?
Next up goddess Asuna in action from the previous teaser.
I did actually waste some time compare
this to the previous shot. The only differences were some lighting or
brightness Corrections. Also quick note since you’ve seen these statues a lot.
This spot is actually this battleground where the were shift over for Asuna and
some other people. Next up even more bloody Asuna.
I’m loving this shot this time looking super exhausted I’m sorry sweetie but
there’s gonna be gallons of the strawberry sauce or at least there
should be. Then with the way they’re ending this Kirito You got Kirito
opening his golden people’s aka that fan named God mode. Come on I wish they’d
show something near for this but I’ll take it.
So so far they’ve shown pretty amazing things if they really only get one thing
perfect it has to be the whole events revolving around Kirito’s return.
Don’t screw that up. Don’t fail Kirito. I want
everything involving that to completely wretch me. So as you could tell I’m going
freaking gaga for this trailer. What do you think? Post your thoughts down below
and I’m curious did they show too much. About some other things here let’s just
say there are things here and there sprinkler throughout there are actually
massive spoilers. If you want to know a post below you’ve been warned. Let me
also mention this regarding some possible changes that I do expect
happening otherwise there could be this possible SAO controversy. Without getting
into the actual details I’m gonna call it now and I do hope I’m dead wrong
about this there’s a good chance as this final SAO season 3 chunk is actually
gonna get SAO completely banned in China. Again post below if you want to know the
details. By the way did you notice in the opening throughout this trailer oh
yes Reona is back! So far I still need to see the actual opening plus visuals but
I’m definitely liking what I’m hearing so far I can’t believe how much of a
bigger friend I’m becoming of Reona. By the way we did get some information
about the ending. That’s gonna be by a different SAO veteran Eir Aoi. She’s done
so much already for SAO she did the second opening for season 1, the first
opening for season 2, the opening for the GGO spin-off and also the first ending
for SAO season 3. Quite the SAO resume. Next up about the
release date for this final SAO chunk. SAO war of underworld part 2 has 11
episodes confirmed. I’ve actually been getting so many questions about this but
apparently there’s quite a bit of fake rumors or fake news about this SAO chunk
getting delayed. As of this video that is not true. This will be coming out on
25th of April. I do wonder whether there’s gonna be any advanced screenings
for this. Due to you know what theatres have been shut down worldwide
except here in Japan. Somehow in Japan still hasn’t shut almost anything down
really only schools so theaters are still open which is why I wouldn’t be
surprised if they actually did an advanced screening for the first two
upcoming episodes. If that does happen there’s no way I’m not checking that out.
By the way bookWalker if you love SAO or just need a distraction during these
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even more now especially during these times you got sponsors cancelling or
pulling out left or right due to you know what. As for upcoming Sao videos
previously I did talk about this SAO series being this collab with bookWalker.
That is still coming up. Unfortunately the SAO anime coming out later than
expected combined with you know what has delayed this a little bit. Thankfully I
am working on this now definitely coming with any SAO topic you want to see
covered but anyway more important definitely post your thoughts about this
and really stay safe guys be sure to subscribe for more juice the anime
videos check out my bleach and spring anime video. Those are pretty fresh and
I’ll see you guys later!

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18 thoughts on “Bloody Asuna? Kirito WAKE UP NOW! | SAO Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 Trailer 2 Final Season

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  2. The only change that I would want to see is for Kirito's eyes to open on regular color and have the god mode eye color make a small shine.

  3. All i want to know is kayaba will be there?? Cuz he started all of this and they cant just forget about him..also he was in the opening for the part 1 and he showed on one of the episodes

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