46 thoughts on “Dancing Sony Robots

  1. I remember being obsessed with this robot as a child. I wanted one so bad. Too bad they never finished these

  2. and so honda claims that asimo is the most advanced. sony would've beaten that bot, 10 years ahead if they kept on making qrio and ditched the playstation.

  3. This was over 9 years ago, I wonder what sony could have accomplished with humanoid robotics if they stuck with them.

  4. روعه …انه عامل قناه جديده  ممكن مشاركه .|.باسم يريكا الكعبي وسوف انقل لكم كل جديد من افلام وغيرها

  5. Технологии просто супер! Восхищению нет предела! 

  6. no, i was reading an article at JSTOR about artificial intelligence and robotics, how researchers are so close to create a autonomous robot that can interact just like a human, in that context this particular robot came up the name of this robot is QRIO SDR, they are equipped with speech synthesis and their vocabulary consists of 20,000 words and they can learn more, that is obviously the update for this year.

  7. A gaijin (white person) Sony CEO named Howard Stringer shut down this robot project in 2006 to save money. His decision was a disaster for Sony and kicked the world of robotics technology back 5 years. We should all rue this silly man's stinginess.

  8. I can't wait till they make robots that will be sold in stores around the world just as these.

  9. dam 2006 video was uploaded? i wonder what they can do now LOL ride a bike… do other things… for those with dirty minds lmao

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