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Defacing Becoming by Michelle Obama // Painting my book

Defacing Becoming by Michelle Obama // Painting my book

Becoming by Michelle Obama Wonderful read. Recommend to everyone! My full Goodreads review is in the description Thanks for watching (read the book so we can talk about it!)

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31 thoughts on “Defacing Becoming by Michelle Obama // Painting my book

  1. okay i saw this on Twitter OBVI and was blown away! Watching this process and you including the additional clips of the things that Michelle has done, I'm like YAS. The detail, the thought, the care. WE STAN this piece.

  2. So beautiful. America should be ashamed, we have fallen
    From grace 😢.please send her one . As though i know her address because she is our neighbor 🥴😩🙄😬

  3. I'm so completely in love with this and it felt like such a tribute to her as well. I loved all this. Your art is always so amazing! 😍😍😍😍

  4. This was so pleasant to watch and the end result is gorgeous! I want to ask, since you were using Posca markers on this, did you just wipe it off when you wanted to correct something? It didn't dry fast, or did you have to use a wipe or correction fluid?

  5. Wow Olivia this is beautiful! You are so talented 😍 I've started listening to Becoming audiobook so seeing this was extra amazing 😁

  6. oh my god I love this so much! So unique and beautiful. I'm deffo gonna do this with my books to personalise them 😍

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