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Common Mistakes of Drawing Breasts

Common Mistakes of Drawing Breasts

The Breasts mmhmmm… So, you clicked on the episode about
breasts. How surprising… Skelly: Sowwy um late!
Oh, uh, actually, this one’s about female chests…
…We don’t need you. Hello my name is Stan Prokopenko, you’re
watching Proko. We’re gonna start with don’ts and then move onto the do’s of drawing breasts.
I know I’m a guy teaching this, but realize that I have the breast of intentions. Common Mistakes Breasts come in all shapes and sizes naturally.
Multiply that by aging, implants, and make-up, and then again by different types of bras
and clothing, and there’s a lot of ways they can look. With so much variation, it’s
easier to say what you should never do than what you should always do. So here’s a list
of “oh god please stop drawing breasts like this.” A lot of these mistakes come from thinking
of the breasts like spheres or cones, but that’s not true. Breasts are not rigid.
They’re soft, teardrop-shaped forms that hang off the ribcage. The #1 mistake? “Air-Balloons”! People
seem to think of breasts as simple spheres all the way around. They show a rounded mass
at the bottom and top of the breast. In truth, breasts do not have a round top plane. They
taper to be thinner towards the collarbones. They’re fuller at the bottom because of
gravity pulling them down, like a hanging water balloon. The only time you’ll see
top cleavage is from a powerful push-up bra. Or implants. Or make-up. Or Photoshop. There are a lot of lies told about breasts,
okay? But I’m here to give you the truth. Stan Prokopenko, veritable Boob Expert! Oh, uhh… I’m not really much of an expert.
I… I’ve never even seen. any… You can stylize the breasts however you choose,
but you should at least start with reality, and work your way out from there. Another common mistake is drawing the breasts
squished together in the middle. There’s a natural separation between the breasts,
about 1 to 3 cm in width. Of course, some bras actually push the breasts together, but
at least when drawing the nude figure, leave some space in-between. Mistake #3 is thinking that the larger the
breast, the larger the nipple. Not true. There is every kind of combination. Large breasts
with large nipples, small breasts with large nipples, small breasts with small nipples. Skelly: And large breasts with small nipples! Dammit Skelly! Get out! Now, the final mistake I want to mention is
super bizarre. Air-Balloons, okay, they’re supposed to be “sexy,” whatever. But this?
This is just weird. Anti-gravity boobs! You see this a lot when action girls puff their
chests out. When a woman puffs her chest out, her nipples are not going to reach for the
sky. Breasts don’t have any muscles to point them upward. This version is much more accurate.
Breasts hang off the ribcage. Tilt the ribcage all you want, but all breasts care about is
gravity. Skelly: Look! I’m a girl too!! What. The. F– Form. Now that you know the common mistakes
of drawing breasts, it’s time to learn how to draw them correctly. In the next episode
we’ll look at the form and motion of the breasts. Don’t miss it! Assignment The assignment for this lesson is the same
as the pecs lesson, except with a female chest. There’s two parts. For part 1, do a tracing
over a model photo of the pectoralis major and breast tissue. For part 2, invent the
pecs and breasts on top of photos of Skella. I’ve provided reference photos for part
1 and 2 in the link below. Grab your breast pencil and bust out some drawings! Man, the
puns are really racking up. I gotta milk it for all it’s worth. Post your work in our
anatomy group at! Post your work in our anatomy group at
In the Premium Anatomy course each lesson has extended videos, more drawing examples
and 3D models that you can rotate and draw from any angle. Really check it out. I’m very
proud of the premium course. It’s at If you like this video, don’t be all selfish.
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100 thoughts on “Common Mistakes of Drawing Breasts

  1. Been having troubles with breasts even though I'm a girl, I either draw them too big or small but in same position as big ones XD generally unnatural. Thanks for the lesson.

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    I know she has sisters who looks alot like her but this is too much!
    She is from Philippines

  3. One of the good parts of being a female artist: already having the boob reference on your chest. Either look down or look in the mirror. Just don't take your shirt off in public.

  4. Thanks for the help.I would often put boobs on my character too high or too low…But now I can kinda understand their anatomy better.

  5. Why would I be disgusted or feel uncomfortable when I see boobs… when I see them every day (I‘m a girl…) 😂😂

    (Good video btw.)

  6. I don't think I've laughed this much in a while lol damn it skelly
    I love everything you do

  7. Proko: Girls with perfect ALL-NATURAL giant boobies as big as their head that defy gravity do not exist.

    Russia: Hold our vodka.

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    I love the human being.

  9. The funniest video I've ever seen 😂 Not joking! But it was really useful, just like all your videos! Thank you!

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