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Children’s Summer Art Program

Children’s Summer Art Program

My Name is Melanie Vogel And I’m the director of Cal State Fullerton’s
Children’s Summer Art Camp My belief is that all children should be exposed
to the arts And the type of children who come here Are students who are naturally interested
in art But, Children being who they are…Intrinsically
creative In an average day, the kids have a rotation
of four classes And they are in and with each teacher for
about an hour and ten minutes So they get to visit the ceramics lab They get to be with the performing arts teacher They are with a drawing and painting teacher And then another art teacher That focuses more on three dimensional design And between classes they have breaks of about
a half hour And they have an hour lunch between twelve
and one Over the two weeks in the ceramics class They will accomplish three hand building projects That involve slab and pinch pot methods Which are really ancient ways of putting clay
together In the two art classes they will be experiencing
print making They will be using a camera to create self
portraits They are going to be painting on wood They are going to be sewing So they have a diverse way of working in different
media In the theatre class, the students experience Song, dance, acting, and writing for a performance
in musical theatre At the end of two weeks, we have an open house And the students show off their work in all
of the classrooms And they become galleries And they will also do a performance in theatre Some of the benefits that children experience In art camp and learning about art is that
they gain self confidence They develop cognition, they develop fine
and gross motor skills They connect the arts to academic subjects Especially in later years in school And in doing so that helps to expand their
knowledge base and they become problem solvers And they develop leadership skills through
the arts Especially in the performing arts And all of those things will benefit them
in their adult life Art camp is the best, it’s better than all
of the rest We use paint, even clay, and we even still
have time to play HOORRAY! Applause…

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  1. Our summer programs for teens and kids are beginning to fill up. Learn more about our two-week art camp in the video below or visit the website for registration and information on our weekly classes:

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