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Colour Blocking in Bright Fun Colours – Andy Warhol Inspired Card!

Colour Blocking in Bright Fun Colours – Andy Warhol Inspired Card!

Today I’m color blocking Andy Warhol
style! Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
I’ve got some fun new release stamps from Catherine Pooler, thank you very much,
I had a blast making this card it’s kind of like a retro style card I have the
Let the Good Times Roll stamp set there’s some skates and some really fun
fonts and sentiments and this papers from the Totally Rad paper set that has
really bright fun colors and this is what inspired me to do my color blocking
today I don’t know if you’ve ever made any cards with color blocking but it’s a
real powerful tool when when you’re making a card design and if you just
feel like going bright and being out there it’s extremely fun to color block
in bright colors so the colors that I’m using today are some Catherine Pooler’s
and I’m using the blending brushes on some Bristol smooth cardstock I’ve got
tiki torch, party dress, lime Rickey and Fiesta blue what’s kind of Fiesta blue
what I did as I started what with the it’s a boy and it just wasn’t blue
enough for me so I had to come back in and make it just a little bit brighter
so that’s a good thing about these blending brushes is that they’re very
forgiving you can actually mix different colors together but I want to just solid
card stock today see I’m looking it’s not bright enough so out comes the
Fiesta blue and I’m using the same brush for all the colors I’m simply just
scrubbing it on a scrap piece of paper or paper towel if you can get any to
clean it off in between my colors so they don’t actually contaminate the
panels because I want them to be solid colors I did stamp out for because I’m
doing four squares it’s real Andy Warhol style here for bright bold squares and I
stamped out four of the skates and I’m just fussy cutting and they do come with
you can get coordinating dies for these but I didn’t want the edges to be seen
I wanted them to be cut right up to the edge so I decided to bite the bullet and
a fussy cut it did take me a while so I only showed you a little bit of it here
now color blocking you can also do, it
doesn’t have to be symmetrical, you can actually do it in rectangles circles you
can do whatever shapes that you want it really is forgiving and you can also
color-block with neutrals or patterns if you want but today I was going solid
and bold. I die cut each of the colors with the essentials squares so I just
chose the square that fitted the rollerskates perfectly and cut all four
different colors and because these squares cut out a really small border I
thought it would be fun to mix and match those borders to the squares on my card
so I’m going to piece all the card together now I have added some ATG
adhesive to a piece of scrap white card stock and I can just drop the outline
edges of the square plus the centers into place and just I just tried to keep
as little as the white space in the back showing I didn’t want to be able to see
that in behind I did think about doing a black border and that did look good as
well but in the end, after much debate, the white won. It’s going to be quite a
big card this one and the finished size of the card base was actually five and a
half inches squared so it is a big card but it will fit in a six-inch envelope
or you could make your own envelope or just give it as a card without an
envelope… Alright so to get rid of the tackiness
of the tape before I cut out the edge of this I just used the powder tool and
then I’m using some nice long straight sharp scissors to cut the edges away
and one other trick that I do if I fussy cut and it’s got a white core on the
paper I come in with a marker from the back of the die-cut and just run a gray
marker around the edge of that don’t use your Copics because they
bleed into the cardstock. I’ve also got a sentiment from the same stamp set and
I just added some bright fun matching colors with the copics and cut that down
now I do have to adhere or my skates on board and I did when I stamped them I
made sure that they were facing all different ways on the rainbow stripes so
that they weren’t exactly even, I wanted it to be sort of, because you know how
those Andy Warhol pictures they’re all a bit skew, so I’ve got this added to the
skew and then I added some ATG behind this to attach it to the front of my
card and popped up my sentiment on some black cardstock I do love how Catherine
Pooler mixes and matches everything like all the inks are perfectly matched to
the cardstock and they’re so bright and fun I love her party collection I think
that is the absolute best. The other thing that I did use on this card was some sequins
there’s a set that’s called Paisley Park sequin mix and they were perfect I added
one to each of my boots so like I said this is part of a hop and
we’re all celebrating with this fun new release from Catherine Pooler at Ellen
Hutson so don’t hesitate to head to my blog the link will be in the description
below and if you did like this video it’d be awesome if you could click on
the thumbs up button because that lets YouTube know that you did like it and if
you haven’t already I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my channel until next time
happy papercrafting bye

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15 thoughts on “Colour Blocking in Bright Fun Colours – Andy Warhol Inspired Card!

  1. I love how YOU roll, my friend … I might have had to have a pair of these wedged roll skates – but only if they came in these fun colors! xx

  2. Oh Therese your card is so much fun. Reminds me of the 60’s retro lol. You are just amazing at designing a card. Thank you for sharing stay safe hun & I still have some paper towel. My husband does the shopping lol. All my specialist Dr’s are FaceTime me now. As you mentioned last week they had started in Australia. Stay safe hun. Happy crafting ❤️💐

  3. Wonderful color and Andy Warhol technique! If you’re ever in the States, try to visit his museum in Pittsburgh…it’s a delight! TFS again!

  4. Wowza! Andy Warhol! Brilliant way to create with this fun new release by Catherine Pooler! Love how your mind works…it always makes me smile to see what amazing idea you’ll come up with for new products! This is an awesome 😎 take! Yay you! Yay CP! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  5. Beautiful card Therese…Just what is needed to brighten our days at the moment!!! You’ve just given me the push I need to make cards again….Thank You…Stay safe lovely lady xxx Extra large crafty hugs…Ali xxx 💌❤️🥰

  6. Love love love…This card is so much fun!! What a fantastic idea using Andy Warhol as your inspiration! You rock and roll my dear! 💜💜

  7. Such a fun card, Therese! CP inks are amazing…juicy, too ~ Andy Warhol would be so proud 🙂
    Stay safe, my friend…especially at work! Thanks so much for another great video tutorial!!!

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