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Creating a Bell Curve in Qlik Sense

Creating a Bell Curve in Qlik Sense

This video shows you how to create a
Bell Curve in Qlik Sense This will help you to look at the distribution of a measurement And to understand how the output of a process
relates to expectations To do this, first drag and drop a Combo chart
into your sheet Now, we are going to add a dimension Create a calculate dimension using the round function for the dimension that you want to include in your analysis In this case, temperature When done, we are going to add a measure As a measure, use count function as the
expression for the dimension value you selected As you can see, you now have a bar chart To add the bell curve, we are going to
use the normal distribution also known as normdist And standard deviation also known as stdev
chart functions The normdist function, will return the cumulative normal distribution For the specified mean and standard deviation While the stdev defines the standard
deviation of the range of data Aggregated in the expression or field
iterated over the chart dimensions As you can see, you now have the Bell
Curve We are going to label the bell curve and the bars So the legend will show the appropriate labels Then, we are going to select markers for
the bells so the bell curve will be shown as data points Now, you can quickly assess whether the measurements are normally distributed Or whether there are some anomalies And that concludes this video thanks for

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