Cook With Us! – Episode 1- a Celebration of Culture, Diversity and Sharing

Cook With Us! - Episode 1- a Celebration of Culture, Diversity and Sharing

we're makin fattoush is a traditional Lebanese salad we're gonna start with our lettuce whatever you see here we cannot shop where were you born in when did you come to Canada I born in Lebanon I came here in 1995 24 years ago new country in your life the challenges you know you have to adapt to a new environment and lifestyle what do you miss about back home my family for sure they so back home but nowadays is so easy much easier than it used to be before I wanted yes yes definitely I go to Lebanon almost every other year if not every year I take my daughter's with me it's always nice to visit back home can I use radish too I feel like most Lebanese dishes are very healthy and use a lot of fresh produce yes yes we do it was fun you prefer red or yellow red all right is there still a lot of your heritage and things you do and the recipes you cook yes definitely always always the scallion see how colorful we have the lemon shows so they use lemon in quite a bit of yes yes lemon and garlic all these spices gonna add some extraversion what are some of these places you using black pepper spice or seven spices are all spices just a tiny bit knowledge dreimann – tamarcus is the main spice why can I use some salt – and pomegranate molasses together we have pita bread it can oven toaster event uriah yeah I thought the last you longer and be honest with me it's good very good so I'm gonna be ready bruschetta today using some of our greenhouse ingredients so long ago most cucumber our chefs peps tribe LED medley tomatoes in our yellow bind tomatoes I'm just gonna dice everything up so tell me about your background I know you're Italian right yep okay so I'm third generation my grandfather came in the 50s got into farming in the 60s so I've been farming since then five six years ago I went back to via Canal area where my grandfather was born and raised it was actually a very humbling experience to see the stuff they have there compared to what we have here and it makes me feel very fortunate for what I have so tell me about the greenhouses and people reaction when they walk in the density of plants compared to like a field that we can fit anywhere from 4,000 to 14,000 plants an acre versus the field might have 3 to 5 times less than that smells really good throw some oil on it and we'll get it all mixed together now we have the bread chopped and toasted well yes Bon Appetit this jamming suppose that you

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