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Cooking Tips : How to Make Tortilla Chips From Scratch

Cooking Tips : How to Make Tortilla Chips From Scratch

I love to teach kids how to cook and it never
fails when you teach kids things like tortilla chips they say you mean you can make tortilla
chips? I’m Karen Lasher, Chef owner of “Around the Table” in Camas, Washington and I’m going
to show you how to make home made tortilla chips. We are going to start with corn tortilla
chips. You can either use white corn or yellow corn tortilla chips. These are white corn
tortillas. The yellow corn are just a little more yellow. Start by cutting a little stack
in half and then we are just going to cut depending on how big you want your tortilla
chips, triangles, just go around or you could make large ones by just cutting larger triangles.
After you have cut them, put them in a bowl, separating them nicely so that they kind of
fall into the bowl as a group
and then squirt some or pour some oil in, some canola oil works well, you can use olive
oil, it will add a little more flavor to your tortilla chips, a vegetable oil and then just
toss them lightly to coat all of your tortillas with a little bit of oil. After you have coated
them with oil put them on baking sheet, lined with parchment paper and spread them out.
You want them all to fit nice and crispy so make sure that they are not touching too much.
You don’t want any big mounds like this one in the middle here, those aren’t going to
crisp up very much and I like to add my salt at the end. I like to add the salt when they
come out of the oven. Therefore, if there is someone that has an issue with sodium and
is trying to reduce sodium in their diet they can have a tortilla chip without the salt
and you can pull those aside. So at this point we are going to bake them in a hot oven so
around 400 degrees and we’re going to put them in the oven and I have some here that
we’ve done that we’re going to pull out to show you as they come out of the oven and
they’re nice and crispy. Now this is the point where you are really going to want to add
your salt because they are hot, there is still a little bit of oil and it is going to stick,
the salt will stick to the oil and you toss those up and there you have fresh warm from
the oven tortilla chips ready for salsa, guacamole or any other thing you would like.

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100 thoughts on “Cooking Tips : How to Make Tortilla Chips From Scratch

  1. i don't care if this isn't actually from "scratch"– I just followed these directions– tossed a lil bit of salt and pepper on them and bam! Those were some good chips. Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. I know it says till golden & crispy, but Im not going to be paying attention to the oven that often so I hope mine dont become black and crispy lol, all I know is, an hour is waaaay too long for how many Im making XD

  3. You aren't making them from scratch if you BUY TORTILLAS, cut them up and bake them. It saddens me that, as a restaurant owner, you consider this from scratch. Would make me really wonder about your restaurant…but it is Camas which is TINY, so maybe you can get away with that there. Please change your title and take out the "from scratch" or redo it, and MAKE tortillas from scratch and then turn them into chips. Just a thought…I think you are losing credibility as a restaurateur.

  4. she seems nice enough but no, these are not tortilla chips from scratch. are they homemade, yes, from scratch, no.

    she said in the beginning she likes to teach children how to cook so this may be geared more towards stay at home moms who want to do a project with young kids.

  5. Ya…That's not from scratch… That's just a convenient way to use up tortillas. And, what's with the sewn up finger, I'd wouldn't want to eat what she's made

  6. This is so strange… she pretends to be a chef and she has the chips in a bag… this is fraud…

  7. Ok I'm sorry but this isn't remotely how tortilla chips are made.
    First of all the tortillas were bought.
    Secondly…baked? Really? Are you kidding me?
    Look…everyone knows tortilla chips are dropped into hot oil.

  8. I actually imported Maseca to be able to make tortillas from scratch (which means: starting with the masa harina) and they are way tastier than the processed tortillas you can buy in the supermarket. I assume I can make the tortilla chips with the homemade tortillas (so, from scratch) with the same procedure you show.
    Again, from scratch means you begin with pure ingredients, not with things like bread, tortillas or any other processed food. Otherwise a useful video

  9. @MGSGeneral Im glad im not the only one who expected her to make corn tortillas from masa and then make the chips….Any idiot knows how to make chips from store bought tortillas! What a profoundly stupid video!!

  10. if you want to make tortillas just buy a bag of maseca mix at the store and add water.. shesh.. its not that hard people

  11. if you want to make tortillas just buy a bag of maseca mix at the store and add water.. shesh.. its not that hard people or you can search hot to masa tortillas

  12. @rawrchoo i cldnt agree with u more. Can you imagine looking for a "from scratch" recipe and see already made tortillas. Oh so annoying!!….kmt..and she's a restaurant owner…sigh….

  13. @rawrchoo agreed, they should at least pre make tortillas and dry par fry them ahead of time. But surely they believe they are saving and making money, over having true quality that they can control in house,.

  14. @pavelow235 I make all my food by creating a singularity in my kitchen. From each singularity a big bang occurs. From there I find a habitable planet once formed to grow food on. Truely from scratch!

  15. fuckin oath.. I wanted to make these and make Nachos in Thailand… guess I'll have to go pay a fortune for tortillas… oh wait, why don't i pay a fortune for Doritos instead.. by the way ur ugly πŸ™‚ like Merideth from The Office

  16. These comments make me sick. People are so negative and hostile. If the video was that bad you should've clicked the X on the right as soon as you saw it was packaged tortillas. No wonder people are so bitter…evil people make them that way. You reap what you sow. Thank you for posting this video. Ignore these hateful people who have nothing better to do than to be mean. Get a life. Ever heard of if you got nothing nice to say don't say it? Unreal.

  17. you are talking bullshit. 'from scratch' does not mean that she should be the one harvesting the corn, but she should use basic ingredients only. I don't have a problem with this video, my only problem is that the title is misleading.

  18. thats a pretty disgusting looking cut on her finger… she should really be wearing gloves… this is why i always feel nervous eating out… so gross..

  19. I just spent two-plus hours mixing corn flour and farting around my kitchen trying to get a recipe from another site for "tortillas from scratch" to work out. It didn't, so I thought I'd cheat and watch a video. I hate all recipes that call for "a can of your favorite soup" or "McJerkoff's Sauce" or anything else prepackaged. I've made my own spice mixes, hot sauces, and wontons for soup. Yeah, from scratch, not like this. Don't order the soup from her restaurant, it comes from a can (maybe).

  20. "quadruple nigger".Wow,even in a fucking corn tortilla video,racist beasts like yourself expose your hatred and insecurity as it relates to the Black man.

    Why is it that you have everything material yet still feel inferior to the African man?Is it that you know that your material "riches" could never equal our natural richness in soul and spirit?Is it our beautiful melanated skin?How it shines in the sunlight?Is it that you know we ARE God's chosen people despite your exploits?Yeah,that's it.

  21. >Ignoring the argument
    >Pulling a strawman
    >Pulling an ad hominem
    >Shitposting with copypasta
    2/10, made me reply.
    See me after class.

  22. But would have made sense if you knew how >greentexting worked.
    Also, I don't have anything against black people like you suggested, in fact, some of my best friends are black, including my two big brothers.
    Make like a banana and an hero.

  23. calm down. 'from scratch' implies in all senses of the phrase, starting with corn meal or corn flour or whatever. not with store bought tortillas. the title is indeed misleading.

  24. homemade tortilla chips from scratch? by scratch you mean the scratch you make on the bag to open the tortilla chips? lame…a chef showing how to bake a ready food…

  25. Hey look at me, I am gonna make "Tacos in my mouth", from scratch. Step one, get some tacos from Taco Bell. Step two, put them in my mouth. :oP

  26. If you use a flour tortilla you end up with something that would taste like a pita chip, but yes you could. However 99.99% of the restaurants that put out chips and salsa on the table are using a corn tortilla as a starting point.

  27. 350 degrees for 15 minutes, not necessarily 15 minutes, sometimes 5 minutes is enough, just keep checking on them till you see them getting slightly lesser than brown. Experience.

  28. No offense lady but this is not from scratch, from scratch would be starting from CORN ie the vegetable, this is just opening a packet and cutting the contents up lol

  29. Not really 'scratch' if you use a pre-made product and just cut them up. 'From scratch' means starting from raw ingredients, like corn kernels.

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