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CLAUDIA SCHIFFER & Artdeco Makeup Collaboration – Tutorial and Review of 8 Products

CLAUDIA SCHIFFER & Artdeco Makeup Collaboration – Tutorial and Review of 8 Products

Hi guys! Today I’m gonna test some products from the
Claudia Schiffer Artdeco collaboration to help decide whether you might want to purchase
some of these products. I have done nothing to my face but put on
primer, foundation and MAC Paint pot in Painterly on my eyes. So let’s get started right away. This is the Liquid Lip and Cheek Tint. It looks like this. It’s a really, really nice dark red kind of
color. I’m just gonna swatch that on the back of
my hand here, even though it’ll stain right away. Also, a small disclaimer, this is not a first
impressions because I filmed this video yesterday, but my camera cut out half way through, so
yeah, I’m doing it again today. I’m putting some of this product onto a palette,
because I might want to use this on my clients, so I don’t want to get the brush dirty. Then I’m gonna take this 125 Stippling brush
from Zoeva. I’m just gonna dip it in a little bit, swirl
it around and put this on my cheeks. Now this dries really quickly, so you have
to work fast with this. But it’s a really nice color. I’m just putting it on the apple of my cheeks
and pulling it upwards. I really like the color, but I find it kind
of hard to apply, but maybe that’s just because I’m not used to cheek stains. I prefer cream blush actually to any kind
of blush, because I find it looks the most natural, but overall I’m happy with the color
and I’m happy the way it turned out. Now I’m just gonna take a cheap lip brush,
this is the Look! by Bipa lip brush, it costs like 3€ I think and I’m just gonna apply
this onto my lips. It smells really nice. It kind of smells like roses, which is a nice
touch. The color is gorgeous! I really love lip stains, the problem is that
I have a really scarred upper lip, so I feel like the color never really applies evenly,
but I do love it because you literally do not have to worry about it all day if you
put it on. Moving on. This is the Illuminator they call it, you
have to shake it and there’s little balls inside and the oil does kind of get separated. This is a really nice kind of golden pinkish
highlighter. Looks like this. See that, it’s gorgeous. So I’m just gonna take a sponge and put that
on the highs of my cheeks bones. Now I have noticed that sometimes it does
tend to take off my foundation if I pat it on afterwards, but if I’m really careful and
I use a sponge, that doesn’t happen. It is a gorgeous color though. Just gonna take this a little bit up to my
eyebrows as well. You see that? Now I’m gonna set everything with the no color
setting powder. I love the packaging of this by the way, I
find it looks really chic and expensive and it’s not super heavy but it’s quite heavy,
so yeah, this is the setting powder. It has a really weird feel to it when you
go over it with your finger like this. I don’t know, I don’t really like it. It doesn’t feel like a powder, it feels like
a plastic, but there is powder coming off, so yeah, I haven’t tested this quite as much
yet, so let’s try it! I’m gonna take my MAC 129, just swirl it in
the powder and press this onto my face. It always feels like there is nothing coming
off, but there is. Good thing is there is absolutely no color
to this powder. It does seem like it’s kind of shimmery, so
maybe on camera you can see that, let me know in the comments! It feels set, but it feels like there is nothing
on there, it’s very interesting. Alright, let’s move on to contouring. This is the contour powder. The packaging is exactly the same as the setting
powder, it’s also the same as the eyeshadow quad, which I don’t really like because then
I can’t tell which one is which in a drawer. This is a really, really light color, I’m
just gonna swatch that for you there, it looks like this. It is too orange for my liking, I like really
grey contouring powders, so they really imitate shadows. This I would probably use as a bronzer, I
like that it’s really light because I have really light skin, so for bronzer this would
be perfect, but just for the sake of the video I’m gonna use it as a contour color. This is the Professional makeup 22087 brush. I’m just gonna give it a swirl, tap it off
and go in circles just under my cheekbones. It is very subtle, so this is excellent for
an everyday makeup look. Just contouring my forehead a little bit as
well, because I have a massive forehead. Alright, I’m gonna contour my nose a little
bit as well, for that I’m gonna use the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush and just use really
a tiny bit. What I’ve noticed with almost all of the powder
products, there is a lot of fallout in the pan, but it’s not on the face afterwards,
so I can live with that, that happens with kind of pigments that are just pressed, because
everything is very pigmented. I’m going to move on to the eyebrows, for
that I got the eyebrow styler in 15 Slate. it looks like this. It has a very interesting shape, it has a
spoolie on one end and then it has a very interesting shape of pencil. So I’ve never used one like this before and
I wonder if I’m gonna be able to use it well. This is a little bit too dark for me. I like dark eyebrows, but this is the only
one that they had available in the online store, so yeah, I went with this one. I do like dark eyebrows, so it’s ok. Ok, the shape takes some getting used to,
but you are able to draw really fine lines with it once you kind of know where to position
it and stuff. Yeah happy with that eyebrow, now I just gotta
get the other one the same. Ok my eyebrows are done. I like the pencil and I don’t like it. It is a cool shape, the problem is the more
you use it, it gets worn down so it’s not as sharp anymore. I don’t know if I’m using it wrong, or what
I can do to improve that, but then it gets kind of blunt and it’s kind of clunky and
you can’t really make those little fine hairs anymore. Also, I really don’t like mechanical pencils,
because I don’t know how much is left and that makes me go crazy and I don’t want to
back-ups of everything at home, you know, I wanna know when something is close to finish
and then I’ll buy a new one, but that’s just personal preference I guess. On to the eyes. This is the quad eyeshadow. I guess this is in either 734 or 19 I don’t
know, I can’t really tell. This is what it looks like. Let me just do a quick swatch for you of these
colors and again, there is a lot of product coming out when you put your brush into the
pan, but then for some reason it doesn’t really transfer into a lot of fallout on the eyes,
so yeah, as I said, I can live with that. Alright, these are the swatches I did with
my finger. The colors are super pigmented and they do
blend out quite easily as you’ll see on my eye in just a second. I’m gonna go in with the Bobbi Brown eye blender
brush, this is just a very big fluffy brush and I’m gonna take this color right here,
which is a beautiful transition color and see what I mean? Can you see now that there is a lot of powder
coming out just by putting my brush to it? Yeah, it’s annoying but it’s not too bad. So I’m just gonna put this above my crease
and not go into the other V as I usually do, but just above my crease as a transition color. Just to make the blending process smoother,
I’m gonna add some highlight under my eyebrow already, this is the 234 Luxe smokey shader
from Zoeva and I’m gonna take the highlight color right here and just place that underneath
my eyebrow. I feel like this matches the liquid highlighter
really well and it’s a very similar color, which I like, because that way, it really
looks like the whole look is seamless. I’m taking a little bit of a smaller fluffy
brush now, this is the MAC 217 and I’m gonna go with this color right here, just above
my crease, like I did before, but not as, not as high up as the color before. That’s why I’m taking the smaller brush. I don’t know if you could see what I did there
the brush. I went in with my brush like this, just on
one side and I turn it, so the color is facing upwards and then I place it basically the
brush into my crease but the color is only going above the crease. That’s just a little trick if you find it
hard to place. Now I’m gonna go in with an even smaller brush,
this is the Sigma small tapered blending E45. It has a top like this, it’s just very tiny
and I’m gonna go in with the darkest color right here and again, I’m putting that just
above my crease, but not as far up as with the last color. Basically with this brush, I’m just doing
a small line and then I diffuse it upwards. Another easy way to tell where to put something
if you are doing a soft cut crease or a cut crease is to look with your eye open and place
it just above where your eye meets your crease, if you understand what I mean, probably not,
just do what I’m doing. I’m gonna go back to my MAC 217 and just blend
that all together. Now basically you got the first steps to a
cut crease, so if you want to carved out your crease with a concealer or with a MAC paint
pot, but I want the soft crease kind of look so I’m just gonna take a wet eyeshadow brush,
I’m just gonna spray that with Fix+ and I’m gonna go in with the highlighting color and
place that underneath on the movable lid. And I’m gonna go right into the crease with
that color. I feel like it doesn’t work wet quite as well,
so I don’t know if it was meant for that, but it is achieving the look that I want. Next this is the waterproof eyeliner in 1
True Black. I’ve already sharpened this and I’ve used
it so the tip does not come like this. This is a really true black. I’m really impressed with this. I don’t know if it’s waterproof, but it does
hold up really well and the color is amazing. So I’m just gonna smudge this underneath my
lashes, the upper waterline and now I’m placing it also on top of my lashes. It doesn’t have to be pretty because we’re
gonna be smudging this out. So just really close to your lashes. Draw a little bit on top of your lashes. And Ono the end I’m just gonna do a little
flick. Alright I don’t know how far we got, because
the video cut out AGAIN, this time because the SD Card was full, but after I put on my
eyeliner I just used a pencil brush like this to smudge it out and to smudge the wing upwards
into the brown. Next and final piece is the luxurious volume
mascara. Looks like this, I also really like this packaging,
it’s very cool and this is the brush. I really, really like this mascara, it gives
so much volume, seriously, but it still separates the lashes. Usually I have to use a clean mascara brush
to separate my lashes because they’re quite long and they do like to stick together but
with this I just get a lot of volume and they still don’t look like spider legs. I’m not even gonna use fake lashes with this
look, because I love my lashes. Alright and that is my look using Claudia
Schiffer Artdeco collaboration makeup. I hope you enjoyed this and you could find
yourself whether you would maybe want to purchase some of these products. They are quite expensive, I can do a priceless
down below if you want and if you did like this video please leave me a thumbs up and
subscribe and I’ll see you next time! Bye Bye!

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