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Creativity over everything

Creativity over everything

Ever since I was little all I wanted to do, was create clickbait We can always count on the algorithm to pick which of our fans should see our work I don’t really need to get paid for my work. I’ll just eat my likes for breakfast. Monetization on YouTube and online is not always a given You can’t really expect what big daddy algorithm is going to do for you this month I’ve decided that I’m sick of waiting on permission The aim and the vision is to be more “direct action” If I’m not going to get cast in the roles that I want to get cast in I’m freaking going to make them myself That was the point where I started considering going to my fans directly Because of you guys we’ve been able to be completely free to be ourselves and speak our minds You are making my album possible The people! So I wanted somewhere where I could interact with my closest fans in a way that’s direct and honest These are the people who care the most I’m able to keep creating week after week, month after month Here’s a new costume I’m working on Basically following my passion, finally

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  1. Thank you so much for including me in this video!! It was such a blast working with the Patreon team, and I hope this will help other creators reach their fans and get paid for their work!!

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