Coronavirus Creativity

lastly I’ll leave you with this athletes from around the world are finding creative ways to spend their time during the Cova 19 pandemic take a look here at Steph Curry working on his golf shot and celebrations as he stays indoors while in self-quarantine elsewhere take a look at Chicago Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras and his brother the Slugger hitting absolute laser beam still having fun and finding a way to get his swings in amid the tough situation also take a look at this toilet paper challenge from mad star Luka dodge getting some dribbling in with his feet before here he goes trying again and OH hitting the deck going all the way down still some good stuff or even take a look at this last one it’s marble racing it’s a little it’s amazing what a little bit of ingenuity can do 34 million people watched that video on Twitter the other day so if you your kids your mom or dad grandson or granddaughter are finding a creative way to pass the time send it to us at sports at Katy DC calm for a chance to be featured on the air just include some information about what you guys are doing and we’ll do our best to show our community what you guys are up to because we can all use a smile and a laugh in times like these

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