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Can I Finish this Painting in ONE HOUR?! | From Sketch to Final Piece

Can I Finish this Painting in ONE HOUR?! | From Sketch to Final Piece

I kind of feel like challenging myself today. So we’re gonna do a watercolor piece. I have my paper here. What we’re gonna do is get out this handy-dandy phone and – oh, y’all see all of my alarm clocks. EXPOSED. I’m giving myself one hour to start and finish a full-blown art project. Let’s just get that water glass ready, because we’re doing watercolor. Here’s all my watercolor brushes. I can’t find one of my paint palettes. It needs to be over here when I start this timer Okay, I have paint palettes all around. And let’s start this timer. Oh Boy, alright, I guess we’ll roll with things. I think I want to draw a person looking down ever so slightly Tilt the paper and go ahead Already off to a nippy start. Don’t you love those beginnings? I don’t know. Hmmm how do I want to do the body? “booday” – Body Let’s make something like this. It can kind of go off the page if needed. 58 minutes. Oh, it’s only been two minutes. We’re good. Okay, I’m starting over. Starting over because the head is too big. I just feel like I was unnaturally cramming things in here for what I wanted. So you guys get to see all my mistakes today. You guys, I make a lot of them. So it’s all good. I have really enjoyed drawing hands lately I have made myself – like really really pushed myself to actually draw them. Change that little leg curve, it looks weird. How much time do we have? 52 minutes, oh my goodness that’s wild. Okay That nose is way more fitting. Man the concept is taking way longer than I was hoping so Wow boy Maybe a smaller mouth. Oh my goodness 45 minutes left. I’ve spent 15 minutes on the composition Honey, what? Mmm. Do I want to do a headband in this? I kinda think it would be fun to do like some big knotted headband. She has like a choppy bob. I’ve been really into drawing like bobs lately You guys have probably noticed that. 39 minutes. Oh my goodness. Oh. My word. The stress. Maybe like a big color-block kind of sweater with like thin stripes at the bottom Ooh, because those can be like black and white and then go up to some other color Okay Miranda you are just creating a lot of work for yourself as far as everything else goes I’ll just do a background kind of like this like she’s in a dirt area. How much time do we have? Oh 34 minutes This stopped recording and I – I don’t know what it did because I was so into this. Apologies We have 29 minutes left. Whew, isn’t that just about enough to make you nervous? I’ll give her a little bit of a cheekbone. She has more of like a round face though, so – I don’t think a cheekbone is gonna Be happening too much How much time? Oooh 27 minutes. Okay, we’ve got this we got this! We can do it we can do it! All right! Mid-drawing pep talk. Got to give yourself one of those. Raise your hand if you give yourself a mid drawing pep, talk You know for this being somewhat rushed. I’m actually pretty happy with it. I’m not gonna lie. I Think I’m gonna extend her sweater though, cuz her body looks a little like squished right now. So, that is part of her sweater. And then we’ve got that booty right there. I Decided to add one cat to this. Ooh! I need to do the lips. Because I just thought it’d be cute to have a little creature peeking over all the pumpkins as she’s sorting through them. At least outlining isn’t taking as long as I thought it would There we go. That Kitty is so adorable my heart is melting. You know, I got these fine liners in a subscription box. They are the Graphix fineliners by Marabu. I honestly think they’re the best fineliners I may have used. It’s really hard for me to find ones that I like, but these ones are really sturdy cuz I like that. How much time do we have? 21? Oh my goodness. I need to color this in yet. Honey. Y’all better speed it up I’ve only got like – ahh guys. I’m like panicking This is a good exercise to like loosen up a bit but like uh-huh Help me I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to finish this in an hour, but that’s the challenge. I’m challenging myself. I smeared – I got smears on here. Okay. Okay, calm down Calm down You are making this way more stressful than it is. Everybody calm down As in, I’m probably the only one freaking out right now. I got this idea from Kasey Golden and DrawingWiffWaffles I saw them do it and was like, ooh, that would be a really good way for me to loosen up a bit so that’s what I’m doing. Fifteen minutes left. Oh my word. Okay. We are gonna have to paint like the wind Okay, well I just erased like the wind. Look at that mess – girl, whatever. We haven’t even started painting yet. Okay, let me just uh get all these shavings out of the way. Have any of you guys done this before? Like challenged yourself to finish a full-blown piece within like an hour? Let me know down below and if you did Did you finish? I’m a little worried right now. I want to know if this is something that people normally finish. I don’t know. By the way, I am going to do a little bit of self-promotion while we’re painting. But I have been working on a coloring book – a digital coloring book And if you’re a patron of mine, you probably already know that because you’ve gotten a free page to color, but I’m going to release it the first week of October in my shop. So you just download it and you can either digitally color my pages or print them yourself. I thought it was a really cool idea to let you guys like work on my art, I guess like if you want to color it and stuff. Okay. The background there’s a lot of dirt back here. So we’re gonna just lay down some of that How much time do we have? ten minutes left? Oh 10 minutes and 50 seconds left actually, but – oh No!, I dropped my brush. well, that’s what you get for rushing. Oh crap Aw crap. Ahhh. NOO! Okay life goes on We’ll just put a color there. That’ll cover it. How irritating! I had plans for this sweater. 9 minutes and 20 – where is time going? Can somebody tell me that? I didn’t think this would be so challenging but here we are Okay. Okay okay okay. Calm down girl. You’re being ridiculous right now. Oh wait, there’s one more path Oh! Oh my goodness I’m dropping stuff guys. I don’t even care where it lands, I’m on a mission. Hah! Open. My palettes. Okay, we’re good. We’re good. Everybody’s good. Calm down We want a blue sky. I’m just gonna slap that baby down, get some color because I have a feeling we’re gonna run out of time. Well, this is looking like a mess. If I could color this again, it would look different. All right, got that. How much how much time do we have? 6 minutes and 42 seconds hahaha.. Ok, let’s let’s get some orange for these pumpkins. Don’t know if I’ll be able to shade this but at least there will be some color. I’m literally shaking. This is more of a golden pumpkin I suppose 4 minutes and 49 seconds. Uh-uh. No, no, no, no. We’re gonna do this gold color up here. This cat is gonna be darker. A little gray cat, how cute! Her hair’s gonna be this color, so let’s do her brows. 2 minutes left. Oh, no. We’re not gonna finish guys. I I accidentally went over the headband too. My life. This is so stressful. Honestly, like what? I’m so nervous for that little dinger to go off on my phone. 25 seconds left Guys. Guys no I should have spent less time on the composition and just like ran for it. Man. This is how far I got in an hour guys. Ah that was way harder than I thought it was gonna be like honestly you can look at it up close if you want. I didn’t do all the pumpkins, I didn’t even get to shade this. I went out of the lines, like I was – I was literally shaking as I did this. So yeah, this is – This is what I got done in one hour. Typically a piece like this would probably take me two or three hours. I mean, when I record an art video like a time-lapse video, I would generally spend between three to five hours on a piece and I do simpler pieces for my videos, too. Like the art that I do off camera I spend way longer on So anyway, it was fun to see where I got. I’m not going to like redo this and try to get a piece done in an hour. I’m just gonna be real with you. I didn’t finish. I am gonna take this off camera for a little bit though, because I want to finish it and show you guys the difference So I’ll be back in like two seconds ready? Okay, I spent a few more hours actually finishing this piece and this is what it looks like now. I would say I like this version better It was fun to see what I could create in an hour. But realistically with the detail that I want to do and everything, I needed more time. Maybe if I did a smaller piece of paper, it would have worked – like if I would have done it in my sketchbook, but yeah this is what it looks like up close. There’s some details; the hand, look at the little kitty guys. If you liked this and you want to see more fun videos and art experiments and stuff, you can click this playlist right over here and binge watch things. So, yeah, thank you guys for watching and I will see you maybe in another video if you collect this playlist. Goodbye!

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67 thoughts on “Can I Finish this Painting in ONE HOUR?! | From Sketch to Final Piece

  1. Woah this is so good love you so much keep up the great work ❤❤❤❤
    Oh and dont worry i have that much alarms also ❤❤❤❤

  2. My name is Miranda too, and my pea brain sometimes forgets that I'm watching you! So when you say your name, I instinctively lift my head up to see who called me. 😂

  3. I love the outcome tho! 💖 It's super cute and the shading on the eyes is WOW!
    One of my up coming videos is a "I'm gonna paint like Bob Ross" but in acrylic in 30 minutes… Lol

  4. I Never do these challenges, I did some in college but that was aeons ago! I laugh at your alarms! Wait until you get older and you have alarms for your alarms! Pills are just one category! I do not remember how I got things done without a phone and the alarm app! I think you made it awfully hard on yourself going from blank page without an idea to a finished picture! It takes me a half hour just to get set-up ready to paint! I enjoyed the last line art you sold on your Etsy Store! You did a much better job, but then again it is YOUR ART! Wonderful Video keep up the fantastic works!

  5. I set alarms for EVERYTHING or I completely lose track of time. I also sleep through alarms, so I have to set a bunch or I stay comatose.

  6. Lol you could have coloured in everything using all of those eraser shavings, holy moly that sped up was quite funny. I really love my kneaded eraser, I can't go back since I started using one last year. Love the video though and how cute she is ☺️

    Edit: you still did really well all things considered

  7. I want your coloring book, but i have no printer 🙁

    Mira youre killing me xD

    Also what are those pretty paint brushes you are using, i didnt see them listed

  8. you did a good job trying to get this done in an hour 🙂 the linework is well done

    nope haven't challenged myself to do this, way too much stress lol I work way too slow to get art done in an hour. Etchings take weeks, coloured pencil take days, paintings can take months lol

  9. Hey you gave it your best shot, you had me stressing, picture is really great, how will one buy your colouring book, you mentioned down loading it, which will be fine, will you keep us updated, I would like to have all of the pages. Will it be like the ones in the stores? 👍🙂 Sorry for being so wordy.

  10. (sister’s account)
    I am soooo late! I’m so sorry ;(
    I will watch your video tomorrow morning.
    Tomorrow is my last night of summer break… wish me luck


  11. Whenever I make a mistake in my drawings, I do a similar freak out. I even talk to my cats about it like a crazy person! Also the finished piece was stunning! It kind of looked like Modern Snow White goes to a pumpkin farm.

  12. You should make this a mini series and do a drawing in one day and then in one week and then show them all together!

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    thank you for what you do. always exited when you post a video on you tube 🙂

  14. I tend to paint on location, in coffee shops and stuff and because people move, you’ve only got about 15 mins. That loosens you up no end!

  15. Mira is bringing it with the Fall vibes! I was so excited to see pumpkins! I think I should really do this challenge because I spent three hours on composition for my last drawing. So… this should go well for me. Haha!

  16. A nice challenge and a great try, you did very well and got quite far in an hour. The completed piece looks just so adorable and just love those colors.

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    Great video, even though you didn't finished.🤷🏻‍♀️💕 I probably gonna try this challenge out by myself!😁

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    Love kayla

  20. I would like you to challenge yourself something you can really finish within an hour up to your own high standards. I kinda liked this, although it made me very nervous. But I think it would give yourself and me as a viewer ( and subscriber of quite some time now) a lot of satisfaction to actually see it come together in 1 hour. Your challenge would be: planning what your going to draw / paint, how big / small, how many details, what medium… and most of all give yourself (and us) the satisfaction (of probably a much smaller but) totally finished work of art.
    But I love what you did with this one the finished. I love the colours, the shading, the depth, the details, style of illustration. It's really you, your style & Congrats with your coloring book coming in October.

  21. You should have done the line art in blocks, that way you will still be doing something as the watercolor dries up so u can layer

  22. I wonder why you didnt used a bigger brush for the bigger shapes like the sky and her hair. But I like the idea of this challange, maybe I should try this too.

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  24. Hi Mira, What a challenge to do a watercolor in ONE HOUR! OMG. I'm always curious to how some artists use a bold outline and others work mostly within watercolor. Hope to see more great painting. If you guys are looking for more painting, check my channel at ShawNshawN. Thanks for sharing Mira.

  25. it's beautiful😍💓, both the painting and the video 😊, and ur reaction when the time ended was priceless 👌😂 you always made my day! 🌸

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  27. Loved the finished piece! You did well in 1 hour! The cat looks slightly uneasy though like “whatcha doin’? You takin’ ma pumpkins??!”

  28. Loved the finished piece! You did well in 1 hour! The cat looks slightly uneasy though like “whatcha doin’? You takin’ ma pumpkins??!”

  29. I totally do exactly the same thing with my alarm clock. It's the only way I manage to catch my train on time. I consistently turn alarms off when I'm trying to hit the snooze.

    This was a fun challenge to watch and I like your final painting.

  30. I’m convinced this whole video was just a master plan to show off that cute home screen background on your phone 😂

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