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  1. I want it, I have some change in my pocket will that be enough? Truly breathtaking amazing place <3

  2. At first, this house looks unique. But upon closer inspection (especially @2:03), you see all the white concrete wall and pavement getting black and yucky from all the water. I don't think the building material is suitable for this kind of house and probably not the right kind of style for a mansion in Florida with a tropical climate and hurricanes…

  3. I'm just lovin his creative mind. This is magnificent.! A jewel Chateu Artisan. Wow! Girl gud nite outta this world. Love, love love👄❤

  4. I would wonder how many gators will find their way into that pond…or even worse…pythons….Florida is having a big problem with the python population

  5. I think it's underpriced as compared to today's garbage that cost >100M$ while only cost 1/10 of building cost? If the price's unknown, I would bid at 31M$. It looks great for what the price has to offer.

  6. It took five years to build the $10.9M 8 beds 7.5 baths 19,222 sq. ft abode for TWO senior people who have zero capacity to maintain or traverse it physically. They lived in it six years and got bored… Why? Luther Vandross sang, "a HOUSE is not a HOME…"

    Price dropped to $8.7M because it has not sold in FOUR years (?) so renting it out to celebs for videos, weddings, and other multi-million dollar events is the next best thing to cover the annual property tax. Wealthy people have NO IDEA what to do their wealth. A sensible person would build with future sales in mind. Design is lovely to look at, like 'eye candy,' but not something a couple would wake up to for life. Location is bad as was the idea for a mote. Now, it's nothing more than a show piece. Meanwhile, they would have been satisfied with $3.9M property and an entire community could have benefited from the difference. What the Bible says is true about a "rich fool." Luke 12:13-21


  7. The Chateau Artisan It Really Is An Amazing Home!
    Home Design and Architecture

    I love how he build the house on top of the water and created his own style scenery to wake up to. Do you love it or not?….

    Link: Chateau Artisan – Amazing Water Homes 
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