Conan Exiles PS4 XB1/PC – Thralls Explained Every Thrall Type! What One's Are Best!

Conan Exiles PS4 XB1/PC - Thralls Explained Every Thrall Type! What One's Are Best!

hello rabbi I showed those games welcome to another Conan excells tutorial video today we are going to cover the very basics of a full capture but more importantly what type of falls are you going to be getting that's right it's time to play fraud tinder swipe left or hit him on the head with the club swipe right frawls are arguably the most important aspect of current exiles while other games like archived dinos fools on the way that you protect yourself crafts better items and weapons as well as progressed in the endgame stages rules are NPC scattered throughout the land you'll come across rules wandering desert or in canceled bands and obviously they're going to put up a fight if you try taking them down you're going to need the fruit ogre which is level 10 so you've got quite a bit of time to grind up and get ready and get prepared before you start taking down some froze what a unlocks of the fiber bindings you need to drag you a full NPC to your wiener pain attraction to knock them out and a lesser wave of pain this is what you need to actually tame your NPCs once you've found your all obviously you just go up to it and pretty much just pop it on it once they're down you get your fiber bindings and you press the rover button to drag on through the wave of pain now you've only got a limited amount of time so your food is quick or you may have to repeatedly hit them over the head once you've placed your fault in that actually the pain you need to feed it gruel pop it in there and you'll have the option to turn it on and then you just gotta wait a while now on the fishermen servers it's going to be a quiet wire but obviously if you're playing on a single-player world or a dedicated server that uses that song it shouldn't take too long at all after a while you'll see that your fraud is actually ready to go when it's finished crafting or taming your NPC through the actual craft translation will turn off so once you've got your force available from the wheel of pain it's time for placement just like these two here absolutely inventory in the crafting bench that you want and place your new pain cruel in nitro section here do not place in the crafting station it has to go on this right-hand side where there's full now you'll see that it doesn't actually unlock anything traditional because this is a level 1 for only level 3 and for trawls unlock additional recipes and even only level 3 falls only some of them do depending on what actual race they are from all falls when you place an inside a natural crafting bench will give you speedy crafting levels two three and four will actually decrease the cost of items that you're making so it's well worth hunting out the level three and four floors and obviously you need to write fall for the right craftmens motion if it's an arm rug you can put on an army bench it is carpet are any cogs of a carpentry bench if we pop an armor from the Ukranian in here you can see this level three one unlocks a bunch of other recipes but remember not all races do I'll leave a link down below where you can check out every single table form and in future I may do individual videos about where to find every single one of the special frauds that can make stuff at level 3 and level 4 all level four fools will be named they'll have a special actual first name and last name so if you come across an enemy encampment and you've recognized a name above it make sure you don't kill it that's going to be really quite valuable for all this armor level for floor G hunger horseshoe you can see unlocks even more recipes and not only they and lots of bonus actual quality you can now make flawless items instead of exceptional for level free and you do get the bonus items that you can make including the Horned heavy plated helmet so let's take a look at the carpentry just to make sure you really know exactly how to place all the falls and you know why the benefits are getting higher level ones off again if you place a level one for all it will just simply increase the crafting speed place a level two for all and you'll get increased crafting speed and reduction on the items that you're using to graph now this is one of the races that doesn't give you any bonus recipes at level three and it's different for every single type of profession or crafting like I said not all level three flaws we'll give you bonus recipes and even level four rules don't necessarily give you them either you'll simply just reduce the cost even better and maybe in the future they'll enable them to be specifically useful so be really careful about which actual race you're picking up the fruit maybe check whether or not it's worth it trying to actually capture it but you can clearly see when I'm trying to make a trebuchet it's going to cost two hundred would a thirteen iron reinforcements that's using a level one fruit level two it reduces it down to one hundred and fifty would and only nine reinforcements level three is the same it doesn't necessarily actually reduce the costs are popular for in the named one which in this case is Ross crying out over the bills and you can see it's only going to cost one hundred volt and six iron reinforcements so way up the benefits whether or not it's really worth bringing that fall all the way back to camp that's the forms that you use for crafting you've got blacksmiths you've got tanners you've got carpenters you've got armors what other types of fools can you actually get and what are some of their uses see I've got a selection of actual fighters now to place these actual fools you need to put them in your hotbar just simply select the fire press lb and then move it to the slot that you want appointing do that for all them and then simply bring up your radio dial and place the fire up exactly where you want it now obviously these are going to be useful for guarding your bases or for taking with you on rates just simply place it by pressing the RB button and there you go you've got your fire currently you can't equip from of any different items but that's something they're looking at in the future to customize them and again you can find special named ones if you want to pick one of them up and place them somewhere else just simply go over to it and press the actual X button and you'll see you've got a vacuum your infantry and remember the higher the level of the fighter or Archer the better health it can have and possibly the better weapon and armor place these around your camp so that you take care of any mobs or any approaching players so archers are exactly the same as fires just place them exactly where you want runners take care of business and they should fire onto any enemy that comes their range there's two more particular types of falls I want to show you guys we're going to take a look at the entertainer frawls now now these are really important to stop corruption corruption is a presence refined in the deepest darkest horrible places on : excels land you can see in the top left there my actual seminar and Mike's your health bar is half purple that's the amount of corruption of game later on in the game they are proposing doing moral corruption so allow you to unlock specific recipes to become a necromancer or even a sorcerer but in general it's bad news it's going to reduce your health and reduces them so it's advisable to take an enter trainer with you the way that entertainers work you simply have to do it exactly the same as the fighters or archers and place them in your raid you'll die and again they've got four different levels with the fourth level beam main special one you can see there my health genders growing up depending on what level is it will remove corruption from your quicker and even if you actually run away or walk away from the area your health will still increase but to fully get rid of corruption you need stay within close range of the actual dancer that's why you should always take a dance or entertainer with you if you go some of whether description now let's place one of the higher ones we're going to go for the actual fourth one this time now you should see my corruption is going even quicker and that's exactly what the different entertainers do a level one entertainer is going to remove five corruption per second level to seven point five level 310 and level four is just incredibly quick noticing improves your health gender even quicker so it's definitely worth trying to get one of these high level ones to take with you and there you go I'm now completely cured of corruption I've gained all my health and all my stamina back so last fall I'm going to be showing you is the actual priests these are definitely the endgame fools you need to capture there's not as many of them around on the map you're going to have to work specifically harder to get some of them as they're usually in large increments but if you're aiming to call any of the Avatar gods you're going to need priests now cooling the over tiles is truly endgame stuff there's going to be a lot of things you're going to need to do and it's going to require more than a little time you're glad to show you guys so it can be done in a separate video showing you how to get every stage to call one lead over time but what I wanted to show you was the priests and what to do from when you catch them so if you don't know this you need to start building your temples depending on what religion you're with line of Mitra is the first one in the actual gods Mitra and just like every other crafting station you need to place your priests pet once you placed it you can see it will start praying so it's got now there's only two militants currently that actually have four levels of priests all of them have three levels but some of them like the yoke and set have a special named priests and just like all the other craft and benches they all help you craft things quicker and these are the items you're going to need to craft if you want to go on the road to actually spawn in they've got now is a lot more to it than just simply crafting these items and you will need to upgrade your shrines and you'll need to make sure you've upgraded your priests now remember as well that you must have the correct priests for the actual correct altar you can't put a non follower of nutri into the full section it has to be someone that follows me drop you can see when I put a higher priests fear which is basically level two it doesn't really do too much it will just include the crafting speed and it will make more of the offering to meet you up but when you put the arch priests think you can see it unlocks the two things you're going to need if you want to muck around with the gods the true name of Mitra is how you spawn and leave it off and the major is protection is how you pop a dome to protect your town village or city be warned once you use one of these your arch priests will be consumed so Ordo priests might be not on your radar straightaway it's probably important to get at least a low level one so you can start building up some of the favour you need you get a special resource that you need to summon the gods every time you utilize one of the actual orders it's definitely worth trying to find a low level one and if you do come across a higher level then you can take it out and definitely bring it back ready for when you've crafted the actual proper big temple rules are really important if you're going off adventuring you're going to need some to protect your base and you definitely need some entertainers if you want to explore some of the biggest and darkest dungeons in the future they have plans to make the floors on a settlement system you'll be asked to place your buildings your towns your cities and not only we be able to just place an archer in a certain spot they'll actually have routes you can give them time to go and eat as well as being able to gather sources so it really makes a whole new aspect of survival game there you go that is open you need to know that frogs named ones are the best upgrade as soon as you can to the next level and always make sure you've got a dance-off and keep an eye on them priests I'm Jay plays games I'm going to be back every day with a tutorial for Conan EXO's it's up with the like go check out all the other guides and more let's play and I'll see you guys very soon

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48 thoughts on “Conan Exiles PS4 XB1/PC – Thralls Explained Every Thrall Type! What One's Are Best!

  1. I have 4 thralls two named ones but I can only use two right now plenty of food for them do i just need a bigger wheel of pain or is there something else limiting how many thralls I can have

  2. U can interact with thralls and gear them up. I do it all the time. Not sure Bout like specific station ones, I have not tried those but others you can interact and give gear of stuff to hold with no weight cap on them( so give heavy stuff to them when farming)

  3. This was a massive turn off for me in the game. I really wish they had an alternative to using Thralls. Sorry, but chattel slavery isn't something I'm interested in doing, even in a game.

  4. Are the bone cudgel the only tool to knock thrall out with? No upgraded better working tools to knock them out with?

  5. Need a simple ai system where they follow simple commands, patrol areas and dont just stand there like statues

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