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Custom Painting Vans! ๐ŸŽจ

Custom Painting Vans! ๐ŸŽจ

Hey guys! Remember when I custom painted some converse? Yeah, that’s right — *footwear avalanche* Point being, it was really fun… so we’re gonna do it again… Except with Vans! And I love Vans. Both of these shoes are like…
my babies! *chuckles* So let’s just hop into this and get started, because.. yeah… Look at that. Bright white
shoes. Isn’t that so satisfying? Alright, here these babies are. Straight out of the box… Nice and clean and crisp. What is that?!!! I just bought these! Whatever! [MUSIC] Alright… let’s take these laces out. Our favorite part, right? *amused by shoelaces* Oh… okay! That part is done! Gotta roll up the sleeves! So here’s the Angelus paint color I really want to use for the base… but we’re gonna brighten it up a little bit ! Got this old palette here… Whoa.. oh I forgot… forgot they have these little brush things in here. [MUSIC] So I’m gonna do the sides mint, and then I
think I want to do something different for like the heel and the toe — Oh, that would be so cool! And by the way, I have been feeling really motivated for 2020,
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giving you 2 free months to try out, and I want you to invest in yourself. Chase after your goals. Do what matters to you, and make 20/20 count! WooOooOooo!! [MUSIC] By the way, if you’re curious about what
I plan to do with these shoes… I’m actually giving them to one of my
Patrons who has been my top supporter for like a year now, and we’ve become
really good friends. I thought this would be a really cool thank you for her because she has supported me and encouraged me, and just has been a really wonderful friend. So, Keely, if you’re watching this… these shoes will be arriving at your house any day now! Thank you so much for being a good friend. I really appreciate you. So I wanted to make a pun with beautiful and shoe… so I came up with shoe-t-ful… But that doesn’t sound very beautiful right?! Alright guys… y’all ready for
some fun?! We’re gonna make a lighter mint… Mix it around… beautiful! [MUSIC] Yo, this is gonna take a century to go
around these little things! I have to do this four times?! Like one, two, the other
shoe! AUGHHH! Haha. Okay, let’s just do it! [MUSIC] I am so glad I am past the little
shoelace hole part now! Moving on! These shoes are cute! Oh yeah, look at that! Half a shoe down! Yeah, let’s go! Let’s get it done! WAZZZZZUP?!?! We got both of our shoes done! Kind of done not actually, because we haven’t even painted like designs yet… We just blocked in color. But here we are so far!! Sorry, the exposure is a little
high at this angle. So this is my thought for these shoes… Light pink and light
pink… And then we will do the designs, Which is really the exciting part. Pull up the sleeves again! Taking you down to the paint tray here… [MUSIC] Petal Pink. One, two, three! Let’s go for it! [MUSIC] Alright, this is a very baby pink. Very… hardly noticeable… But I think it will be good because what is gonna go over top
of it won’t be overwhelming. Hopefully it covers this spot here! This is a really nice spring color scheme You want to know the real tea? Look at this… This mug matches my shoe. That’s the tea. *sips* Tt is the next day! We’re gonna return to these shoes now, and… *examines old ziploc bag that kept my paints wet overnight* The pink dried very beautifully. Shout out to the most millennial paint bottle right here. I’m gonna do some florals now… on the heels and the toes of the Vans shoes. [MUSIC] Okay, let’s try to… do the shading on all
the little petals. [MUSIC] Okay, so we have the pink roses blocked in. I’m going to add some whitish yellow flowers, and then do greenery. Yay! [MUSIC] So far, this is what it looks like. I’m excited. It looks really vintage-y and soft… but like retro. [MUSIC] So the weather in Ohio has actually been
oddly warm for January. I have confused flowers coming up in
our flower beds right now. Makes no sense but, I have some hyacinth blooming. I have tulips coming up… It’s a very warm winter. I just thought I would mention that
since I’m painting flowers, and thinking about what’s gonna be blooming this summer. [MUSIC] These shoes have definitely put me in
the spring mood here… I didn’t even go into this thinking about spring or… wanting spring, really, but now that this design is coming to life I’m like — WHOA… Was I subconsciously thinking this? Alright, we’re gonna take this avocado
color and prep some leaves! Ooooh! That’s a dark color. I’m gonna lighten this up. Hmm… Get up close and personal here… *paints shoes* [MUSIC] Dude! Such springy vibes! I love this! I think the leaves are really adding a huge difference to this. [MUSIC] I’m gonna try to
do some shading on these leaves… [MUSIC] These shadows within the flower are
really helping it come to life. WHEW. Wow. Alright. I have to put the laces on,
and then I will… I’ll show you guys what’s up… Oh man.. Ta-da!!! Here they are! I’m so excited with how these turned out. I did not envision the flowers turning
out like that in my mind. I thought it was going to be a lot harder and more convoluted… But simplicity kind of a won me over. I just I love the springy feel to them.. So as I said, these are gonna go to one of my Patrons who has been my top supporter for like nine months… I thought it would be a really cool way to give back to her, and just say thank you. She doesn’t know I’m giving her these yet, but she’ll find out soon! Alright, if you guys want to keep your adventure rolling, I will link the converse video
below, and some other customization videos… because these have been really
fun lately. Anyway, thanks for watching! Have a good day! Bye guys!

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100 thoughts on “Custom Painting Vans! ๐ŸŽจ

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    Also, sorry about the microphone issues! I located the issue, and my sound equipment will be working again next time! Thanks for your patience! ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ’•

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